What Gaming Chair does shroud use?

What Gaming Chair does shroud use?

Michael Grzesiek, a Canadian streamer and gamer, is well-known. Shroud, his online pseudonym, is what makes him most well-known. He was a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional player. His YouTube channel has more than 6.4 million subscribers and his Twitch Channel around 7.8 millions.

He is well-known for his first-person shooter, Battle Royale games like Counter-Strike and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Shroud is a professional gamer and spends a lot of time sitting in his gaming chair. You might be wondering: What gaming chair does Shroud use for his gaming? You’ve reached the right place.

Shroud currently uses the Herman Miller Aeron chair. Shroud used the Maxnomic 9 Pro Gaming chair before this. Aeron Chair by Herman Miller has become his preferred gaming chair. Aeron Chair is a better option than Maxnomic 9 Pro. But is it worth the cost? Continue reading to learn more about the Aeron Chair’s main functions and the hype surrounding it.

Which gaming chair does Shroud prefer?

We have done extensive research to help you find out the gaming chair Shroud uses.

This article will give you a good idea of the benefits and costs of a gaming chair. Shroud currently uses an Aeron chair from Herman Miller. She previously used Maxnomic 9 pro.

Shroud’s Gaming chair has some notable advantages

What Gaming Chair does shroud use?

1. More Comfort and Ergonomic Support

Gaming chairs should have good ergonomic features such as lumbar support, sitting posture correction and increased circulation.

Aeron Chairs come with a PostureFitSL mechanism which allows the user to sit in a natural S-shaped position. This reduces the discomfort that can be caused by sitting for too long. You also get high-density foam to support your lower back. PostureFitSL encourages good sitting habits.

Gaming chairs are often designed to cut blood flow. Aeron Chair by Herman Miller features a waterfall-like design, which maintains blood flow to all parts of your body. This ensures sufficient oxygen supply to all parts of your body.

2. Highly customizable

The Aeron Chair from Herman Miller can be customized in many ways. It includes a tilt mechanism, posturefit SL mechanism, movable armrests and seat angle adjustment. Aeron Chair’s tilt mechanism is designed to follow the natural curve of the human body. The Aeron Chair adjusts to your movements while gaming. The leaf spring is stronger than a rubber coil and lasts longer. PostureFit® SL Mechanism provides comfort and spine correction for those who sit for extended periods.

You can easily move your arms while playing with the movable armrests. This armrest is free from unnecessary slippage and loose ends. You can adjust the armrest to suit your needs. You can also adjust the Seat Angle without straining your back. This allows you to adjust the seat at the perfect angle.

3. Minimalist Design

The Aeron Chair from Herman Miller is a gaming chair that’s different to the rest. It has a minimalistic design and is not bulky. It’s not heavy and bulky like other gaming chairs. It is easy to transport and its non-bulky design makes the chair portable.

The metal frame of this chair is designed to follow the natural curves of the body. Unlike other gaming chairs, there is no need for extra padding or cushioning. The Aeron Chair is lighter than the standard gaming chair at around 52 pounds.


Shroud, a streamer and professional player who uses the Aeron chair by Herman Miller. The Aeron gaming chair is a well-respected ergonomic choice for programmers and gamers who want to spend hours in front of their computers.

You can look exactly like your favorite streamer by getting a chair that is very similar. If you have a tight budget, consider alternatives.

We hope to provide all the information you need about chai shroud usage. It is a great resource for gamers.