The Essentials Massage ESS-6035M Gaming Chair Review

The Essentials Massage ESS-6035M


Do you use your computer or desk for more than 8 hours in a day? Do you spend a larger portion of your day sitting on a chair? For office goes, weight gain and back pain are the most significant issues. They usually spend their days sitting and working for their respective organizations. For others, they might be sitting and doing their work at ease, but this is not that easy. You get a body jammed, your muscles start shrinking, and most of the time you get bad body posture. You may get a shoulder down the issue, or any other lousy posture problems.

There is no medication for these problems; you just have to take your sitting very seriously and get your posture aligned through the day.

A good seat can help you to get out of the issues swiftly. You can have a good seat, can align your back to it, align your lower back and shoulder at 90-degree angle, and try to get them right most of the time.

So, the gain of the discussion is a good office chair. If your company is not going to provide you that, for your health, spend it from your pocket. Have, Essentials Massage ESS-6035M chair. This not only helps you to get comfortable seating but massage your head at adjustable temperature.


  • Integrated headrest
  • Comes with comfortable padded armrest and matching ottoman
  • Luxurious heated; shiatsu style adjustable massage system (Gently cools your back head for ultimate comfort and kneed it at adjustable temperature)
  • Swivel chair
  • Pliable soft threat leathers
  • 250 pounds weight capacity
  • Adjustable height
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Five-star chrome base
  • Rubber coated wheel

Essentials Massage ESS-6035M reviews:

I can see the broader focus of this essential chair is massage. You might know the Shiatsu massage technique, an old technique to easy energy flow. You might not know, this is a complete science, and older than acupuncture. The main focus of this massage remains using the fingers, palms, and feet to give a comfort level. This chair as well works on the mechanism which produces Shiatsu massage mechanism. Here you get a padded headrest and knead your head gently and adjust a comfortable heat. You see your head and neck has already started getting some rest.

This chair produces ultimate comfort and provides unbelievable and unmatchable experience. Once you have this chair in your collection, you will not feel exhausted. If you are feeling somehow depressed or fatigued, get a soft and gentle massage by softly rolling back the neck and kneading it towards the soft padding of the headrest of the chair.

Let’s have some design and features insight into the chair, and see what other this has to offer.

Design and features:

This massage chair has much more to offer than just massage. The larger hit may be the massage, but it is the ultimate ergonomic office chair. I would say this has much more to offer than an average office or gaming chair. Of course, this is expensive than a standard office chair; the features it provides cannot be purchased at a cheap price range. This is an execute office chair, highly versatile and ergonomic and one can easily use it for gaming. When I say gaming, I mean, gaming for prolonged sessions, and this is where this chair stands out in the massive crowd.

It has a heated Shiatsu Style massage adjustable system, which rolls back and gives you a heated massage. You should not expect a human level massage; technology has not gone this far as of now.

The chair has been made of the high-quality material, and it can endure 250 pounds weight. It is a fully customized chair; you can have the desired height and recline position. You really will enjoy a different sitting position; the ultimate comfort would be unmatchable.

The heat which I was mentioned above changes using a remote which is placed behind the seat in a pocket. The remote gives you access to set a timer for the massage, max 30 minutes, and change the heating temperature as per your requirement and preferences.
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The upper head Lumbar is something exceptional. I have not seen this much of comfort in any office or massage chair. You will love to place your heat at their, might halt some hindrances for tall people, which has more than 6 feet high.

This chair houses full range friction based mechanism which gives you recline angle of your choice, and you rest in any position.

The chair features plush padding, integrated headrest and integrated Lumbar or pillow support. The armrest looks sober and gives the chair a catchy looks overall.

The height mechanism fully supported by the gas mechanism, you need not to fight with the chair to get a full height or to adjust the height at a lower angle. The chair also features tilt tension, and tilt lock to give you full customizability and ergonomic. The chair, in my opinion, meets and exceeds the market level of standards for safety and durability. You are not going to have that range of features in any other brand chair.

The seating thickness gives you an ultimate comfort, pliable seating surface area is made of leather, and you will get all stains cleaned with just one wipe. The segmented padding at the back gives you comfort adjustment while seating, you can have your work by sitting at this position.

Recline after getting involved in the hectic working schedule set a timer for the massage or get a headrest using the upper headrest lumbar of the chair.

  • An ultimate Shiatsu massage technique used
  • The level of comfort is unmatchable
  • Back padded segments give you a complete comfort sitting in any position
  • The wheels sometimes halt hindrance while moving from one position to the other.


The final thought
In plain English, one should not buy the chair to just get Shiatsu massage. The machine cannot be compared with humans when it comes to providing services. But, somehow they managed the massage technique, and you really get impressed. When it comes to using it an office chair, this simply cannot be compared with any of the even premium chairs.