DxRacer Racing Series DOH/RW106/NR Racing Bucket Seat Gaming Chair Review

Racing Series DOH/RW106/NR Racing Bucket Seat Gaming Chair


Are you planning to replace your office or home gaming chair? Are you hunting down on the World Wide Web to grab the right product? If yes, then we are here to help you to decide which chair falls right on your needs and office ambiance. Gaming and office chairs are a dime a dozen, and it would not be easy just to pick and pack.

You see these days even the furniture brands are coming up with dedicated gaming and office chair. It is hard to pick a gaming chair, as every other brand promises to offer ultimate comfort and mobility, which to believe and which do not?

This is where an established brand helps you. An established brand comes a long way through, and for a customer depends a lot. DXRacer these days one of the top brand producing office and gaming chair. This brand has dozens of gaming chair with different price range and needs. You can trust this brand and have any product without any hesitation and raising eyebrows.

DOH/RW106/NRRacing Bucket Seat Gaming Chair is currently their front runner, and this product stands head and shoulder above the rest in the gaming chair market. This is one of the top-selling products in the office and gaming chair. Affordable, comfortable and ergonomic above all, are the specs to define this gaming chair. If you have an interest in a gaming chair and often read and investigate about them, you would know the F-Series of the same brand. This gaming chair is identical to F series with slim to above average body type, and would not fit the bigger person.

So, have a little glance at the specification and see what this product has to offer.


  • Tilt mechanism between 3-17 degree
  • Recline angle adjuster 90-130 degree
  • Breathable seat mesh
  • Adjustable headrest with lumbar support
  • 2 inches rubber coated wheels
  • Metal frame
  • High back backrest
  • 2-years manufacturer warranty
  • Environmental friendly coating
  • Gas spring technology for height adjustment
  • Seat size: 14.25″W(Front) x 11.5″W (Back) x 18″D
  • Maximum seat height: 20.5″;
  • Minimum seat height: 17″;
  • Maximum arm height: 29.5″;
  • Minimum arm height: 23″;
  • Backrest height: 33.75″;
  • Backrest shoulder width: 21.5″
  • Weight capacity 180lbs

DOH/RW106/NR Review:

At the first place, I am not a very big fan of the gaming chair. Though, the dire need of the top ergonomic chair has revamped the entire structure of the market. Maybe I do not get indulge into extended gaming hours, that s why I do not find it right having a gaming chair for me.

But, I was needed a chair at my home for casual sitting, and after in-depth research and browsing, I landed at the decision that, would not it be interesting to have an office and gaming chair alike. Like, this could fit the bill for the job, casual sitting, and gaming. So, there is how I fell for this chair and explored every angle of it. I am quite impressed with this chair and find an excellent unit to have at my home for gaming and other use.

Design and feature:

Either you believe it or not; you will fall in love with the sober-looking design. It is not about the colors or the high-back backrest; it is about all fits fine in this chair. DXRacer gaming chair mostly is after car racing seat design and which makes them attractive for the gamers. Even if you are not a gamer, for office it makes the ambiance little cool.

If you are not a game freak and spends time on your office sitting in front of the computer doing your work, this chair has a value for you. This chair hit the chords right for the office goers and gaming lovers.

The seat’s edges are given the red color; red-black overall honestly just give an aesthetic look. The rounds curves inside the backrest give it a sturdy and bluff look.

As long as the performance is concerned, you cannot question DXRacer. They are the biggest name of this zone, and their name is enough for warranty. This particular chair as well builds using the high-quality material available and check all the boxes right of the international standard.

The product features 50kg/m3 high-density foam, and this is the density of the foam what we use in our cars. In plain English you can say, the seat used in the chair is the same as we use in our sports cars, a patent seat. So, the level of comfort you can guess right.

The base is made of Nylon, the Nylon is flexible and offers their services for a longer period compared to other metals. But, if you are overweight, and exceed the weight portions limit mention in the user manual, you can expect wear and tear, with time.

The castles are made of PU, not of PVC. You know better PU quality and offers 360-degree swivel without any marks on the floors or carpet.
The seats are entirely comfortable and made of high-density foam. They are easy to sit for countless time for continuous hours. The foam is resilient, and you can expect the same level of freshness even after months or years.

The adjustable armrest is what you should count. The armrest gives you the freedom to have a desired posture without thinking much. You can scroll them back and forth, and have height as per your preference and usage.

The R series also recline back, and you get 170-degree recline angle, which means, you can have a sound sleep, if are kicked out from home.

The high back backrest is not just for style. It values the customer and gives optimal headrest. The cushion and Lumbar are not integrated but have separated pair and place them as per your desire.

  • Clean and neat functions, comfortable for long gaming sessions
  • Quality and sturdy material
  • Catchy design with perfect color matching
  • Easy to assemble
  • Mobility just needs your wish
  • The cleaning could be tedious
  • Must have the price range in mind
  • Weight capacity should have been increased



Our Top Pick
Awesome quality and performance oriented eSports chair. I must recommend this chair for prolonged gaming hours, even for office and casual use. This offers a recline angle up to 170 degree which is in simple words unimaginable for the chairs in this range.