OpenWheeler AKRacing-Racing Style Desk Office Gaming Chair Review

AKRacing Racing Style Desk Office Gaming Chair

A gamer spends plenty of his time playing competitive and racing video games. For him after a good gaming computer, the chair is the most important. The chair not only assists him in becoming a better player but takes care of his posture. When you sit at one place for a couple of hours in a wrong position, the body adopts that posture and your muscles memorize that alignment, resulting, a young man coming with one shoulder down like a shattered jet plane.

When you sit at one place for a more extended period, your spinal should be aligned into the right position. You should sit in a chair having a right angle against the computer, as having a 45-degree angle of your head with respect to the computer does not impact on your eyesight much

This AKRacing desk office gaming chair has been designed having all these bullets in mind. Let’s have a detailed review of AKRacing gaming chair and see what else this has to offer.

Tech specs:

  • Adjustable height
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Adjustable armrest both sides
  • Adjustable recliner
  • Recliner down to 170 degree
  • Tilt function
  • Lumbar cushion and headrest pillows included
  • Synthetic leather sewing
  • Metal base
  • extended class piston lift up to 330lbs
  • Sturdy Tubular
  • soft touch armrest
  • Weight 48 pounds


This chair offers support and comfortability for gaming users and desk office users alike. If you are the one who sits in your office in a local chair with the wrong posture at least for ten hours a day, you should consider spending some bucks from your own pocket.

As it would ideal to spend on your chair instead of paying to your specialist doctor fixing your back pain or wrong posture. For overweight people, the need for a good and comfortable chair is imperative; they could get other issues besides back pain and incorrect posture. This chair would be a nice fit even for a 300lbs weight person.

This office and cheap gaming chair is a good investment. Either you are watching TV, playing games or doing your work, having a good or comfortable gaming chair is must have. This chair would not cost your arms and legs, and offer excellent performance and ignites your productivity.

Design and features:

This gaming chair has been designed having the backrest and back support needs in mind. It is highly recommended and preferred for prolonged sitting and helps you to maintain a relaxed and working posture at the same time. The overall look of the chair is a bit classy and stylish at the same time. You get red exterior and adds a more sophisticated feeling with the hand sewing leather.

The addition of leather has given great relaxation for the people who petrified with stains and other cleaning issues. The leather exterior helps you to clean the chair in one go and have the same shiny chair again and again.

The upholstery and the Core ex are designed like other KRacing’s chair. They are made up of the metal skeleton and dense foam padding with backrest, seat, and sides of the chair.
The padding has given at the lower-front of the chair to erect the spines and directly touches you.
The larger gamer will get great assistance in the form of Core Ex design of the chair. The max weight capacity of the chair is around 330 pounds, and this has been designed respecting their body index in mind. If this chair is not going to meet your need, the updated version of this Core Master max can fit the bill without any hiccup.

This chair comes with the two removable pillows, the head cushion which fits the headrest. The other is lumbar, which attaches to where the small of your back meets to the chair. The material used to form these two questions is the same; the fabric is good, and you can easily remove them to attach using the straps as per your needs.

The recliner feature of the chair is excellent. You can have a 170-degree recline with just a push and get your back rested as long as you needed. This is the standard feature though in most of the gaming and desk chairs and you should not be surprised with this.

You might see people complaining regarding the absence of full reclining. Guys, the complete recline does not help you to get some rest; instead, you get to a full recline and never get adjusted to your comfort. The flat recline is less tempting, I have seen and felt this several times, and this is the best angle.

Besides reclining, the other resting features such as Swiveling and tilting the chair at adjustable height can make you have some rest at another level of adjustment.

The armrest on both the sides with adjustable heights makes your hands rest as per your requirement. The bolts under both of the arms rest tweak the distance between the armrest and sit. They are moveable, and you can find the best position to support your forearms when you are watching TV and listing to the music in a complete peace zone.

The addition of a cup holder could have been a nice option. This way the user would have been able to drink some hot coffee alongside watching something cheerful.

In plain English, this is a complete a good chair. The seats are smooth using PU Leather, and you would feel the next level of comfort and ease in using this chair.

  • An entirely comfortable chair
  • PU Leather built
  • Affordable
  • Difficult to assemble
  • For overweight people, the armrest halt some issues


The final thought
AKRacing Racing Style Desk Office Gaming Chair is a worth your hard-earned money. This helps gamers and desk users alike. You get a complete rest using your computer, watching TV or having a chat with your friends. The reclining, tilting and backrest features are impressive and user-oriented. You will not regret if you order to purchase this fantastic racing style gaming chair today.