KILLABEE memory foam Reclining Racing Gaming Chair

Gaming chair market has turned out to one of the most profitable niches these days. Almost all furniture brands are manufacturing their gaming chairs. A good healthy competition has resorted between them and users are getting out of the box style and cutting edge technology indulgent in this niche. We can say, Gaming chairs are a dime dozens. Finding a good gaming chair, tight budget in hand would be quite a task though.

We can find massage gaming chair with a handful of options, but the premium price range. In the price range of 200 dollars, the best grab you can have is Killabee Reclining memory foam Racing Gaming Chair. The chair has been designed after significant research. The price had to be in the range mentioned, lots of special attention were required what to offer and what to not.

The plenty of the features of the chair could be applauded. Including its memory foam quality, its metal frame, PU leather, Padded armrests and recline wide angle.

So, if you are running short of the money and hunting for the best gaming chair, must count this Killabee Reclining gaming chair and enjoy the gaming experience from the core.

The chair is equally beneficial for home and office use, a comfortable seat in a nutshell.


  • Adjustable height
  • Back angle and recline lock system
  • Recline angle 175 degree
  • High density thicker foam
  • Integrated metal frame
  • Explosion-proof gas spring
  • High-quality base, nylon manufactured
  • Smooth rolling Castors
  • Max weight capacity up to 250lbs
  • Overall dimension: 26.0″ x 26.0″x 48.4″- 51.2″ (W x D x H);
  • seating area dimension: 21.3″ x 20.1″ (W x D)
  • Backrest dimension: 21.3″ x 31.9″ (W x H)
  • One year warranty on parts


Are you tired of playing lots of games on your computer? Or just have stepped into your room after a hectic job schedule? You need a relaxing seat, where you should spend some moments and relax your nerves. The Killabee brings you the perfect racing and gaming chair reclining with memory foam. The chair specifically emphasis on ergonomics, and I would call it more than a chair.

You are going to have a most comfortable seat of your life in the affordable price range.

Have it at home or in the office, the aesthetic design of the chair will fit any ambiance of the chair. The chair looks more like a racing car seat; this design has been adorning for the perfect gaming environment.

If you look at the chair closely, you find it a perfect addition to the home, office and your gaming environment. The design of the chair has been crafted after careful consideration, to give it an attire of racing seat; a lot of thorough research was required. The car racing seat attire makes you feel like in the real gaming ambiance to overtake the entire stadium due to your racing skills.

The adjustable height of the chair targets bigger and smaller guys equally. If you want to get the chair equal to the table surface, pull out the gear and have the adjustable height.

I love the padded fixed armrests. The placement and the angle of these are up to my requirements. I always found the lower-angled fixed armrests in my chair, to place my hands onto them even playing games for hours.

The foam of the chair used to craft the padding has impressive thickness. The foam is resilience, even after sitting it on for hours, when you left it; it would come to the original shape. The seating is entirely customizable and shaped like your body and provides super rest to your back and head.

The padded Lumbar cushion delivers the optimum level of comforts, and your spine and neck will be aligned at the same angle as per the expert suggestions.

The best gaming chair under 200$ is sturdy, has been crafted using the metal frame, the explosion-proof gas spring are up to the international standard. The Nylon base with smooth rolling coaster 2 inches size, offers frictionless motions in any direction without any hiccup.

You can swivel the seating around 350 degrees with no scratches or marks on carpeted floors or wooden floors.

The tilt mechanism is a great add-on. The chair is famous for Reclining racing gaming chair, so offers 175-degree reclining. The reclining could have been up to 180 degrees, still a right wide recline angle for the pro gamers. You can lock the chair on any corner, and have the best sitting position which is comfortable for you and you will enjoy the gaming with a comfortable ride.

The thickness of the foam is higher than most of the rivals and competitors. Especially in the mentioned price having this level of quality and depth is something applaudable. The headrest has been designed to give a correct sitting position, to align the spinal cord and the head at one angle.

I have seen many people asking the range of the weight of the chair; it holds up to 250lbs weight. This is the recommended weight, though the chair can easily endure more than the mentioned. But, it would be ideal for the long-run only to put the specified weight.

The armrests and the base of the chair have been designed with quality and sturdy material. You see the chair a long runner and will last for years, withstand wear and tear. The armrests are covered with the cushioned material, so do not need to place your hands onto plastic body armrests.


  • Extra spine, neck support with cushions and lumbar
  • Integrated headrest fills the bills
  • Customize 175-degree reclining angle
  • The great thickness of the memory foam, wide seating
  • The great design gives an aesthetic look to the chair
  • The material can be little sticky
  • The fixed armrests sometimes do not give the customized posture for sitting
  • Take times to assemble it



Our Top Pick
If you do not have enough money to spend on premium racing gaming chair, Killabee Reclining Racing Gaming Chair With memory foam is the best choice. The chair comes with dozens of important features and provides optimum performance in the affordable range. A true gaming chair comes in the style of the racing car seat. Highly recommended in the mentioned price range, the armrests positions and alignment could have been improved though.

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