KILLABEE Big and Tall 350lb Massage Memory Foam Gaming Chair Review

KILLABEE Big and Tall 350lb Massage Memory Foam Gaming Chair


If you are the one who sits 8-10 hours in a day, without a relaxing seat, you cannot spend your day efficiently. Relaxation is the key for a comfortable life; without it, you cannot have a peace of mind and cannot be a creative person.

I am a big fan of relaxing gaming chair instead of competitive gaming chair. The former is more prominent, roomier and build to produce ultimate comfort. You can spend your day by sitting on them without a single complaint. This can be used control key so that you can get more descriptive information pertaining to casino spiele kostenlos book of ra. And if you are bigger and taller than normal persons, it will be hard for you to sit on a standard chair. In the case of curiosity, better facts europa casino welcome bonus code. On regular gaming chairs, you may not fit well, and your head cannot be placed in a soft place.

Killabee Big and Tall 350lbs gaming chair are designed for big and tall guys to sit around and play for hours. For larger folks this chair is a one-stop shop, with this, they can have every feature in hand and will not be complaining about the seating in office and home.

The chair is pretty durable and looks like a racing car seat. You will have 2D armrests, high head-rest, extensive padding, extra cushions, and comfortable foot placement.

The chair falls right on the criteria of a gaming chair for larger folks, and they should not miss the opportunity of having this chair at their doorstep.


  • Adjustable Lumbar support
  • Adjustable height
  • Recline Angle 155 degree
  • Wide adjusted 2D armrests
  • Retractable padded footrest
  • 360-degree swivel
  • PU Leather
  • Memory foam padding on the top of the existing seat
  • Padded adjusted headrest
  • Integrated metal frame
  • Extra higher backrest and massage lumbar
  • Maximum weight capacity 350lbs
  • One year parts replacement warranty
  • Aluminum base


A top massage gaming chair for larger folks with USB electric massage infusion, the chair comes with a handful of features and a multitude of relaxing options. You might feel tired after playing games on your sofa, have this chair play your games, any fatigue will not even come closer to you.

For people who are interested in using the chair for home or casual use, the best grab. After returning from the hectic working hours, land at your home and have the neck and head massage while lying on it.

The chair targeted larger and bigger folks and emphasized on ergonomics. The adjustable height, customized options perfectly fit your body shape, the most comfortable support.

Killabee is more than a chair to sit, it is an artwork and provide you an ultimate comfort level in the affordable price range

Design and features:

The chair has been designed in a way like the other standard chair produced by Killabee, except the built-in massager for spiritual recovery. Killabee series has paid particular attention to this feature and also advertises from the depth. The function may not offer you that level of performance what has been promoted, still a feature to count.

The massage feature can hold you back after playing hours of games or working for hours in the office. Just place your head on the built-in massager and knead back; this will relieve and cure all the fatigue of the hardware or gaming sessions.

Dedicated massage chair what we also have been reviewed here comes at quite a price. They cost your arms and legs and if you could afford that much of money, and have this much of spare cash, go ahead and have those dedicated massage chair.

This is a normal gaming chair with a bundle of comfort options for the users with extra massage built-in feature. The chair is made of high-ended memory foam to keep the chair from deforming and losing the shape after a long period.

The aluminum base used to craft this chair make it a durable and you will not find the chair lurking in one side after a long period of the use.

The metal frame, PU upholstery, and wide segmented pads are what makes the whole package quite comfortable, and you get some extra relaxation having this chair.

The Killabee big and tall 350lbs comes in wide range of color options you can choose the desired one. The top feature in this chair would be the Electric massage built in the right into the chair front. The massager works using a USB cable which can be injected directly into one of the computer’s USB ports to get power. Just put the head onto the built-in massager and relax for minutes.

The chair comes with a recline locking system. You can recline and lock at any angle desired, and the chair will not slip from that angle come what may. Like, if you want the chair to be closed at 120 degrees, have it locked. To get back it into the standard shape, unlock the recline lock and get it in the direction you want.

The chair also adorns the high headrest with Lumbar support. The lower back lumbar or cushion also helps you to rest after playing hours of games.

The chair comes with 2D armrest. You can move them back and forth in two directions and get the ultimate rest. This is made of the PU leather, and the memory foam will fit your specific shape and get back to the normal form after you stand up. The shape of the chair will not be changed even after hours of using it in one posture.

  • You get a USB powered massage unit, have a comfortable massage and relax after hours of playing
  • The memory foam padding of the chair makes it durable and resistance for years
  • The metallic structure of the chair makes it hold 350lbs weight without cracking
  • You get one year warranty of the parts replacement
  • The massage is not that good the way it is advertised
  • The 2D armrests do not fill the bill


The final thought
The Killabee gaming chair is the perfect choice for taller folks. The chair offers an exclusive range of features and functions that can help the taller guys to relax after working hours or playing extended hours of gaming. The massage combination an add-on, the armrests move back-forth, the price is affordable. We highly recommend the chair for larger and bigger gamers to have this at your doorstep.