Killabee Big and Tall 400lb Gaming Chair Review

Killabee Big and Tall 400lb


Are you a big and tall guy who plays plenty of video games? You might have been facing problems in finding the best seat for you. All the range of gaming chairs is manufactured having skinny and average gamers in mind. The tall and big guys often leave in the dust, and it is a job to find the best gaming chair for them.

There are options for the big and tall guys in gaming chair ranges. But, those options are quite expensive, and an average gamer cannot afford that range of price. So, why do all fun is for skinny guys not for tall and big persons.

Here we are with better gaming chair options. Killabee Big and Tall 400lb gaming chair features all the advanced options what you see in a standard gaming chair. The chair comes in an affordable range of price, and an average gamer can easily afford the scope of it.

This chair drives the better and comfortable seating experience, and you will see the chair a premium one.
This chair is rated to support the mentioned 400lb weight and support up to 6.8 inches in height.
This chair has been designed viewing the hardships and difficulty of fitting in the gaming chairs for the big and tall guys.

This chair is an ultimate hunt for taller guys, and they would easily customize it as per their desired position and posture. more detailed information related to europa casino reviews south africa.

You will the chair enduring and supporting overweight persons without any comfortability in playing games.


  • Rocking high back seat
  • Extra lumbar pillow
  • Highly adjustable
  • 3D armrests
  • 400lb weight capacity
  • Memory foam padding
  • Detachable padded headrest with lumbar cushions supporting neck and spine
  • Adjustable height
  • Tilt mechanism
  • Integrated metal frame
  • Gas springs
  • Smooth rolling casters
  • 180-degree recliner angle
  • Aluminum base
  • Lumbar pillow close to 7 inches thickness



We have been reviewed gaming chair, and we have been witnessing that most of the gaming chair comes for 200 to 250 pounds people. The overweight gamers felt left as they cannot fit in the gaming chairs offered.

The Killabee 400lb gaming chair has been crafted viewing the big and tall gamers in mind and has offered with the same specification what we often see in the regular gaming chairs.

Every feature and function of the chair has been developed with the after sheer research, and you will not see any soreness and discomfort in the chairs.

From the upholstery to the rolling castors you see no objection in the gaming chair, and they check all the boxes right for the overweight gamers.

Design and features:

It is astonishing why the market is not manufacturing chairs for great and big gamers. Killabee series felt the pain of overweight gamers and came forth with this product. The chair not only supports the ample amount of weight but also offer ultimate comfort. You will not see any defection in the product with the comparison to the standard gaming chairs what the skinny or average gamers purchase.

From every corner of its viewing, this is an ultimate gaming chair for XXX body type and average body person even.

The wide surface, highly customized backrest, High-headrest with extra-large cushions, the manufacturers have given complete attention to its craft.

The 4D adjustable armrest is holy-grain for the gamers, and we see this feature only in premium high-ended chairs.

I love the compactness and adjustability of the chair. From the height recline angle to the height adjustment; this is an epitome of comfortability. The backrest can lean back to 180 degrees without making a noise. The sturdy chair will make sure you get an ultimate comfort lying back.

The chair features padding everywhere. Either you see the footrest or the backrest; you will see padding at every corner of the chair to deliver a unique comfort level. The extra lumbar pillows or cushions can be used to place under the lower-back or neck area to achieve the highest level of compactness.

The high-quality foam used to craft the chair produce highest resilient. You see the foam used to manufacture the chair is highly porous; no last impressions will be found after you left behind the chair sitting for hours.

The chair owns an integrated metallic frame; the frame is the soul of the chair which holds up to 400 lbs of weight. The gas spring cylinder used in the chair is explosion proof, so you do not worry about any bad incidents happening.

The smooth wheels or roller castor of the chair take you in any direction without making any noise or any effort; a little push would be required to move this chair in any direction.

The product is backed with 30 days full warranty and one year warranty of the parts replacement. If you see any of the parts of the chair is not performing as per your requirements, you can send this back to get a replacement.

The chair features 400 lbs weight capacity and a 4D armrest which should not be overlooked. This is a multi-functional toolkit for overweight persons to read or to play video games without any hiccup. You can read the reviews regarding the chair beforehand. This is the top leading selling product on the biggest shopping portals and the rating of the chair showing its quality.


  • Highly customizable option to have for bigger and taller persons for sitting hours
  • Impressively comfortable
  • High-quality foam is used to craft this chair
  • The 4D armrest is what you would love the most as this is the most sought features for the gamers.
  • The upholstery is subject to fast wear and tear


The final thought
I would say the Killabee big, and tall 400lb gaming chair is the product which goes out of the way to support overweight and abnormally tall gamers. They find it difficult to sit on sofas and floors for hours during playing. The chair features lots of functionality and aims to help the more prominent and taller people and make them feel relaxed while watching TV, playing games, reading or casual sitting.