How to Disassemble Gaming Chair

Have you ever run into something similar? The installation of a computer chair, especially an ergonomic gaming chair, is relatively easy and may be done by just following the installation instructions. However, it is difficult to remove the computer chair, especially the base, when we need to disassemble it while moving. After that, I’ll demonstrate how to take apart the EWin racing chair’s seat. It consists primarily of the following steps.

  1. First, gather your equipment. A tiny hammer is required. You should get some oil ready if your computer chair is utilized for an extended period of time. After that, relocate the computer chair to a spotless area to get ready for the assembly job.
  2. Add some oil to the area that connects the base to the gaming chair seat’s upper portion, and then lightly tap the area with a tiny hammer. Remember not to knock the gaming office chair too hard or it won’t be able to be used again. Just loosen up the combo a bit. When disassembling, this will result in time and force savings.
  3. Fix the base and rock the computer chair seat up and down so that the joint can be torn down after being pulled up. Currently, we use plastic or other materials that can avoid stains to wrap the backrest and cushion of the computer chair to preserve it during shipping. It influences subsequent use and keeps the computer gaming chair from getting soiled during transportation. Other accessories must also be kept in good condition. There is no loss. It’s preferable to move them all together and on their whole.

How to Disassemble Gaming Chair


Tools And Techniques You Need To Know To Disassemble Gaming Chair

Because they are comfortable and stylish, gaming chairs are popular among gamers. Despite their apparent ease of use, disassembling a gaming chair correctly requires specific tools and skills. In this article, we’ll go over the necessary equipment and methods, as well as how to thoroughly clean your gaming chair once it’s been taken apart.

You will want a few key tools in order to disassemble a gaming chair. These tools contain pliers, a socket wrench set, an Allen wrench set, and a Phillips head screwdriver. A small hammer or mallet is also useful to have on hand.

The screws holding the backrest in place must be taken out as the first step in disassembling a gaming chair. On the back of the backrest are typically four or five screws. You may raise the backrest of the chair frame after removing these screws.

The seat cushion’s screws should then be removed. On either side of the seat cushion, two or three screws are typically located. After removing these screws, you can take the seat cushion away from the chair frame. Don’t pull on any cables or wires that might be fastened to the seat cushion too firmly.

You can now see the interior workings of the gaming chair because the seat cushion and backrest have been taken off. Start by taking out any screws that are securing the gas lift. The chair’s height can be changed thanks to the gas lift. The seat plate can be removed from the chair frame’s bottom once the gas lift has been taken out.

The chair’s armrests need to be taken off next. On each side of the armrests, there are often two screws. After removing these screws, you can raise the armrests away from the chair frame.

All of the component elements that make up the gaming chair should now be visible. Any screws holding the base plate in place should be removed first. The chair rests on the baseplate, which is often composed of metal or plastic. The wheels at the base of the chair frame can be taken off after the baseplate has been taken off.

The chair’s back’s covering must be taken off as the last stage. Typically, the back cover has two screws, one on each side. After removing these fasteners, you can take the chair frame’s rear cover off.

How to Disassemble Gaming Chair

There are many individuals who enjoy tinkering with gaming chairs to discover how they operate. This is particularly valid for people who want to improve their gaming experience by adjusting their chairs.

You must first learn how to correctly disassemble your chair before you can begin tinkering with it. You will learn the methods and skills you need in this post to accomplish your goals. then let’s get going!

A Phillips head screwdriver is the first tool you require. The majority of the screws on a gaming chair should be manageable with this type of screwdriver, which is the most typical kind. Next, you’ll require a tool to assist in prying out the chair’s joints. For this job, a flathead screwdriver or putty knife should work well. In case any tight screws or nuts need extra torque to be loosened up, you should also have a set of pliers available. Finally, you’ll require a scratch-resistant covering for the surface of your gaming chair. The solution is a soft cloth or a piece of cardboard.

After successfully disassembling your gaming chair, it is crucial to thoroughly clean each component. Start by using a clean towel to wipe off all of the metal or plastic components. The components of the chair should then be cleaned of any dust or debris using a vacuum. Finally, clean the gaming chair’s cloth components with a moderate soap and water solution.

The gaming chair can now be put back together once all of the components have been thoroughly cleaned. The back cover should first be fastened to the chair frame. The chair frame should then have the armrests attached. The seat cushion can be fastened to the bottom of the chair frame once the armrests are in position.


What are some common problems with gaming chairs?

A few frequent issues with gaming chairs are fabric tears, broken or damaged parts, and loose screws or bolts. It’s critical to act right away to stop more damage if you see any of these issues. The majority of the time, these issues are simply resolved by taking the chair apart and doing the required repairs.

How do I take my gaming chair apart?

Since the manner in which a gaming chair can be disassembled can vary depending on the specific model, there is no universally applicable solution to this query. However, standard instructions on how to disassemble a gaming chair often ask for taking out the chair’s screws or bolts before separating the frame from the seat and backrest. Before the chair may be completely disassembled, it may occasionally be necessary to remove the armrests as well.

Why won’t the arms on my gaming chair move?

For a variety of reasons, a gaming chair’s arms might not be able to move. One possibility is that the fasteners or screws holding the chair frame’s arms to the arms are excessively tight. Another possibility is that the chair’s internal mechanism locks the arms in place. Consult the gaming chair’s handbook for information on how to resolve the issue if the arms cannot be moved.

What is the best way to clean my gaming chair?

Depending on the material it is constructed of, there will be a perfect technique to clean your gaming chair. For instance, if the upholstery on your chair is leather, you should clean it with a moderate soap and water mixture. To get rid of dirt and debris, use a vacuum with a brush attachment if your chair has fabric upholstery.


It’s time to assemble the gaming chair once you’ve learned how to disassemble it. This section is much easier to complete than disassembling it because you only need to carry out the same actions backward. Before you resume playing, make sure everything is securely fastened.