Furmax Ribbed Office Chair High Back PU Leather Review

Furmax Ribbed Office Chair High Back PU Leather


Are you planning to decor your office with some best-looking chair? Yes, it is good to have a beautiful looking chair to adore your office, the PU leather should be the must-have ingredient of the chairs. Like, most of the time the employee drops coffees and other drinks on the chairs so it would be hard for any other upholstery to get cleaned and washed every time.

Furmax office chair has given a wide range of options to select from. This brand has revamped the entire industry by producing some cool looking office and conference chairs. If you look at the product, you see that Furmax has a good range of chairs at any price. So, it is not always true that to decor an office with aesthetic looking chairs, you have to break the bank.

Furmax Ribbed Office Chair High Back chair is one of the top-runner of the same brand. You can get the mid-back chair with the same style and design. Just put forth your requirements, and there will be a vivid product in the range.

Whether you are going to purchase an office chair or gaming chair, always put Furmax in your mind, and you will never be annoyed with the range of products of this brand.

Have a look at the specification of Furmax Ribbed Office Chair High Back chair.


  • PU Leather
  • Padded armrest
  • Pneumatic height adjustment
  • The chair can be rocked back and forth 90-120 degree
  • Maximum weight capacity 320lbs
  • Good range of colors
  • 15 inches thick pad
  • Leather with ribbed stitching
  • Seating area dimension: 19.7″x19.1″
  • Backrest dimension: 18.1″x29.6″
  • Adjustable seat height: 16.7″-19.9″
  • Money back guarantee within 30 days
  • Free replacement and installation if any problem


Furmax ribbed office chair with high back features high back built-in Lumbar support so that you could take some sigh of relief after executing your tasks successfully. This ergonomic chair supports back design; the lumbar addition has given it a great blend. You can set your head to rest using the high back lumbar support, offers continuous support without any hiccup.

This chair is ideal for conference, reception desk, home, and college. This piece is going to magnify the overall looks of your home office or conference room. Having a lane of the chair at an office or conference room can make you win the impressions game, and this could be a way to win some great business.

Let’s have a detailed insight about its design and other features and see what this Furmax child has to offer other than comfortability, affordability, and mobility.

Design and feature:

Let’s talk about from the very beginning, the design. The designers of this product have been very keen to produce an out of the box looking product. They are impressively successful in crafting such a mind-boggling piece. This product comes in two colors, white and black. It is up to you, which color fits you the best after looking at your office ambiance or home.

The chair comes with built-in lumbar support. Like, you are not required to put an extra lumbar to give your head a rest. The PU Leather chassis, the Lumbar stretched towards the front side to make it more comfortable while setting the head. You can put your head to rest for hours, can recline 90-120 degree. This posture would be ideal for taking power naps, for getting recline, a little push is required.

The 3.15 inches thick padded offers you a wide area for seating. The smooth pliable leather surface is used to craft the seating or padding of the chair. The ribbed snitching adds the cherry on the cake.

This chair comes with 5-base nylon, with 360-degree swivels wheels. On the wheels, you see the rubber coasting, which helps them to give free mobility to the users in any direction without any scratcher or noise. You see the wheels will not be freezing at any cost, and you get fraction-free motion in any direction required.

This chair houses cushioned armrests. The armrests are not adjustable but give you a perfect position to hold your hands onto them while working or resting. The placement of the armrest is excellent, and you get a place to place your hands anytime you want.  I love its designing; the lower side of the chair from the front has an edge which gives a place to rest your lower back. Lower back is the area which gets affected the most when we sit all day long. So, to give this portion of the body a peace, they design the chair in this way. This may be the reason I recommend purchasing this chair. This takes care of the overall posture, and you never shoulder down or high issue.

I always love thickly padded seats, the reason; they offer more comfortability and adjustability. You get adjusted to the chair in any direction you want; it’s a kind of customized chair. The pliable leather is an add-on, what you get from this, smoothness, and freshness always. This chair gives you comfort for hours in conference rooms where you attend prolonged meeting sessions.

The weight capacity of the chair is an idea; it can bear 320lbs weight. I see some people complaining the armrest of the amazing cheap gaming chair stuffed in thighs for over-weight people. Yes, this could happen, and you can remove the armrest if desire or can opt with the maximum size of the chair.

  • Offer great comfortability
  • 15 thick wide padding
  • Recline 90-120 degree
  • Noise-free mobility
  • The armrest placement
  • The upholstery tend to wear and tear


The final thought
To add extra comfortability, this chair features 3.15 thick padding a good addition at this price. You get built-in lumbar to give your headrest without placing any extra pillow. The mobility is excellent, and you can sit on the char for hours without any issue. What else you demand from an office or conference chair.

This chair checks all the boxes right, and a perfect option to decore your office with this.