Furmax Gaming Chair High Back Racing Chair Review

Furmax Gaming Chair High Back Racing Chair

Do you play lots of video games? Did you find it hard that without a proper gaming chair, gaming is not that amused niche? Yes, gaming is not gaming without an appropriate chair of gaming. You need to have an excellent seat to compete against your competitor, to rank higher. In that way, you would not be hurting your back and the posture as well aligned right.

If you play games by sitting on the floor, you might have experienced lower back pain. Especially for those enthusiasts who indulge in prolonged gaming hours, and play competitive games. Purchasing one of the comfortable gaming chairs is must have stuff in this age. These days we play games online, multiplayer and have to be available all the time. Have the best gaming chair, which will bring your gaming experience to the next level.

For a novice, it would be hard to stick to a good gaming chair. There is lots of energy is required to hunt around the market. Here we are with the best gaming chair, by the top leading brand of gaming chair manufacture. This gaming chair would not only bring a better sitting experience, but your spinal cord will be aligned to adjust a good posture.

Furmax Gaming Chair High Back Racing chair is the product I was discussing; this comes in a cheap range of price so you can have it without breaking your banks. Let’s have a sight of the specification of this Furmax top-runner High Back Racing Chair.


  • Five-star nylon base
  • Soft lift armrests (non-adjustable)
  • Adjustable height 3.7″
  • Footrest area dimension 14.9″(W) X 9.5″(D)
  • Leg Length: 10.6″
  • Max Weight: 310 lbs
  • Tilting option up to 30 degree
  • 360-degree swivel ability
  • Pneumatic gas lifter system
  • Special design for tilting
  • Comes in the installation manual


Everything comes with a price; you get what you pay for. You cannot expect a good product at less expensive prices. But, this Furmax Racing Chair in PU leather is an exception. You see another chair of that range of quality and features; you will witness, those will at least cost you 50 dollar higher than this. This is a well-crafted, high quality, performance oriented gaming chair which comes with frictionless mobility.

It appreciates how Furmax came with such a gaming chair in less expensive gaming chair range. This brand did not put a low-quality product but innovation of the chair in a way that the budget starts shrinking.

After having this product at my office, I was convinced that no other brand could have done that good job in such a price range, and Furmax deserves every bit of praise, accolades, and appreciations.

There is some downside, of-course every product has, that downside would not affect your experience at all. So, let’s have a detailed discussion regarding the feature and design of this product.

Design and features:

The design of this product is quite a look. You see that the designer still managed to bring forth a chick looking gaming chair. The gamers always lured to the looks of the product, so this has been specially managed in this gaming chair. The part of the gaming chair is of fabric and a piece of leather. You cannot explain the feeling of the seats at all unless you experience it. The upholstery is soft, and you see no special effects on the comforts

You get adjustable armrests and can manage them as per your need. The entire look of the gaming chair is aesthetic, you get two lumbar, one for the neck rest and one extra to place as per the needs. Most of the time the extra lumbar uses for placing to the lower back area where most of the people who sit for prolonged session feels the tension.

The entire chassis of the chair is made of high-quality PU leather, and thick padding with bucket seat gives you extra comfort. You can go forth and back using recline feature of the chair, as it goes 90-180 angle for napping like on the bed. You can stretch the back of the chair to the maximum edge and can have adjustable reclining.

All features of this gaming chair have been designed having gamers in mind. Like, the flip over footrest which allows the users to give some rest to the feet as our legs start aching when we use to sit long hours in one posture. The pullout feature makes you adjust the height of the chair with a little push and adjust as per your need of the hours.

The whole chair has a rocked back and forth and can make you lay down the way you lay on your bed to get some power nap. The maximum capacity of the chair is up to 310lbs which is more than the standard level of the capacity. So, even a double sized gamer would use the seat and can play the games for hours without any hiccup.

The removable padded headset with lumbar support, the extra pillow gives you some extra comfort as you can easily place that pillow to want anywhere.

The PU leather used to construct this chair has some advantages, like you, can easily wash them and clean to get a new chair out of it.

The five nylon base gives the chair quite an impressive look, the caster is coated with rubber so would not leave marks on your wooden floor at all.

The chair is equipped with pneumatic gas lifter system, the cutting edge technology to lift the seat of the chair, smoothly adjust the seat height to your personal preference in a second.

  • A hands-down steal at the price
  • Best to give you comfort for prolonged gaming and office sessions
  • Superb mobility, 360-degree swivel
  • Armrest placement does not help while playing games


The final thought
For gamers or office goers who use to sit for hours, a chair like Furmax Gaming Chair High Back helps a lot. They can feel free to do anything, play games, have a chit-chat or do day to day task. Every feature of this chair is at the right place, a hands-down option without a single doubt.