Essentials Mesh Task Chair- Ergonomic Computer/Office Chair Review

Essentials Mesh Task Chair- Ergonomic Computer/Office Chair with Adjustable Arms, Black


If you work in an office like many other people across the globe, then you spend a more substantial portion of your day sitting at a desk. This is something that can hurt your overall posture, can cause pain in the lower back, and can halt your overall health. There is some serious consideration you should look forward to. Like, you need to have a comfortable right chair, so that you could sit comfortably through your day and perform your task efficiently.

Having an ergonomic gaming chair is vitally essential for the office goers.

By having one unit of the ergonomic chair can make your time at desk enjoyable, and you will have a better posture.

There are some rules you should adopt if you spend a large portion of your day sitting. Align your hip and head at 90-degree angle, your head should be at the level to the top of the monitor, and after every 30 minutes, you get up and look around or to have some walking.

If you feel some pain in your lower back or neck, you must consult with your family doctor and have a thorough check-up. The backhead pain or side head pain can lead you to eyesight issue. If you could have a check up on time, and get to know what the reason was, it can make you get the problem solved.

Here we are with one of the best office chair, Essentials Mesh Task Chair. This chair offers an exceptional level of comfortability, at a very reasonable price.

Have a look at the overall specification and see what this Essential series has to provide for the office guys.


  • Deep padded air mesh seat
  • Height adjustment
  • Five-star chrome base
  • Durable fixed padded armrest
  • 110KG weight capacity
  • One year manufacturer guarantee 8 hours per day use
  • British standard seat padding
  • Recline angle 90-120 degree
  • Center tilt and tilt tension control
  • Pneumatic seat height adjustment
  • Breathable fabric
  • 360-Degree Swivel
  • Integrated lumbar support
  • Seat back dimensions 36.81 inches (H) x 24.8 inches (W)
  • Seat dimensions 24.8 inches [W], 23.03 inches [D], & 16.14 inches [floor to seat top]


Essential series has now stashed with a wide range of options when it comes to an office chair. Backed by OFM one of the top leading office and gaming chair world, and outperforming other brands in the same niche.

You can expect the highest level of comfort at very reasonable prices. The frictionless mobility, Breathable mesh back support fixed height armrest and much more come with this fantastic office chair. So, let’s have a review of the office chair, and see its overall look and design.

Design and features:

Essentials Mesh office chair offers incredible value to your money. This is a chair which has been manufacturer after significant consideration of needs and requirements of the ordinary person working in an office. The need for the breathable mesh back to give proper air flow to your back and lower is critical. The mesh back has been designed to provide an optimal level of airflow using a sandwich mesh seat.

The sculptured ergonomic mesh back on the other hand keep your spinal erect and gives you a perfect sitting position what is needed the most to have a healthy posture.

The integrated lumbar headrest support gives the head an ultimate rest after hectic working schedule. You can have your head rested at the built-in lumbar and have a power nap.

The deep padded air mesh seat helps you to have comfortable seating without any hiccup or problem. The padded are stainless, and you will not be able to spot the stains of coffee or other drinks.

The liver placed beneath the seat helps you to get a gas lifting with a little push. You can adjust the height as per your preferences by using the simple push liver. The liver position is important, and you need to learn how it works. As the liver position also helps you to get recline freely. By pulling the liver out, you get a back-forth motion and recline freely without any problem.

The weight tension control also placed under the seat, and you can have a natural tilt position by controlling this option.

The essential mesh chair comes with five-star chrome base; the five wheels rubber coated gives you frictionless mobility in any direction. A little push in any direction is enough to have motion in any direction without any halt.

I saw many people complaining regarding the assembling of the ergonomic chair. Most of the brands do not come up with the user manual. If a brand mentioned everything in the right way, then the users will face no issue. Just like the Essential Mesh Chair black comes with a user manual, if you even do not follow any user manual, you by just viewing the different components can assemble it very quickly.

This is some of the most elegant office chairs with breathable mesh back, simple and intuitive controls and pneumatic seat height adjustment. This comes with every comfort features, a perfect addition to your office or work at home. This chair meets and exceeds the industry standards of durability, safety and backed by Essential OFM limited lifetime warranty.

Above all, you get such a valuable chair unit in such an affordable price range. This is the range where you get a local plastic chair, and in this, you are going to have a breathable mesh back chair with high lumbar head support chair.

  • Breathable mesh back, seat padding
  • Affordable price range
  • Integrated high head lumbar support
  • Five-star chrome base support with five frictionless wheels
  • Great level of comfortability
  • Extra pillows or Lumbar can add some comfort.


The final thought
Essential office chair series are the front runner in the office chair market. I am seeing every third office decorated with essential chairs. This particular product as well adds a real comfort to the user’s life. For those who spend hours on sitting chairs, must grab this item at very reasonable rates.

This product will really impress you with the features and support, an extra level of comfort is beyond the reach of expressing.

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