Essentials Massage Office, Computer, or Gaming Chair – Heated Shiatsu Review

Essentials Massage Office, Computer, or Gaming Chair - Heated Shiatsu


Do you feel that your office is not decorated with some latest design furniture and other essentials? Yes, these days quality furniture with some serious looks is considered important for offices. And if the furniture really could add values to your employees’ lives, it is cherry on the cake.

Comfortable furniture can make your people work comfortably. Indirectly, you are helping your organization or business to leap. If you are looking forward to having some comfortable office chair, Essentials by OFM ESS-7050M is just a fine tune for you. Have these beautiful looking, entirely comfortable, impressively designed office chair to help you in this regard. They come with dozens of other important features besides Shiatsu Leather Massage Recliner and Ottoman. The massage chair helps you to get rid of the tiredness and get a fresh start of your working. This reclining chair features a shiatsu-style adjustable massage help your back to have a massage by gently kneading and rolling. This comes with a heating system which is controlled by using a remote, get that distance from the back of the chair and have some heat.

Get your ideal reclining position; upper headrest lumbar can make you feel like heaven after the exhausting working session. This comes with two years of manufacturer’s warranty and lifetime limited warranty backed by OFM essentials.


  • Segmented back padding with leather upholstery
  • Seat material segmented with leather chassis
  • Seat Height: 16 3/4″ – 17 1/4″
  • Seat Size: 19 1/2″ W x 17″ D
  • Width: 30 1/2″
  • Depth: 32″
  • Height: 41 3/4″
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Five-star chrome base
  • Adjustable height
  • Weight capacity of 250 pounds
  • Padded leather ottoman
  • Shiatsu-style massage system
  • Heat controls systems with a remote
  • Two years of manufacturing warranty


For those who want to have their hands on a comfortable chair, OFM Essentials ESS-7050M cannot be matched with any other chair. This has some incredible features at their peak. You get every feature and function producing comfort at the full throttle and you will not be annoyed with the overall look or performance at all.

I have not seen that cool looking armrest padding in any of the chair even expensive list. The padded Oatman can make you feel little more comfortable and one can have his/her legs onto it while stretching.

Design and features:

Essential’s series another great hit, in the line of massage chair, their top runners are ESS-7050M and ESS-3085M, and both are performing very well. Though most of the features are identical and offered in both of the units, yes price matters. You see the former is pricier than latter, so the functions as well are better. But, the basic features are the same, you get an ultimate level of comfort in both of the chairs, you get impressive seat padding, back padding, and recline or other features. The difference would be somehow in massage quality and mechanism and the armrest. In this product, you see the entire armrests are padded, and you get a peak of comfortability.

This is a great product to add some elegance to your living room or office.

This chair comes with high back headrest Lumbar. The extra Lumbar or pillows do not come with this; they are integrated and are of better quality. You would see that the headrest position has been given at the right angle. That position will help all heightened persons to get their head placed at the right place. And guess what, the backrest is padded; upholstery is of foam with leather. The PU leather quality is outstanding, and you will have a peak of comfortability using these chairs. The segmented backrest is something I look forward to. This segmented padded back or seats give me the option to customize my body in a different position. And they make me feel like; I am in the right posture like hugging.
The seat is also wide enough to endure the 250 pounds weight easily.

I love the massage system of the cheap gaming chair, somehow improved compare to the previous model of the same series. In the last model there were some loopholes, and here they all have been fixed. The improved massage shiatsu mechanism makes you feel relaxed. You have your back aligned to the backrest, and head placed at the lumbar and roll back like kneading. The heat is controlled by a remote, which is provided in a pocked back of the chair.

The height adjustment also has been upgraded. Now, you get more height to compare to the previous model, and a little push to the handle would be enough to get you at the desired position. The five-star chrome base, the nylon rode, rubber coated wheels adds up to produce a beautiful quality massage chair.

Recline angle gives you the right resting angle and gets a full swing or motion setting your chair free. You get a motion meter beneath the chair, by tightening that you get a tilt position and by loosening that you get a back-forth motion. The full range, the friction-based mechanism allows you to adjust the recline angle and see the path of the movement. The ottoman addition gives a modern look to the chair, and you get the perfect ambiance having this chair at your doorstep.

This chair checks all the boxes right and falls right on the criteria of a best looking and performance oriented chair for office and home use.

  • Unimaginable massage mechanism
  • Perfect headrest integrated lumbar support
  • Fully padded armrest integrated
  • No at this price


The final thought
If you ask me the best chair in the asked price range, I would definitely choose this ESS-7050M. This is the perfect grab for any office or home use. The perfect height adjustment, massage mechanism, right high lumbar and back support, segmented padding and much more are added into one package. You get an ultimate level of comfort having this one package- above all this comes with two years manufacturing warranty. You get your product repaired if any damaged occurred to it.