Essentials Gaming Chair – Racing Style by OFM Review

Essentials Gaming Chair - Racing Style by OFM


Ergonomics chairs are the future of office and gaming chair. They are the most souped-up furniture, and everyone wants to decor their office with some of the most comfortable chairs.They come with headrest pillows, heaps padding, molded armrest, height adjustments and much more. Even for the gamers, these chairs are checking all the boxes right. Gamers tend to involved in extended gaming hours and spend hours in competing with other online players. They also need something comfortable, out of the box, and could provide them value.

Essential gaming chair offered by OFM is one of the most sought and followed gaming chair in the asked price range.

Though they come with some of the basic features, the durability affordability and ultimate comfort are what taking this brand over the roof.

In such a short period, OFM has overtaken the furniture market and evolved as a new king. These days, they are coming up with a wide range of gaming and casual office chairs and taking the market by storms. If you are connected to this furniture market, you might already have heard the whistle. So, let’s have some detailed insight of the front runner Essential racing style gaming chair by OFM, and see what this product has to offer to its users.


  • Capacity weight 250lbs
  • Recline Angle 90-120 degree
  • Upholstered by Soft thread leather
  • Seat Dimensions: 75″ W x 17.33″ D
  • Back Dimensions: 17.12″ W x 23.83″ H
  • Overall Chair Dimensions: 25″ W x 27.75″ D
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 360-degree swivel wheels
  • Perfect for racing games and office work
  • Flip up mechanism
  • Leave padded armrest

Center tilt and tilt tension


OFM has always been a famed name in the industry. Not because they were furniture manufacturer and then entered into gaming and office chair niche, but because they always come up with some out of the box solution of a problem. In the same, the gaming and office chair sought users would love to have this piece of furniture at their doorsteps. Why? Because this from the first glance looks a different chair, you might have been seeing the cushion, the Lumbar, this and that, this is different as they produce all these stuff in one piece.

All cushion, lumbar and pillows have gone, and you get inwardly oriented seat sides, which fit the bills very easily. Some users might miss the absence of high back, or cushion or pillows, but this is more portable than all others. You get all features in one piece, does not need to worry about external components, this one piece is enough to get the job done.

Design and features:

The OFM essential gaming chair has excellent worth for the users. From its five starbases to its good ergonomic supports. The padded armrest on the other hands gives a bit more support. Of course, they are not of plastic made which gets slippery all the time; they are cushioned armrest.

This is the best affordable gaming chair where quality meets the value; the contoured segment padding is what makes an actual difference. The integrated headset, the built-in lumbar support, plus the chair offers a high-performance premium comfort whether you are in your office attending a meeting for hours, or involved in extended gaming hours.

The seat height adjustment can be made using the handle below the seat. By turning the handle, you can adjust the height and gain the desired seat high. To get the back tilting the use of the handle should be outward and push the lock back. You can increase the tilt by turning the knob given to the side of the handle clockwise. To loosen up the tilting, rotate the knob and clockwise, must use the lock option before and after losing or tightening the tilt.

The adjustable cushion armrest can be adjusted as per your preferences. The flip mechanism is used to leave padded arms down for upper body comfort or move out them away for mobility. The 360-degree swivel by the wheels is something you should count; the wheels are PU rubber coated and offer great versatility without any significant effort. They leave no marks or stretch behind and move around 360 degrees with zero noise.

The height adjustment is what you can gain as per your need. The upper head of the back is upholstered in the soft thread of leather and used contrast color mesh for the better airflow and comfort.

This chair has been designed in-car style design, which is good for an extended hour of gaming and working.

I love the thick padding and ergonomic cut at the backrest; they are something that gives you ultimate comfort. You cannot feel the support of the ergonomic cut behind or on seating without using this chair.

Recline angle of this chair lies around 90-120, and you can stretch your back to get some rest. This chair moves back and forth to the mentioned angle, and you get some rest after working.

This is a lightweight chair compare to the other gaming chair, and it would be quite easy to move from one corner of the house to the other corner. This, in my opinion, an excellent choice for gamers and office use, and easily used either of them.

This chair is backed by OFM essential, limited lifetime warranty, so have this product with closed eyes, you are not going to regret upon this decision.

  • A gaming chair which can be used as an office chair due to its sober design
  • Padded armrest produces a great level of comforts
  • Longer span of warranty compare to the other front runner players
  • It does not come with lumbar, pillows and cushions
  • Shorter tilt range compare to the other gaming chairs
  • Lack of advance options, lower weight capacity


The final thought
Essential gaming chair by OFM is really something that you have been looking for. This chair worth your money and deserve that position. If you are going to put your money in buying this product, that would be the best decision of the time. So, go ahead and place an order, this chair is going to offer you a great range of affordability.