Essentials by OFM ESS-3085 Gaming Chair Review

Essentials by OFM ESS-3085


Are you really looking forward to purchasing a good quality office chair? Additionally, you are working under a very tight budget and cannot afford to have a premium high office or gaming chair. You are in the right place; here we are with one of the top-leading company’s ergonomic chair. This chair indeed exceeds your expectations and offer what you have been hunting for.

These days top ergonomic gaming chair is hitting the market very well. Dozens of brands have already stepped their shoes into this niche and performing very well. OFM the top leading brand of furniture world also doing impressive business, especially their openers Essential is taking the market by storm. This series is wreaking the havoc in the right direction, due to obvious reasons.

Essential series initially targets the budget customers and offer the premium experience of using a chair. They also hit gamers and office users alike. Their chair is sober in looking and fit the bill in the office with an impressive margin. Let’s have a detailed review of the second installment of the series ESS-3085 and see what this product has to offer other ergonomics, comfortability, affordability, and mobility.


  • Contoured segment padding
  • Integrated headrest and padded arms
  • Height adjustment
  • Center tilt and tilt tension control options
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Rubber coated wheels
  • Seat back recline control
  • Flip-up
  • Upholstered in soft-thread leather and contrasting colored mesh
  • Weight capacity 250 pound
  • Seat size: 20″W x 18.875″D
  • Back size: 19.75″W x 29.50″H
  • Seat height: 17″-20.75″
  • Overall height: 44.50-48.25″
  • Overall width: 28.125″
  • Overall depth: 30.375″


ESS-3085 is the chair where quality meets the expectations. When I ordered this chair, I just placed the order just checking the budget price in mind. I was expecting something cheap and inexpensive in performance as well. You get what you pay, but in this case, this is not true.

Maybe this is a new product in the market, and the producers wanted to impress the market by the performances of the products. Whatever the reason it is, the ESS-3085 by OFM impressed me with its superb quality performance, segmented padding, and high back integrated support and high-performance comfort.

Above all, this product equally supported for pro gamers for playing hours of gaming, and office users. The look is made like a racing car seat, and you gauge that level of comfort without any doubt. If you want to have a high-quality gaming and office chair, merely count this in, and you will never regret it.

Design and features:

ESS-3085 OFM gaming chair offers you a new level of comfort. This comes with a style bonded leather, and one can choose among a various range of colors and style options. These are designed with ergonomics in mind. The segmented padding can make you have the ultimate level of comfort without any sweating or slipping issues. The PU leather upholstery will take you to a new level of satisfaction.

You get the integrated padded armrest; the placing of the arms rests you to get your arms placed while working. I have seen many chairs with the bad placement of the armrests; there you cannot set the arms while working on the computer.

This chair comes with a high back, integrated headrest, and lumbar support. You do not get any extra lumbar, nor even needed, if you have this chair in your collection.

The thickly padded armrest can be left down for upper body supporting or flipping out for inhabited movement or adjustment. Like, you do not want to sit in a normal seating position, left down the armrest and change your posture for a while to give movement to your body.

This chair makes your posture aligned, and you will never have any issue in your position. The backrest support can make you not feel any itching or pain in the lower back, which is a common problem for the office goers.

This chair also supports the height adjustment; you can have any height level as per your need and comfort.

In other words, you can consider it a computer chair. Like, if you use a computer in your office or at your home, have this chair and enjoy your working with no complaints.

Or if you are a gamer and involved in extended gaming hours, having the right computer chair will benefit you a lot. It will not only align your back right but will offer ultimate gaming experience in the go.

This gaming chair comes with 360-degree swivel wheels. Just push a little in any direction, and have a smooth ride without any marks on floors or carpet or any noise. The wheels move with a bit of push, if you don’t want any wrong movement or mobility in any direction, lock the mobility of the wheel, and fix the position.

To give a fresh and new look to the chair, soft-thread leather is being used, with segmented padding and contrast color mesh upholstery, a thoroughly modern design.

This chair also backs the limited lifetime warranty supported by OTM, and you get the maximum weight capacity of the chair up to 250 lbs.
The unit also gives you a reclined angle. You can get a little back-forth mobility using the recline 90-120 degree feature of the chair. This also supports center tilt controls and tilt tension to produce a maximum level of comfort.

Have this racing style gaming chair at your doorstep and enjoy the highest level of gaming.

  • Produces ultimate gaming experience without any hiccup
  • Get it for office decor or playing video games at your home
  • Modern look
  • Segment padding
  • Integrated headrest lumbar support, padded armrest
  • No extra lumbar or pillows.


The final thought
In my opinion ESS-3085 by OFM comes with every comfort what is needed for office chair or gaming style racing chair. You will have no complaint from this product at all. The chassis looks fresh, even after years of using it, you will find it as new and fresh looking as this is now.

Have your gaming or office chair, and place the order; you will love to have this item in your collection.

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