E-WIN Gaming Chair Ergonomic High Back PU Leather Black-grey gaming chair review

E-WIN Gaming Chair Ergonomic High Back PU Leather Black-Grey


I would not say E-win is a pioneer of eSports gaming chairs. This brand comparatively new in the industry but the lineup of the gaming chairs produced in this short span is impeccable. Initially, we were not interested in putting a review of the same. But, after getting landed on one of the seating, we found the chair quite fascinating and thanked to spread our voice so that others could get benefited from this lineup.

E-win gaming chair comes up with a wide range of color and design options. You chose the desired color after pondering which product suits you best in the office or your gaming room.

This is a standard cheap gaming chair with a pretty decent price. The price is not low, still, compared to the other products with the same functionality and features, it is downright stealing.

E-win comes with all standard functions, what we see in a 360-degree swivel and tilt back gaming chair. We tested the chair, after hours of sitting and witnessing its changes in comfortability we come up at this review.

The most adored feature of the E-win probably would be the extra-large sized cushions which fit the bills for all sizes. You will be able to enjoy your ride with full throttle by placing the extra-large lumbar at the desired location. One extra lumbar is for placing around neck and hand, connected with elastic rubber. The other one can be placed at any location without much wondering. Most of the chair what I had to see comes with small, little sized cushions. The small-sized cushions spoil the experience, and you feel no confidence having them around.


  • Adjusted Height
  • High backrest
  • High headrest
  • Tilt backrest from 85 degrees to 155 degree
  • Pu leather
  • Seat with Wing design
  • High quality integrated foam
  • Extra headrest pillow or lumbar support
  • Explosion proof gas springs
  • Integrated metal frame
  • Nylon Base
  • 10-year warranty on metal frame
  • 3 years warranty of other components
  • 30 Days return or refund
  • Five-star rolling castor
  • Rubber coated Wheels
  • Adjusted armrests


After reading dozens of reviews and watching videos to review this gaming chair, I finally come to a decision. In my personal experience, the steel frame is the backbone of the gaming chair. This is the frame what starts cracking and the entire system collapse. All other features are aesthetics integrated just to enhance the whole look of the chair. E-win gaming line up secures their metal frames using the highest quality metal frames. The design of the frame has been adopted and crafted after great research of the top designers. That may be the reason, E win backs the frame with 10-years warranty.

The foam thickness and upholstery land at the second position in making a chair stand out. E-win in this aspect as well sweeps the other leading brands from the roots. You get a high-density gaming chair with elasticity and resilience.

Design and features

As I have mentioned above, the entire design roams around stability and durability. E-win has done quite an impressive job in producing some of the best-designed gaming racing chairs of the generations. Yes, it needed pretty remarkable hardware to bring forth such a great designed gaming chair.

We checked the inch and corner of the chair and found the chair was integrated with the steels at the areas where most of the companies don’t. Like, under the armrests we use to see the plastic design, just to cut the price to bring on an affordable range of the cost. The armrests are easy to change and are resistant to wear and tear. Even the heavy pounding and occasional hit on the armrests withstand with the current design of the chair.

The color scheme offered displays the amount of hard work put into it. In the mentioned chair we get the grey-black design, but we have other options to choose from as well.

You get an immensely great backrest with E-win gaming chair. We loved the backrest design; it has been designed in a way to produce a comfortable fitting position for average guys. For large folks, it creates issues which should be addressed by the manufactures.

The backrest in the chair reclines up to 155 degrees, which means one can lie back easily and take a nap after playing hours of gaming. You love to have the gaming chair in the offices as well, the aesthetic look of the chair brings excellent design, and you enjoy from the core of the heart.

You get quite adjustable armrests in the racing gaming chair. You can fit them at the position you want and cater to the position individually. You are not required to sit or lay down on the chair in just one posture or static armrest what you do not like.

The elbow shapes in the chair offered are adjustable; you can easily customize and remove them the way you want.

The swivel 360 degree of the chair is icing on the cake, though we expect this kind of feature in a racing gaming chair.

The chair’s upholstery is made of PU leather. Though in these days PU leather is essential to have in a gaming chair, this is the quality what creates the difference. The chairs are spill-resistant, easy to wash, do not stick with the stains of the coffee and tea.

I loved the entire steel framework of the chair. This feature is quite impressive, and you will see the chair is durable in the affordable price range.


  • 360-degree swivel, no need to leave your chair to pick something
  • Backrest recline up to 155 degree
  • Completely adjustable and comfortable armrests
  • Steel framework
  • The assembly of the chair is quite a pain in the neck, even though you go by the instructions.
  • The backrest is designed to give a fit feeling, which halts issues for overweight folks



The final thought
Without a single shadow of a doubt, E-win one of the best racing gaming chair up to the date. The entire steel framework, great comfortability in every corner, right thickness of the memory foam joins hands to bring forth a good gaming chair.