E-WIN Gaming Chair Ergonomic High back Black Blue review

E-WIN Gaming Chair Ergonomic High back Black Blue


Are you among those who think having a dedicated gaming chair is crap? If yes, then there is no difference between you and me. I was also among those who had not used any affordable Racing gaming chair in the entire life, who had been calling these chairs the way to spend the spared money.
Once I got this ride to sit on, and spend some moments to check the comfort. Now, I am totally falling for the gaming chair and truly believe, these can turn your gaming life.
Yes, if you are a pro gamer, love to play plenty of competitive racing games, having a racing gaming chair is must have stuff, and one should spend on it.
Ewin is quite a new brand in the gaming chair world. But, I find the chairs produced and developed by the lineup very fascinating.
Ewin only produces racing gaming chairs and has quite arrays of options to choose from. Here we are with the championship series of the gaming chair, CP-BR1B version which is black-blue.
Keep reading and see what Ewin has to offer to the users other than ultimate comfort and entire metal framework.
• Made of sports car PU leather
• Integrated high-density foam
• Swivel 360 degree
• Backrest tilt 85 degrees to 155 degree
• Extra removable Headrest pillow or lumbar
• Adjustable armrests 2D
• Integrated metal frame
• Weight capacity 330lbs
• Explosion proof gas springs
• With the installation guide
• Black and Blue color
• 10 YEARS metal frame warranty
• 3 YEARS other parts warranty
• 30 days money refund warranty
• Best fit for home/office
• Nylon base
• Five-star Wheels
• Rubber coated wheels frictionless mobilization
At the extent I could read the reviews about the chair, I can say this is an epitome of durability. You get not friction or cracking even after years of usage. The steel framework does the job well, and you get an epitome of comfort and durability.
We get the blue-black version of the chair what we ordered. You can have purple, green and red accents too. This champion series line has been fashioned after a real racing car, and you come into the ambiance of real racing when you ride on it.
Let’s have a detailed discussion about the features, designs, functionality and other aspects of it.
Design and features:
From first glance, if you are experienced, you would come to know the way the metal is molded around to give the body a perfect sitting shape. You can see the comfort of the chair by just looking at it. Sitting for hours, attending boring meetings which continue for hours, playing games for extended sessions will halt no issues for your back.
The chair offers tilt and height controls, the control has been placed on the side of the chair, and one can use those controls as per his/her usage.
The armrests are what called the most convenient. You can move them in any direction, up/down, left/right, in/out back/forth as per your comfort and posture.
Ewin gaming series offers complete customization when you sit on the chair and adopt your body postures. The armrests are an add-on to get the desired posture while sitting for hours.
I loved the extra-large Lumbar or pillow size of Ewin, and I could see this size in any of the leading gaming chair working around. The headrest or neck lumbar support, with extra integrated high headrest, is something exceptional and must count. You can place your head to the high headrest area, and recline back to the backrest at your desired angle up to 155 degrees.
One can easily lock recline up angle like if you want to get rest at a 120-degree angle, lock the recline angle at this and have some rest.
You would love the thickness of the seating foam and backrest foam. The seating foams are resilient, and they will remain in shape even after years of usage.
I have seen some expensive premium chairs adopting user’s sitting style. This may be helpful for the users, but the shape should be permanent, the foams bend towards and never come back into the original shape.

The nylon base, with five wheels stars, 2-inch roller castors, no scratches on the floors, no noise of cracking and moving, you will have smooth sailing in undisturbed water with having this championship gaming chair.
The footrest can make you love the chair along with the overall look of it.
In Ewin championship series, you love more than one aspects of it. Like, you appreciate the thickness of the padding, the customization of the backrest, the high-head rest, and extra big sized pillow for the low back.
You may be could not notice the backbone of the Ewin racing gaming series which is the steel framework. You see the manufacturers have put the steel at every corner of the chair. Even, the armrests what are seeing made of plastic, come integrated steel made of.
You will love to see the matching colors of the wheels with the backrest of the chair.
The chair will not make you pull out the hair in the pain of assembling it. Like the way, most manufacturers do ship their components designed in a way to make them hard pull together.
Here, the components are themselves quite explanatory, and you will have them pulled together by viewing their assembling angles.

  • Durable as hell
  • One of the most comfortable rides you ever come across
  • Superb customization, the chair adopts the body shape and come out instantly you leave it
  • Affordable
  • The entire framework is made of steel
  • The armrests become flimsy
The Final Thought

Ewin racing gaming series chairs are the epitome of comfort. The durability of the chairs cannot be overlooked, and in this price, you cannot accumulate this number of features and functions. Above all, the chair adopts the ways of your sitting and offers to convince what most of the leading chair brands lack.
In a nutshell, a perfect option for office and home gaming. You can simply sit on this ride for hours without any back pain or any complaint.