E-WIN Gaming Chair 4D Armrest Adjustable Tilt Back Angle Black

E-WIN Gaming Chair 4D Armrest Adjustable Tilt Back Angle Black


Chair market is over flooded with plenty of new gaming and office chairs. Every hour we got to see a new chair design hitting the market. Some impact the market in positive ways and some otherwise. When we step out to make an actual purchase, owing to the overwhelming numbers of chairs we got confused. At least a noob stepping out very first time making a first purchasing does.

Now, the question arises, which gaming chairs are the best. Dozens of new brands are competing for the neck to neck, and it seems all features and functions are identical in all brands. Which we should we head? Should we make a random purchase, the way, we do for summer suits purchasing. Or to go with a specified brand some of your friends recommend? Is the friend’s expertise lies in the business of gaming chair or he doing in office sitting before a computer?

It is time to explore the gaming chair market by you. And see what the gaming giants have to offer in the world.

Before placing an actual order, have a short glance at the mentioned gaming chair offered by Ewin.

Ewin chairs are considered sturdy and durable due to its steel frame. You get every inch of the chair integrated with a steel framework, the cool colors blending and memory foam features fit the bill impressively.

Let’s have a leap ahead and see what Ewin Gaming Chair Champion series 4D Armrests displays.


  • Made of Sports Car PU Leather
  • High density integrated foam
  • Elasticity Resilience
  • Diamond pattern stitching
  • 360 Degree swivel
  • Adjustable height
  • Recline angle 90-155 degree
  • 4D Adjustable armrests
  • An extra-large pillow or lumbar support
  • Integrated metal frame
  • Environmental painting avoid rusts
  • Smooth rolling casters
  • 10 YEARS Metal frame warranty
  • 3 Years of components parts warranty
  • 30 Days money refund warranty
  • Black color



You might not know, Ewin racing chair was initially being established in 2013. Through the years, with the experience gain and professionalism, they started learning how to pursue original gaming chair.

With the Champion racing series, they put all of the previous experience in it, and this product showcases their expertise in the gaming chair world. We have seen how they build such a great product; every angle and every corner of the chair has been formed with lots of consideration and in-depth research. So, if you are planning to have a dedicated gaming chair, and are aspired to spend money on one, must go for Ewin Champion racing series gaming chair.

For the very first time when I heard and used the product, I was skeptical, how I was not managed to read them before. I did not know why I never knew about them and think them a gaming chair brand. The reason can be the other brands just took my head out and never made me feel about any other brand.

Design and features:

I do not know about you but for me purchasing a gaming chair is more like making a hole in my bank account. This takes me a month to accumulate all my saving, just to purchase one. I am telling you all because it made me think twice before placing an actual order.

I always followed a sturdy and durable gaming chair, and Ewin Champion racing series is just the product I have imagined. A sturdy metal frame is used as the first step to carry them out. The quality PU Leather has been used, the thickness of the memory foam is applaudable.

The overall backrest customization, high headrest, neck, and back pillows or lumbar, every feature of this worth mentioning and using.

Whether you see its rolling casters which makes you move around 360-degree angle without any sticking or the recline angle, you see all have specifications have been inducted with great consideration and research.

By all means, this Gaming chair falls right on anyone’s criteria of gaming or office using.

For office use, you get an authentic looking black chair, and this color suits any office environment without any hiccup.

Before this, I had been using a DXRacer chair, which is quite expensive you know.

The quality of the DXRacer is something we like, but when you stick to this chair, you see this an equally great. And the price has been cut off at least 100 bucks compared to the DXRacer series.

Let’s talk about the assembly and putting together this gaming chair. That was quite thrilling to see me putting the different components together. I was just on my on and did it without any user guide or reading the user manual. All the components are quite self-explanatory, and you get no one on board to assemble it. But, watch out while putting the armrests together. The upper plastic of the 4D Armrests is not that bulky, and when you get too heavy on it, you may break it down.

This happened with me, I just bashed something on the Armrests, and the upper plastic was just cracked. I send that cracked picture to the seller back, and they gave me new armrests, fresh piece.

If you could get to see the overall build of the chair, you will be surprised to witness the overall steel frame. There may be no other chair in the market with that level of build quality; you will love to have this in your office or gaming room.

The sides of the chair, If you could see, the handles are placed. The handles help you to adjust the chair’s height or to set up the tilt mechanism of it.

You can lock the chair at any angle, like if you want to take some rest at a 120-degree angle, lock that at this and get your back stretched at the desired position or posture.

The chair’s backrest is something to adore. It customizes as per the body position and gets back to the original form, once you stand up.

The foams are resilience, will never lose its form. The upholstery is made of PU leather; you get all stains washed away with just one sponge.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Quite comfortable in using
  • Soft Foam and upholstery
  • Steel frame or steel body
  • Comfortable for prolonged hours
  • Affordable price range
  • One could question the design



The final thought
If you look at the performance, durability, and comfort, no other leading brand at this price can give competition to Ewin Champion racing series gaming chair in black.

By all means, it is the perfect gaming chair; if you are not a brand addict, it is crucial for you to just give this chair a shot.

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