DXRacer Racing Series DOH/RE0/NW Newedge Edition Racing Bucket Seat Office Chair

DXRacer Racing Series DOH/RE0/NW Newedge Edition Racing Bucket Seat Office Chair


Do you spend hours playing video games? Do you find it hard playing games on the floor and often feel lower-back pain? You might be using an old-styled gaming chair and sitting on the floor for hours will fall you’re sick. It is crucial for sitting and playing games for hours to manage a perfect seat and position. The ideal seat not only offers various postures to relax but also align your back and spinal cord aligned.

DXRacer gaming series is one of the top gaming chair series. This brand has come up with all range of chairs and performing very well in the local and international world. You might have seen your friends already using these chairs and playing hours with no complaint.

DXRacer OH/REO/New edge edition is another leading product for gamers to have it for prolonged gaming sessions. This chair has been designed viewing the gaming needs, and a player will feel comfortable, relaxed while playing combat games.

Let’s have a review of the chair and see what else this has to offer other than comfort and afford.


  • Metal frame
  • 3D Armrest
  • Polyurethane leather chair cover
  • Recommended height 5’6″—5’9″
  • Recommended weight 145lbs-190lbs
  • 2″ Caster
  • 5 Wheels
  • Recline angle 135 degree
  • Adjustable lumbar cushion
  • High-density mold foam
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Conventional Tilt Mechanism
  • Armrests are designed with soft and comfortable material
  • Aluminum base
  • Rubber coated Wheel
  • 360-degree swivel

OH/REO/NW Newedge edition review:

When buying a gaming chair, you must consider comfort, features, design, and price in mind. And if you could get a product features all the mentioned features, without any hesitation grab the opportunity. DXRacer series is one of the best gaming chair series with dozens of products of different range and price. They are designed to produce ultimate gaming experience, and you will face no issue in using them at all.

Design and features:

Without a single doubt, this is the latest and most equipped featured model  DxRacer Gaming Chairs has to offer in the series for the game lovers. There is a wide range of the options this model has to offer, but we cannot deny the importance of this product. Equipped with the dozens of advanced features, best quality PU leather, International standard material and above all the high headrest with extra adjustable cushions make it an ideal choice for gamers and casual use.

You will love to see the design and color combination. This comes in two colors, White/Black and Green Black with segmented seating and backrest.

What I love the most about this chair are its 3D Armrests. I have seen many gaming chairs lacking this feature. In playing games for prolonged hours, you need to have something to place your one hand in an adjustable position. If the armrests are not moveable, and you cannot shift them from one position to the other, the use of the arm handlers becomes garbage. Here you move the armrests in any position, from left-right, up-down and inner-outer as per your desired position.

The armrests are not cushioned, but the material used to design them seems soft. You will not get any slipping or hardness while using them.
The chair comes with High-quality PU leather upholstery. The foam shows resilience, and after years you witness no change in the firmness and elasticity of the foam. The backrest is quite comfortable; one can have extra cushions offered to place in the lower back area for extra comfort.

The entire structure of the chair is customizable; one can conveniently position himself in any direction or position without much difficulty. Have the high backrest to place your head, get the use of extra cushion to put under the neck area and move the armrest into any position to customize the favorite position.

DOH/REO/NW new edition comes with an aluminum base. The base of the chair is quite sturdy, and even for the bulky-users, it is quite comfortable.  The chair comes with 360-degree swivel; you will face no firmness or resistance in moving from one corner to the other. You know most of the time; we fit in a position, and not intended to stand to pick something. By sitting on the chair, and moving in any direction could be quite comfortable and easy to hack. The rubber-coated wheels leave no marks or scratches on the wooden floors even. You get extra convenience by using the 135-degree recline, adjust the favorite position and lay down for hours after indulging in extended gaming hours.
The look of the chair showcases a patent gaming car seat view with soft and breathable material. I found this chair coming right on the criteria of gaming chair, the price is not that high and for a gamer, it would be a reasonable price for a dedicated gaming chair.

The chair is one stop shop with every possible handy feature beneath it. If you are finding it hard to grab a perfect option, this seat is for you.


  • Best seat to play hours of gaming with breathable foams and PU upholstery.
  • The 3D armrests come in a soft material, align the armrest in any position and customize the resting position
  • The 5 wheels offer extra comfort in moving from one position to the other without any resistance
  • Affordable price
  • Large angle adjuster 135 degree
  • The headrest starts falling out after a few months
  • The Armrests could have been manufactured with good quality plastic



The final though
For a pro gamer that spends hours playing games and often feels lower back pain, having a perfectly customized gaming chair is must have.

DOH/REO/NEW new-edition gaming chair with a handful of features and functions offer an extra level of comfortability. On the other hand, the price is not too bulky, and a dedicated gamer can afford this range easily.

If you are a casual gamer and plays indie series games occasionally, having a dedicated gaming chair will get no use for you.

A perfect seat for the gamer’s ideal segmented backrests, sturdy model, more massive recliner and much more.

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