DXRacer Iron Series DOH/IS166/N Office Chair X Large Gaming Chair Review

DXRacer Iron Series DOHIS166N Office Chair X Large Gaming Chair


Gaming chairs are hitting the trend. Gamers are completely fallen for the ergonomic chairs, and this now has become a need. Players are indulged into prolonged gaming sessions and hurt their backs. I have seen some guys playing continuous 10 hours online with no food or drink.

So, when you play for long hours, it is impossible to seat without a proper gaming chair. You cannot just sit on the floor, and play games for hours. If you do not have any gaming chair, it is quite possible, within a few months you feel back pain, shoulder pain.

DXRacer gaming chairs are wreaking the havoc around in the gaming chair market. This brand has swept others from the roots and everywhere you get to see this brand’s chair. Did this happen overnight? Do they deserve to have this much success? Of course yes.

They are one of the experienced brands and do acknowledge the needs and requirements of gamers. Either it is the F series or R series, you see them coming up with something out of the box.

DXRacer iron series follows after racing car seat design just to make the gamers feel in the ambiance of gaming. And this hit the nail right on the head, this design picked by the players very well.

Today, we will be discussing the DXRacer iron oh/is166/n gaming chair. This chair fits the bill for relatively taller gamers, between 5.10 to 6.4 inches guys.


  • Adjusted height with the hydraulic unit
  • 4-D sliding armrest
  • Removable lumbar and cushions support
  • Full metal frame
  • Weight capacity up to 290lbs
  • Comes in 12 different color range
  • Nylon base
  • 2 inches costlers
  • Max height 6.3 inches
  • Dimensions 27 x 23 x 51 inches
  • Recliner angle 90-180 degree
  • Tilt mechanism


I really loved the full range of color options. We are quite happy with the color range; now the users will be able to pick chair as per their home or gaming setup. The varieties of colors are a fine tune for any setup, even for the office use as well.

Though, you will have to be careful while using colors, for office use you cannot afford to pick a flashy looking color.

This is a full metal frame chair; the foam quality is up to the impressive marks. You will not find any mixing of the plastic in the chassis, the whole chassis built is stunning.

The chair hits the long-heightened people, with the R series, the taller gamers were not happy, as they were not able to put their heads on a lumbar. So, having this relatively heavier product would hit the right chord, and you can have the long-rest now.

Design and features:

You see that the R series of the same brand, and this chair sharing the same features almost. The weight of this unit has been increased due to its large size, and you get wider seats to compare to the R series. The color range is more extensive, the 4-D armrest movement is something that must count, and the full 90-170 recliner angle. There are some unimaginable features, and the brand should be appreciated. You see something valuable is coming in the form of the Iron series; you would not be able to catch even one flaw.

When you compare the comforts, you see that DXRacer is competing with the DXRacer. Their gaming chairs are designed for producing the ultimate comfort experience. The build of this chair is something to value, high-quality leather, the synthetic leather made out of plastic.

The foam used is relatively flexible and more resilient than leather. The foam is breathable; you would have no issue even in hotter conditions.

Both the lumbar and pillows support is excellent, both are removable. You will have a great time resting using both these accessories. In starting, especially for those who are using the best gaming chair very first time, it would be hard to get used to it. This happened with me, and I was finding the backrest pillow irritating. With time, you will find both these accessories imperatives. Whether you use the chair for professional use or gaming, you see the spinal aligned and will have no back pains in the future for sure.
The high backrest offers excellent value especially taller, it supports 300lbs weight, and max height is pretty good.

The chair features the height adjustment, and you will have an excellent up-down movement using a simple handle placed beside the backrest. The built of this chair is after racing car seat, you see the color mixing and design is just similar to the racing car seats.

Whenever you purchase a gaming chair, must count its maneuverability. Gamers love to move around, and they usually are fatigue. So, if you do not see the mobility of the chair, you may end up not using it. This chair features the recline angle between 90-170, which lets you lie down and have some sleep if wanted completely. The tilt mechanism allows you to set the chair free and have a back forth motion to fulfill your fatigue problem.

The wheels casters are amazing; you get the movement without breaking your floor or leaving scratches. You can move the chair towards any direction; 360-degree swivel lets you do this quite easily.

  • Equally fits the bill for the casual or hardcore gamer
  • Full metal base no plastic
  • 4D armrest movement
  • 90-170 degree recliner exceeds the expectations
  • Fully comfortable
  • Comes in a wide range of colors
  • The armrests are made up of light-plastic
  • Heavy in weight


The final thought
In plain English, this gaming chair offers great value to the users. The perfect design, amazing comfort and above all full metal base is something unimaginable. Still, the price is too heavy, if you are looking for a gaming chair, and have some spare money to spend, go ahead; this is a fine grab for you.