DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FH08/NB Review 2019

DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FH08/NB


Are you facing insupportable back pain issue? And wish you were never into this gaming field ever, all right. You need to have something comfortable in the form of seating. The seating or the chair is what gives you ultimate comfort and support your back. Here we are with one of the best gaming chairs, DXRacer Gaming chair formula series DOH/FH08/NB. From the first day of using it, you will realize that you should not have been using the old chair for that long.

This gives you relief from all your back pain suffering, and you will be enjoying gaming from the core of the heart.

You will have ultimate gaming experience, without worrying that your back will hurt you through the day. The extra pillow or neck and lumbar pillow give you an additional adjustment and switch position as per your desire.

Should not we see what this chair has to offer something extra to the users?


  • Weight capacity 120lbs-165lbs
  • PU Leather upholstery
  • Five stars inlaid color bar base
  • 2-inch caster
  • Adjustable armrest
  • Adjustable back angle 135 degree
  • Extra lumbar and pillows accessories
  • 2 years of manufacturing warranty
  • Integrated high lumbar headrest
  • Adjustable height
  • Tilt mechanism
  • High-density mold shaping foam
  • seat size 15″W(Front) x 12″W (Back) x 19″D
  • Seat height 16.5″ to 21″


DXRacer products need no recognition. This is the top sold brand, and people love the product manufacturers by this brand. Either it is the gaming chair or gaming desk, you see people investing in this product and getting ultimate gaming experience. The chairs are always come with standard quality and designed to produce the highest level of comfort. This is the seat what you would love to have working or resting.

The product has a long way to reach this milestone; it just not happened overnight. The years of experience has been put into this machine, and you see other brands lacking this kind of experience.

DXRacer Formula series has six different versions, and we are talking about doh/fh08/nb. Let’s have a detailed review and insight about the product and see what special this time the DXRacer formula series has to offer to the users is.

Design and feature:

You see the design and shape of this chair hit the gamers. This chair is ready to endure the extended gaming sessions. This is one of the top most sought ESport gaming chair, and the design and creation show why this was crafted. This comes with popular design, and a wide range of colors offers you to choose from many combinations, like blue and black.

What is that special in this chair, does it have something special for headrests?

Yes, this comes with a highly integrated lumbar headrest and extra cushions or lumbar in accessories to give you heat a comfortable holding after indulging into prolonged gaming sessions. This also has a tilt mechanism, armrest and backrest height. It seems like all comfy has been integrated into this one piece, and you must have this to explore your gaming desires from the base.

You see the cure cold foam filling and steal chassis comes to help you in extended gaming hours. The Tubular steel frame and nylon base five-star chrome with rubber coated castles is something very special to count in.

The adjustable armrest would be something most of the gamers sought. The reason of which is, the adjustable armrest does not make you switch to the only position. They make you have a movement and give your body different postures over an unusual amount of time. Like, you can have some high armrest position for holding your arms in ease. While working and gaming, you need them to hold your hand for moments. So, if you cannot adjust the armrest, the entire comfy seems to be gone.

The high headrest with integrated lumbar support gives your head extra comfort. Plus, you get the extra pillows or lumbar to have your head aligned at a different position over time. I love placing the cushions or pillows beside my neck, as this is the neck what make you lead towards agony. You might have heard the phrase, “Pain in the neck”, this is the worst form of the form you ever could endure.
The chair though offers a limited weight capacity, and it should have been enhanced. But, this is what they offer, and you should oblige to them to get better out of the product. The chair’s moving castles is something you would love to have. Like, I have seen many wheels leaving scratches over the wounded or carpeted floors; sound like some heavy woodcutter has been turned on. This chair does not have like that; you will have smooth mobility like in undistributed waster sailing.

This chair is one of the most sought products for the gamers, and you see it having ventilated racer seat material to offer fantastic feeling when you are tired after having hardcore gaming sessions.

The backrest is high, the recline angle goes up to 135 degrees, and the tilt mechanism is there to offer you a tilt position or back forth moving when you are at leisure.

All you say, the chair has all features what is required to have in a gaming chair, and you cannot ignore its functionality and smoothness performance.

  • When you count comfortability, this chair stands out in the crowd
  • Additional lumbar, cushions and pillows offer extensive headrest options
  • It gives you to recline back and forth up to 135 degree
  • The absence of advanced options what a user expect at this price
  • The weight capacity should have been enlarged


The final thought
One of the best moves you could ever have when it comes to buying a comfortable gaming chair. This has a catchy design, attractive features and above all comfortable, you could imagine. The price range is fair, the functions and features are something that will make you happy and willing to play more.

In a nutshell, it is a great investment, and you will love to put your money into this.