DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FD01/NR Office Chair Gaming Chair Review

DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FD01/NR Office Chair Gaming Chair


You know sitting for hours damages your back. This can make your posture little disturbed, and overall health spoiled. A good seat and position can lead you to get escaped from these issues. So, you already have an idea about ergonomics chairs, having a good ergonomic chair is must have for the people who spend a large portion of the day by sitting.

The DXRacer Formula series famously known as the DOH/FD01 NR by all accounts is considered the Ferrari of seats. This is the top most followed and purchased gaming chair, and eSports lovers do know this best. If you want to have some extensive gaming experience without hurting your back, you must have this gaming chair at your doorstep. This chair not only has raised the bar higher for other brands, but I see most of the brands copying the features of this and getting good sales.

So, you need to know how this chair revamped your gaming experience, and how you can have this in use for office or at home. Let’s have a detailed review of this, and see the areas where this excels.


  • High back
  • Adjustable armrests soft pad
  • Adjustable height, the gas mechanism
  • Integrated headrest
  • Tilt mechanism
  • Adjustable seat and customizable
  • Max weight capacity 200lbs
  • 2-3 inches wheels 360-degree swivel
  • 2-year frame warranty
  • Recline angle 120-135 degree
  • Synthetic PU Leather and cloth mesh cover


DXRacer is the brand whose product speaks for it. There are more than six products or version of the formula series which is highly appreciated gaming chair series across the globe. And OH/FD01/NR is what we are talking about, is the cheapest version of the lineup. There is some more expensive and premium version of the series, and we will be talking about them in some other posts.

Though price under $300 gaming chair cannot be called a cheap, this is the most affordable version of the series. But, we see that this justifies the price and provides a wealth of functionality what is often unseen in the similar products in the range. You may seem the same features in other brand’s products, but this is the quality, performance, and durability of the features what makes an actual difference. This chair has a lot more to offer than the tilt mechanism, 2-inch caster, nylon base and high headrest with lumbar support.

Design and features:

Are you feeling exhausted after doing plenty of your work at home or office? No problem takes a break, and this chair allows you to lean back at the angle up to 135 degrees. The integrated headrest is the most used and handy feature with lumbar support cushions. In many of the leading brands, I have seen they do not provide extra pillows lumbar support and high integrated headrest back support. Sometimes you need a customized position and want to place the lumbar or cushion to switch to the desired position. So, having an extra cushion or lumbar is somehow essential to switch to the desired position and have a power nape.

This model comes with an adjustable armrest. Though the armrests are not cushioned or padded, still quite comfortable and one can choose to move them up or down, in or out. Having adjustable arrest is vitally important; you decide to flip them out to take a different position while sitting. This is where the formula series exceeds your expectations and offers something extra and precisely what you need.

The cover or upholstery is a mixture of mesh and PU leather, perfect to both worlds. The mesh helps your body to reach oxygen and scratch resistant while the PU leather prevents you to stink, the standing removes by one wipe.

This is an utterly adjustable chair, and you get versatility in its offering, you prefer your desired position and play as per your accommodation. There are dozens of other features which makes this chair stands out; it would be hard to explain all.

The unique design of the chair is something to value; this chair gives you a gentle curve in the backrest to dips in the shoulder braces. This ergonomic chair always keeps you relaxed, and you will never be hurt out by having this chair even after an intense hour of gaming or working.

The chair features slightly low weight capacity, the weight capacity could have been improved. This only supports 180 pounds, it could have been upgraded up to 200 pounds, but this is what the manufacturer recommended.

The reclining back up to 135 degrees is something you can enjoy after having extended gaming sessions. The lumbar support pillow can give the best adjustment without any hiccup. This chair though cannot be locked into tilted position at the base. So, you can either go with unlocked chair and rock back and forth enjoying or lock it at zero tilt angle.

The assembly of the product is reasonably painless, and you get it done in minutes even if do not have eyes on the user manual. The parts itself are enough explanatory to get them assembled with just one go. The chair is quite heavy, so if you want to assemble it upstairs, it would cost you to spend lots of energy.

This comes with five-star chrome base, nylon made of, the five wheels can take you in any direction wanted with a little push.

  • The look of the chair is impressive, the sleek styling, catchy design can be the conversation starter and comes in different colors to choose from.
  • The Lumbar pillows give additional headrest support produces some extra comfort.
  • Full adjustable back, recline angle up to 135 degrees key to the relaxation
  • Entirely portable chair, moving it from place to place is a breeze.
  • The weight capacity could have been improved up to 200 pounds
  • This does not come with some advanced features, in this price range one expect some cutting edge options like audio accessories or like that.


The final thought
Yes, this chair collectively comes with an abundance of features and carry recommended from us. This produces the ultimate comfort level, its adjustability is beyond the doubt, and durable armrest is something to value. Above all, you get additional headrest accessories which make sure you do not go uncomfortable even the prolonged gaming sessions.