Essentials Gaming Chair – Racing Style by OFM Review

Essentials Gaming Chair - Racing Style by OFM


Ergonomics chairs are the future of office and gaming chair. They are the most souped-up furniture, and everyone wants to decor their office with some of the most comfortable chairs. You will should check out your main beginners luck promo code europa casino. They come with headrest pillows, heaps padding, molded armrest, height adjustments and much more. Even for the gamers, these chairs are checking all the boxes right. Gamers tend to involved in extended gaming hours and spend hours in competing with other online players. They also need something comfortable, out of the box, and could provide them value.

Essential gaming chair offered by OFM is one of the most sought and followed gaming chair in the asked price range.

Though they come with some of the basic features, the durability affordability and ultimate comfort are what taking this brand over the roof.

In such a short period, OFM has overtaken the furniture market and evolved as a new king. These days, they are coming up with a wide range of gaming and casual office chairs and taking the market by storms. If you are connected to this furniture market, you might already have heard the whistle. So, let’s have some detailed insight of the front runner Essential racing style gaming chair by OFM, and see what this product has to offer to its users.


  • Capacity weight 250lbs
  • Recline Angle 90-120 degree
  • Upholstered by Soft thread leather
  • Seat Dimensions: 75″ W x 17.33″ D
  • Back Dimensions: 17.12″ W x 23.83″ H
  • Overall Chair Dimensions: 25″ W x 27.75″ D
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 360-degree swivel wheels
  • Perfect for racing games and office work
  • Flip up mechanism
  • Leave padded armrest

Center tilt and tilt tension


OFM has always been a famed name in the industry. Not because they were furniture manufacturer and then entered into gaming and office chair niche, but because they always come up with some out of the box solution of a problem. In the same, the gaming and office chair sought users would love to have this piece of furniture at their doorsteps. Why? Because this from the first glance looks a different chair, you might have been seeing the cushion, the Lumbar, this and that, this is different as they produce all these stuff in one piece.

All cushion, lumbar and pillows have gone, and you get inwardly oriented seat sides, which fit the bills very easily. Some users might miss the absence of high back, or cushion or pillows, but this is more portable than all others. You get all features in one piece, does not need to worry about external components, this one piece is enough to get the job done.

Design and features:

The OFM essential gaming chair has excellent worth for the users. From its five starbases to its good ergonomic supports. The padded armrest on the other hands gives a bit more support. Of course, they are not of plastic made which gets slippery all the time; they are cushioned armrest.

This is the best affordable gaming chair where quality meets the value; the contoured segment padding is what makes an actual difference. The integrated headset, the built-in lumbar support, plus the chair offers a high-performance premium comfort whether you are in your office attending a meeting for hours, or involved in extended gaming hours.

The seat height adjustment can be made using the handle below the seat. By turning the handle, you can adjust the height and gain the desired seat high. To get the back tilting the use of the handle should be outward and push the lock back. You can increase the tilt by turning the knob given to the side of the handle clockwise. To loosen up the tilting, rotate the knob and clockwise, must use the lock option before and after losing or tightening the tilt.

The adjustable cushion armrest can be adjusted as per your preferences. The flip mechanism is used to leave padded arms down for upper body comfort or move out them away for mobility. The 360-degree swivel by the wheels is something you should count; the wheels are PU rubber coated and offer great versatility without any significant effort. They leave no marks or stretch behind and move around 360 degrees with zero noise.

The height adjustment is what you can gain as per your need. The upper head of the back is upholstered in the soft thread of leather and used contrast color mesh for the better airflow and comfort.

This chair has been designed in-car style design, which is good for an extended hour of gaming and working.

I love the thick padding and ergonomic cut at the backrest; they are something that gives you ultimate comfort. You cannot feel the support of the ergonomic cut behind or on seating without using this chair.

Recline angle of this chair lies around 90-120, and you can stretch your back to get some rest. This chair moves back and forth to the mentioned angle, and you get some rest after working.

This is a lightweight chair compare to the other gaming chair, and it would be quite easy to move from one corner of the house to the other corner. This, in my opinion, an excellent choice for gamers and office use, and easily used either of them.

This chair is backed by OFM essential, limited lifetime warranty, so have this product with closed eyes, you are not going to regret upon this decision.

  • A gaming chair which can be used as an office chair due to its sober design
  • Padded armrest produces a great level of comforts
  • Longer span of warranty compare to the other front runner players
  • It does not come with lumbar, pillows and cushions
  • Shorter tilt range compare to the other gaming chairs
  • Lack of advance options, lower weight capacity


The final thought
Essential gaming chair by OFM is really something that you have been looking for. This chair worth your money and deserve that position. If you are going to put your money in buying this product, that would be the best decision of the time. So, go ahead and place an order, this chair is going to offer you a great range of affordability.

Essentials by OFM ESS-3085 Gaming Chair Review

Essentials by OFM ESS-3085


Are you really looking forward to purchasing a good quality office chair? Additionally, you are working under a very tight budget and cannot afford to have a premium high office or gaming chair. You are in the right place; here we are with one of the top-leading company’s ergonomic chair. This chair indeed exceeds your expectations and offer what you have been hunting for.

These days top ergonomic gaming chair is hitting the market very well. Dozens of brands have already stepped their shoes into this niche and performing very well. OFM the top leading brand of furniture world also doing impressive business, especially their openers Essential is taking the market by storm. This series is wreaking the havoc in the right direction, due to obvious reasons.

Essential series initially targets the budget customers and offer the premium experience of using a chair. They also hit gamers and office users alike. Their chair is sober in looking and fit the bill in the office with an impressive margin. Let’s have a detailed review of the second installment of the series ESS-3085 and see what this product has to offer other ergonomics, comfortability, affordability, and mobility.


  • Contoured segment padding
  • Integrated headrest and padded arms
  • Height adjustment
  • Center tilt and tilt tension control options
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Rubber coated wheels
  • Seat back recline control
  • Flip-up
  • Upholstered in soft-thread leather and contrasting colored mesh
  • Weight capacity 250 pound
  • Seat size: 20″W x 18.875″D
  • Back size: 19.75″W x 29.50″H
  • Seat height: 17″-20.75″
  • Overall height: 44.50-48.25″
  • Overall width: 28.125″
  • Overall depth: 30.375″


ESS-3085 is the chair where quality meets the expectations. When I ordered this chair, I just placed the order just checking the budget price in mind. I was expecting something cheap and inexpensive in performance as well. You get what you pay, but in this case, this is not true.

Maybe this is a new product in the market, and the producers wanted to impress the market by the performances of the products. Whatever the reason it is, the ESS-3085 by OFM impressed me with its superb quality performance, segmented padding, and high back integrated support and high-performance comfort.

Above all, this product equally supported for pro gamers for playing hours of gaming, and office users. The look is made like a racing car seat, and you gauge that level of comfort without any doubt. If you want to have a high-quality gaming and office chair, merely count this in, and you will never regret it.

Design and features:

ESS-3085 OFM gaming chair offers you a new level of comfort. This comes with a style bonded leather, and one can choose among a various range of colors and style options. These are designed with ergonomics in mind. The segmented padding can make you have the ultimate level of comfort without any sweating or slipping issues. The PU leather upholstery will take you to a new level of satisfaction.

You get the integrated padded armrest; the placing of the arms rests you to get your arms placed while working. I have seen many chairs with the bad placement of the armrests; there you cannot set the arms while working on the computer.

This chair comes with a high back, integrated headrest, and lumbar support. You do not get any extra lumbar, nor even needed, if you have this chair in your collection.

The thickly padded armrest can be left down for upper body supporting or flipping out for inhabited movement or adjustment. Like, you do not want to sit in a normal seating position, left down the armrest and change your posture for a while to give movement to your body.

This chair makes your posture aligned, and you will never have any issue in your position. The backrest support can make you not feel any itching or pain in the lower back, which is a common problem for the office goers.

This chair also supports the height adjustment; you can have any height level as per your need and comfort.

In other words, you can consider it a computer chair. Like, if you use a computer in your office or at your home, have this chair and enjoy your working with no complaints.

Or if you are a gamer and involved in extended gaming hours, having the right computer chair will benefit you a lot. It will not only align your back right but will offer ultimate gaming experience in the go.

This gaming chair comes with 360-degree swivel wheels. Just push a little in any direction, and have a smooth ride without any marks on floors or carpet or any noise. The wheels move with a bit of push, if you don’t want any wrong movement or mobility in any direction, lock the mobility of the wheel, and fix the position.

To give a fresh and new look to the chair, soft-thread leather is being used, with segmented padding and contrast color mesh upholstery, a thoroughly modern design.

This chair also backs the limited lifetime warranty supported by OTM, and you get the maximum weight capacity of the chair up to 250 lbs.
The unit also gives you a reclined angle. You can get a little back-forth mobility using the recline 90-120 degree feature of the chair. This also supports center tilt controls and tilt tension to produce a maximum level of comfort.

Have this racing style gaming chair at your doorstep and enjoy the highest level of gaming.

  • Produces ultimate gaming experience without any hiccup
  • Get it for office decor or playing video games at your home
  • Modern look
  • Segment padding
  • Integrated headrest lumbar support, padded armrest
  • No extra lumbar or pillows.


The final thought
In my opinion ESS-3085 by OFM comes with every comfort what is needed for office chair or gaming style racing chair. You will have no complaint from this product at all. The chassis looks fresh, even after years of using it, you will find it as new and fresh looking as this is now.

Have your gaming or office chair, and place the order; you will love to have this item in your collection.

Essentials Mesh Task Chair- Ergonomic Computer/Office Chair Review

Essentials Mesh Task Chair- Ergonomic Computer/Office Chair with Adjustable Arms, Black


If you work in an office like many other people across the globe, then you spend a more substantial portion of your day sitting at a desk. This is something that can hurt your overall posture, can cause pain in the lower back, and can halt your overall health. There is some serious consideration you should look forward to. Like, you need to have a comfortable right chair, so that you could sit comfortably through your day and perform your task efficiently.

Having an ergonomic gaming chair is vitally essential for the office goers.

By having one unit of the ergonomic chair can make your time at desk enjoyable, and you will have a better posture.

There are some rules you should adopt if you spend a large portion of your day sitting. Align your hip and head at 90-degree angle, your head should be at the level to the top of the monitor, and after every 30 minutes, you get up and look around or to have some walking.

If you feel some pain in your lower back or neck, you must consult with your family doctor and have a thorough check-up. The backhead pain or side head pain can lead you to eyesight issue. If you could have a check up on time, and get to know what the reason was, it can make you get the problem solved.

Here we are with one of the best office chair, Essentials Mesh Task Chair. This chair offers an exceptional level of comfortability, at a very reasonable price.

Have a look at the overall specification and see what this Essential series has to provide for the office guys.


  • Deep padded air mesh seat
  • Height adjustment
  • Five-star chrome base
  • Durable fixed padded armrest
  • 110KG weight capacity
  • One year manufacturer guarantee 8 hours per day use
  • British standard seat padding
  • Recline angle 90-120 degree
  • Center tilt and tilt tension control
  • Pneumatic seat height adjustment
  • Breathable fabric
  • 360-Degree Swivel
  • Integrated lumbar support
  • Seat back dimensions 36.81 inches (H) x 24.8 inches (W)
  • Seat dimensions 24.8 inches [W], 23.03 inches [D], & 16.14 inches [floor to seat top]


Essential series has now stashed with a wide range of options when it comes to an office chair. Backed by OFM one of the top leading office and gaming chair world, and outperforming other brands in the same niche.

You can expect the highest level of comfort at very reasonable prices. The frictionless mobility, Breathable mesh back support fixed height armrest and much more come with this fantastic office chair. So, let’s have a review of the office chair, and see its overall look and design.

Design and features:

Essentials Mesh office chair offers incredible value to your money. This is a chair which has been manufacturer after significant consideration of needs and requirements of the ordinary person working in an office. The need for the breathable mesh back to give proper air flow to your back and lower is critical. The mesh back has been designed to provide an optimal level of airflow using a sandwich mesh seat.

The sculptured ergonomic mesh back on the other hand keep your spinal erect and gives you a perfect sitting position what is needed the most to have a healthy posture.

The integrated lumbar headrest support gives the head an ultimate rest after hectic working schedule. You can have your head rested at the built-in lumbar and have a power nap.

The deep padded air mesh seat helps you to have comfortable seating without any hiccup or problem. The padded are stainless, and you will not be able to spot the stains of coffee or other drinks.

The liver placed beneath the seat helps you to get a gas lifting with a little push. You can adjust the height as per your preferences by using the simple push liver. The liver position is important, and you need to learn how it works. As the liver position also helps you to get recline freely. By pulling the liver out, you get a back-forth motion and recline freely without any problem.

The weight tension control also placed under the seat, and you can have a natural tilt position by controlling this option.

The essential mesh chair comes with five-star chrome base; the five wheels rubber coated gives you frictionless mobility in any direction. A little push in any direction is enough to have motion in any direction without any halt.

I saw many people complaining regarding the assembling of the ergonomic chair. Most of the brands do not come up with the user manual. If a brand mentioned everything in the right way, then the users will face no issue. Just like the Essential Mesh Chair black comes with a user manual, if you even do not follow any user manual, you by just viewing the different components can assemble it very quickly.

This is some of the most elegant office chairs with breathable mesh back, simple and intuitive controls and pneumatic seat height adjustment. This comes with every comfort features, a perfect addition to your office or work at home. This chair meets and exceeds the industry standards of durability, safety and backed by Essential OFM limited lifetime warranty.

Above all, you get such a valuable chair unit in such an affordable price range. This is the range where you get a local plastic chair, and in this, you are going to have a breathable mesh back chair with high lumbar head support chair.

  • Breathable mesh back, seat padding
  • Affordable price range
  • Integrated high head lumbar support
  • Five-star chrome base support with five frictionless wheels
  • Great level of comfortability
  • Extra pillows or Lumbar can add some comfort.


The final thought
Essential office chair series are the front runner in the office chair market. I am seeing every third office decorated with essential chairs. This particular product as well adds a real comfort to the user’s life. For those who spend hours on sitting chairs, must grab this item at very reasonable rates.

This product will really impress you with the features and support, an extra level of comfort is beyond the reach of expressing.

Essentials Massage Office, Computer, or Gaming Chair – Heated Shiatsu Review

Essentials Massage Office, Computer, or Gaming Chair - Heated Shiatsu


Do you feel that your office is not decorated with some latest design furniture and other essentials? Yes, these days quality furniture with some serious looks is considered important for offices. And if the furniture really could add values to your employees’ lives, it is cherry on the cake.

Comfortable furniture can make your people work comfortably. Indirectly, you are helping your organization or business to leap. If you are looking forward to having some comfortable office chair, Essentials by OFM ESS-7050M is just a fine tune for you. Have these beautiful looking, entirely comfortable, impressively designed office chair to help you in this regard. They come with dozens of other important features besides Shiatsu Leather Massage Recliner and Ottoman. The massage chair helps you to get rid of the tiredness and get a fresh start of your working. This reclining chair features a shiatsu-style adjustable massage help your back to have a massage by gently kneading and rolling. This comes with a heating system which is controlled by using a remote, get that distance from the back of the chair and have some heat.

Get your ideal reclining position; upper headrest lumbar can make you feel like heaven after the exhausting working session. This comes with two years of manufacturer’s warranty and lifetime limited warranty backed by OFM essentials.


  • Segmented back padding with leather upholstery
  • Seat material segmented with leather chassis
  • Seat Height: 16 3/4″ – 17 1/4″
  • Seat Size: 19 1/2″ W x 17″ D
  • Width: 30 1/2″
  • Depth: 32″
  • Height: 41 3/4″
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Five-star chrome base
  • Adjustable height
  • Weight capacity of 250 pounds
  • Padded leather ottoman
  • Shiatsu-style massage system
  • Heat controls systems with a remote
  • Two years of manufacturing warranty


For those who want to have their hands on a comfortable chair, OFM Essentials ESS-7050M cannot be matched with any other chair. This has some incredible features at their peak. You get every feature and function producing comfort at the full throttle and you will not be annoyed with the overall look or performance at all.

I have not seen that cool looking armrest padding in any of the chair even expensive list. The padded Oatman can make you feel little more comfortable and one can have his/her legs onto it while stretching.

Design and features:

Essential’s series another great hit, in the line of massage chair, their top runners are ESS-7050M and ESS-3085M, and both are performing very well. Though most of the features are identical and offered in both of the units, yes price matters. You see the former is pricier than latter, so the functions as well are better. But, the basic features are the same, you get an ultimate level of comfort in both of the chairs, you get impressive seat padding, back padding, and recline or other features. The difference would be somehow in massage quality and mechanism and the armrest. In this product, you see the entire armrests are padded, and you get a peak of comfortability.

This is a great product to add some elegance to your living room or office.

This chair comes with high back headrest Lumbar. The extra Lumbar or pillows do not come with this; they are integrated and are of better quality. You would see that the headrest position has been given at the right angle. That position will help all heightened persons to get their head placed at the right place. And guess what, the backrest is padded; upholstery is of foam with leather. The PU leather quality is outstanding, and you will have a peak of comfortability using these chairs. The segmented backrest is something I look forward to. This segmented padded back or seats give me the option to customize my body in a different position. And they make me feel like; I am in the right posture like hugging.
The seat is also wide enough to endure the 250 pounds weight easily.

I love the massage system of the cheap gaming chair, somehow improved compare to the previous model of the same series. In the last model there were some loopholes, and here they all have been fixed. The improved massage shiatsu mechanism makes you feel relaxed. You have your back aligned to the backrest, and head placed at the lumbar and roll back like kneading. The heat is controlled by a remote, which is provided in a pocked back of the chair.

The height adjustment also has been upgraded. Now, you get more height to compare to the previous model, and a little push to the handle would be enough to get you at the desired position. The five-star chrome base, the nylon rode, rubber coated wheels adds up to produce a beautiful quality massage chair.

Recline angle gives you the right resting angle and gets a full swing or motion setting your chair free. You get a motion meter beneath the chair, by tightening that you get a tilt position and by loosening that you get a back-forth motion. The full range, the friction-based mechanism allows you to adjust the recline angle and see the path of the movement. The ottoman addition gives a modern look to the chair, and you get the perfect ambiance having this chair at your doorstep.

This chair checks all the boxes right and falls right on the criteria of a best looking and performance oriented chair for office and home use.

  • Unimaginable massage mechanism
  • Perfect headrest integrated lumbar support
  • Fully padded armrest integrated
  • No at this price


The final thought
If you ask me the best chair in the asked price range, I would definitely choose this ESS-7050M. This is the perfect grab for any office or home use. The perfect height adjustment, massage mechanism, right high lumbar and back support, segmented padding and much more are added into one package. You get an ultimate level of comfort having this one package- above all this comes with two years manufacturing warranty. You get your product repaired if any damaged occurred to it.

The Essentials Massage ESS-6035M Gaming Chair Review

The Essentials Massage ESS-6035M


Do you use your computer or desk for more than 8 hours in a day? Do you spend a larger portion of your day sitting on a chair? For office goes, weight gain and back pain are the most significant issues. They usually spend their days sitting and working for their respective organizations. For others, they might be sitting and doing their work at ease, but this is not that easy. You get a body jammed, your muscles start shrinking, and most of the time you get bad body posture. You may get a shoulder down the issue, or any other lousy posture problems.

There is no medication for these problems; you just have to take your sitting very seriously and get your posture aligned through the day.

A good seat can help you to get out of the issues swiftly. You can have a good seat, can align your back to it, align your lower back and shoulder at 90-degree angle, and try to get them right most of the time.

So, the gain of the discussion is a good office chair. If your company is not going to provide you that, for your health, spend it from your pocket. Have, Essentials Massage ESS-6035M chair. This not only helps you to get comfortable seating but massage your head at adjustable temperature.


  • Integrated headrest
  • Comes with comfortable padded armrest and matching ottoman
  • Luxurious heated; shiatsu style adjustable massage system (Gently cools your back head for ultimate comfort and kneed it at adjustable temperature)
  • Swivel chair
  • Pliable soft threat leathers
  • 250 pounds weight capacity
  • Adjustable height
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Five-star chrome base
  • Rubber coated wheel

Essentials Massage ESS-6035M reviews:

I can see the broader focus of this essential chair is massage. You might know the Shiatsu massage technique, an old technique to easy energy flow. You might not know, this is a complete science, and older than acupuncture. The main focus of this massage remains using the fingers, palms, and feet to give a comfort level. This chair as well works on the mechanism which produces Shiatsu massage mechanism. Here you get a padded headrest and knead your head gently and adjust a comfortable heat. You see your head and neck has already started getting some rest.

This chair produces ultimate comfort and provides unbelievable and unmatchable experience. Once you have this chair in your collection, you will not feel exhausted. If you are feeling somehow depressed or fatigued, get a soft and gentle massage by softly rolling back the neck and kneading it towards the soft padding of the headrest of the chair.

Let’s have some design and features insight into the chair, and see what other this has to offer.

Design and features:

This massage chair has much more to offer than just massage. The larger hit may be the massage, but it is the ultimate ergonomic office chair. I would say this has much more to offer than an average office or gaming chair. Of course, this is expensive than a standard office chair; the features it provides cannot be purchased at a cheap price range. This is an execute office chair, highly versatile and ergonomic and one can easily use it for gaming. When I say gaming, I mean, gaming for prolonged sessions, and this is where this chair stands out in the massive crowd.

It has a heated Shiatsu Style massage adjustable system, which rolls back and gives you a heated massage. You should not expect a human level massage; technology has not gone this far as of now.

The chair has been made of the high-quality material, and it can endure 250 pounds weight. It is a fully customized chair; you can have the desired height and recline position. You really will enjoy a different sitting position; the ultimate comfort would be unmatchable.

The heat which I was mentioned above changes using a remote which is placed behind the seat in a pocket. The remote gives you access to set a timer for the massage, max 30 minutes, and change the heating temperature as per your requirement and preferences.
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The upper head Lumbar is something exceptional. I have not seen this much of comfort in any office or massage chair. You will love to place your heat at their, might halt some hindrances for tall people, which has more than 6 feet high.

This chair houses full range friction based mechanism which gives you recline angle of your choice, and you rest in any position.

The chair features plush padding, integrated headrest and integrated Lumbar or pillow support. The armrest looks sober and gives the chair a catchy looks overall.

The height mechanism fully supported by the gas mechanism, you need not to fight with the chair to get a full height or to adjust the height at a lower angle. The chair also features tilt tension, and tilt lock to give you full customizability and ergonomic. The chair, in my opinion, meets and exceeds the market level of standards for safety and durability. You are not going to have that range of features in any other brand chair.

The seating thickness gives you an ultimate comfort, pliable seating surface area is made of leather, and you will get all stains cleaned with just one wipe. The segmented padding at the back gives you comfort adjustment while seating, you can have your work by sitting at this position.

Recline after getting involved in the hectic working schedule set a timer for the massage or get a headrest using the upper headrest lumbar of the chair.

  • An ultimate Shiatsu massage technique used
  • The level of comfort is unmatchable
  • Back padded segments give you a complete comfort sitting in any position
  • The wheels sometimes halt hindrance while moving from one position to the other.


The final thought
In plain English, one should not buy the chair to just get Shiatsu massage. The machine cannot be compared with humans when it comes to providing services. But, somehow they managed the massage technique, and you really get impressed. When it comes to using it an office chair, this simply cannot be compared with any of the even premium chairs.