OpenWheeler GEN2 Racing Wheel Stand Cockpit Review

OpenWheeler GEN2 Racing Wheel Stand Cockpit

Are you a hardcore gaming racer and want to experience another level of racing? If yes, then racing simulator cockpit is what you need the most at this hour. This simulator will make you feel like having a real car at control, or flying through the jets or plans, or riding a bike.

Getting a high-performance racing simulator will enhance your gaming experience. I remember the very first time using a racing simulator cockpit, and I cannot forget that mesmerizing experience. For a true gamer, it is essential to get the real feeling of the game; this simulator cockpit does the job.

Just imagine how much enjoyment you will have controlling like a real car, flying a real jet or riding on a real bike? Now, the question is the racing simulator cockpit at least from the looks sights the same how a novice would be able to distinguish between them and select a gadget which could provide optimum performance. We are aware of the fact and are coming up with the best simulator cockpit of the time, OpenWheeler GEN2 Racing Wheel Stand Cockpit.

Let’s have a quick look at the technical specification

Technical specification:

  • Compatible with all racing wheels Thrustmaster, Logitech and Fanatec
  • Compact design
  • Easy to move and store
  • Gear shifter for left and right-hand side use
  • Lifetime warranty of the metal parts
  • Seat warranty for two years
  • Front wheels
  • All mount hardware and tools included

OpenWheeler GEN2 Racing Wheel Stand Cockpit Review:

This is top of the line racing simulator cockpit. You check all the features which make a good racing simulator; you see that this product is full of the great features, stand out features. This is equipped with the authentic racer car seat, this looks like a real car seat, and you are controlling the formula one race. The gear shifter housed in this product offers you to manage the racing game from both the hands, get the controls using the right side or the left side.This product is made of powder-coated steel and offers you great stability, portability.

This machine has some amazing characteristics like you can fetch it any corner of your room. This can be stored in your storeroom, any corner of the room, or under some beds. So, have a close look at the other features and aspects of this product.

Design and features:

This racing cockpit completes your racing simulation experience. For example, this product can be used to fly simulation jets aside from racing cars or bikes. This racing gaming cockpit is a great fit for all racing wheels, Logitech, Thrustmaster, and frenetic.

When I got my order received at my doorstep, it was confusing for me to assemble this product. The user manual did the job for me, and I followed the user manual to construct the different components into a comfortable racing gaming cockpit.

After the set up when you go behind the steering, you see yourself driving a real car. You get all the settings of a real vehicle except the power and controls of a real car.

The seat offers a full throttle of comfortability and adjustability. You can slide the seat front and back as per your preference and need of the hours. Like, if you want to lay down to get some power nape after getting engaged in a gaming session, just stretch the seat back and see the follows your body movement.

The simulator cockpit is compatible with PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 1, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Xbox, Nintendo, N64, Sega games, and personal computers.

This is an excellent value for your money, considering the other high dollar seats in the market. This works fine with lots of the consoles and offers you slide/adjust the pedals left to right depending upon whether or not you want to have a brake using your left foot.

The seat cushions are made of great quality, and you see over the time it will not flatten, the seat is wider than the standard cars and holds up every age and size group very well. The seat will adjust a five years old kid and a well-grown man without any issue.

The chassis is made in the USA while the racing seat and other components are imported under the US standards of regulations. And you would be a wonder to read that this has been designed by the people holding extensive experience in motor racing. They know the best designing of a seat, and how people need different features while engaging in racing.

For a novice who is using a racing cockpit very first time, the pedal may look more rigid. He/she might use this as the real car gears; here you will have to put some more force to race the game or to use the brakes. Here the quality of the real car cannot be matched like you see the wheel is weaker or pedal are not up to the criteria of a real racing car. Both are made of real steel and withstand a lot of force, see you should get rid of the fear of wear and tear of both these parts. Play your racing games with an open mind, and enjoy the freedom of breaking traffic laws as many as you want.

Again, the OpenWheel racing wheel cockpit has been designed for the racing gamers, the pro gamers who use their consoles most of the time to play racing games. So, for them, this may not look expensive. For a simple gamer who just lurk around one type of the games to the others, this definitely would cost him arms and legs. This is a durable product, and you need to put the money one time and enjoy the freedom and quality lifetime.

  • This is made from the original steel
  • It offers you a similar experience of being in the real cockpit
  • Installing is easier
  • Durable
  • Heavy
  • Expensive



The final thoughts
Undeniably, this product targets the professional racing experts. By using this seat you will experience mesmerizing moments of racing in real. Have this product at your doorstep, and enjoy the racing at the next level.

OpenWheeler Advanced Racing Seat Driving Simulator Review

OpenWheeler Advanced Racing Seat Driving Simulator

You can see the market is full of the racing chairs. There was a time when no place of such kind of stuff in the market. You know that market only works on a simple glaring principle, demand, and supply. The gaming world is expanding, so the gadgets related to them. You can see hundreds of simulated racing games hitting the market every year, the need for the simulated racing chair also increased.

Simulator Racing style gaming chairs are becoming popular in recent years; they are the ideal for playing all sorts of gaming, not mere the racing games. When you buy a racing style gaming chair, there are some aspects you need to bear in mind before placing an order. You need to check the chair which you are buying is made from high-quality material. You should see its construction, feasibility, comfortability, and appearance. You should look for the comfortability and functionality of the racing chair for gaming. The gaming chair coming nowadays offer reclining features. You should see recline angle so that you could relax for some moments after getting engaged in hectic gaming schedule.

The stimulated racing gaming chair comes with the features that you could interact them with consoles or devices you are using for playing to get some better results and to take a realistic and authentic feeling. So, OpenWheeler Advanced Racing Simulator racing chair comes with the abundance of options and features.

Let’s have a sharp glance at the specification and then see its features and other aspects details.

Tech specification:

  • Supports all gaming consoles
  • Compatible with PS4, PS3, PS2, PS1, Xbox one, XBOX 360, Nintendo, Wii, GameCube, N64, Sega AND pc
  • Full stability
  • Polyester paintwork
  • Total adjustment control
  • The lightest overall
  • Gear shifter can be mounted on left or right
  • Weight 62 pounds


The Open Wheeler gaming chair was specially made for the racing enthusiasts. This delivers pure targeted and sim racing bliss. You know the racing games are all about feeling reality into it. The closer the time racing goes to reality, the better the results produce. You see today’s sim racing games, they are a purely amazing experience.

You here are free to go everywhere, anywhere without any restrictions. While driving we most care about our license, any wrong move will land us into hot waters. Here, you don’t care about any license or traffic control authorities, you are on your own and get any turn as per your need and preference.

So, why not to double up the amusement having a specified simulated racing gaming chair, which assists you in turning you a better player.

Design and specification:

From the first glance of this Open Wheeler Advancing racing seat, I was fall in love with it. When the package was delivered at my doorstep, it was not that difficult for me to put together. Though, I have to use some screws to assemble the different parts, the way it was delivered to me in the package. This took me two hours, but the good thing was everything was quite easy to slide it and walk and assemble.

Its design is pretty sleek. And the designer tried from the core of the heart to give it a look to a luxury racing car seat. From every corner of its design, the sleek red leather seat, the steel-grey metal gear shifts, and details, it gives the feel of a racing car seat. While competing in racing games, you will get a feeling in your mind driving a formula one racing car.

You get a user manual with the package, which leads you to assemble this chair. Even if you do not look at the manual, the parts delivered to you are pretty self-explanatory, and you will get this done without any instruction manual.

The OpenWheeler Advanced Racing seat driving simulator is pretty adjustable chair, and it accommodates the different body sitting position while playing a racing game from all fronts.

This racing chair has been designed for all age group people and accommodates them without any hiccup. This is meant to be used several people; you are not required to purchase a racing simulator gaming chair for an adult and a kid separately.

You can get different resting position while laying on it. You know that our body cannot put in one spot for prolonged hours. With changing the body position, you get extra mobility and energy.

By having this chair, you change your chair’s position like change the steering column put a space between the different panels, and relax in different postures.

This is the lightest simulator chairs in the market, and it has wheels at the front of it, which can be rolled smoothly across the room when needed without any extra assistance.

This racing simulator chair is compatible with all gaming platforms. This as I explained, comes with the connection to the wheel, gear mount, and pedal seat to play the simulation racing game using your favorite console. This simulated racing car is manufactured to make you feel the real car racing at sky-rocket speed.

This chair does not only give you the diversity of playing other types of games using it but offers a magnitude of comfortability. This seat has garnered positive reviews as of now, and people especially racing gamers are showering this seat with love and appreciation. The ratings are glowing proof of the love and affection, and one can just read the reviews and rating of this most prominent selling seat for playing simulation racing games.

  • Compatible for all type of gaming consoles
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Portable with the help of front wheels
  • Catchy design
  • Simple to assemble
  • Adjustable
  • High-quality leather
  • Expensive
  • It is not very flexible
  • It requires a considerable amount of effort to modify after you assemble it for one position.


The final thoughts
This is a seat for driving simulator professional racing player. This seat cost your arms and legs but has worth for a pro. This is ideal for the severe simulator racing gamers and assists them to enjoy the racing from the core.

OpenWheeler AKRacing-Racing Style Desk Office Gaming Chair Review

AKRacing Racing Style Desk Office Gaming Chair

A gamer spends plenty of his time playing competitive and racing video games. For him after a good gaming computer, the chair is the most important. The chair not only assists him in becoming a better player but takes care of his posture. When you sit at one place for a couple of hours in a wrong position, the body adopts that posture and your muscles memorize that alignment, resulting, a young man coming with one shoulder down like a shattered jet plane.

When you sit at one place for a more extended period, your spinal should be aligned into the right position. You should sit in a chair having a right angle against the computer, as having a 45-degree angle of your head with respect to the computer does not impact on your eyesight much

This AKRacing desk office gaming chair has been designed having all these bullets in mind. Let’s have a detailed review of AKRacing gaming chair and see what else this has to offer.

Tech specs:

  • Adjustable height
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Adjustable armrest both sides
  • Adjustable recliner
  • Recliner down to 170 degree
  • Tilt function
  • Lumbar cushion and headrest pillows included
  • Synthetic leather sewing
  • Metal base
  • extended class piston lift up to 330lbs
  • Sturdy Tubular
  • soft touch armrest
  • Weight 48 pounds


This chair offers support and comfortability for gaming users and desk office users alike. If you are the one who sits in your office in a local chair with the wrong posture at least for ten hours a day, you should consider spending some bucks from your own pocket.

As it would ideal to spend on your chair instead of paying to your specialist doctor fixing your back pain or wrong posture. For overweight people, the need for a good and comfortable chair is imperative; they could get other issues besides back pain and incorrect posture. This chair would be a nice fit even for a 300lbs weight person.

This office and cheap gaming chair is a good investment. Either you are watching TV, playing games or doing your work, having a good or comfortable gaming chair is must have. This chair would not cost your arms and legs, and offer excellent performance and ignites your productivity.

Design and features:

This gaming chair has been designed having the backrest and back support needs in mind. It is highly recommended and preferred for prolonged sitting and helps you to maintain a relaxed and working posture at the same time. The overall look of the chair is a bit classy and stylish at the same time. You get red exterior and adds a more sophisticated feeling with the hand sewing leather.

The addition of leather has given great relaxation for the people who petrified with stains and other cleaning issues. The leather exterior helps you to clean the chair in one go and have the same shiny chair again and again.

The upholstery and the Core ex are designed like other KRacing’s chair. They are made up of the metal skeleton and dense foam padding with backrest, seat, and sides of the chair.
The padding has given at the lower-front of the chair to erect the spines and directly touches you.
The larger gamer will get great assistance in the form of Core Ex design of the chair. The max weight capacity of the chair is around 330 pounds, and this has been designed respecting their body index in mind. If this chair is not going to meet your need, the updated version of this Core Master max can fit the bill without any hiccup.

This chair comes with the two removable pillows, the head cushion which fits the headrest. The other is lumbar, which attaches to where the small of your back meets to the chair. The material used to form these two questions is the same; the fabric is good, and you can easily remove them to attach using the straps as per your needs.

The recliner feature of the chair is excellent. You can have a 170-degree recline with just a push and get your back rested as long as you needed. This is the standard feature though in most of the gaming and desk chairs and you should not be surprised with this.

You might see people complaining regarding the absence of full reclining. Guys, the complete recline does not help you to get some rest; instead, you get to a full recline and never get adjusted to your comfort. The flat recline is less tempting, I have seen and felt this several times, and this is the best angle.

Besides reclining, the other resting features such as Swiveling and tilting the chair at adjustable height can make you have some rest at another level of adjustment.

The armrest on both the sides with adjustable heights makes your hands rest as per your requirement. The bolts under both of the arms rest tweak the distance between the armrest and sit. They are moveable, and you can find the best position to support your forearms when you are watching TV and listing to the music in a complete peace zone.

The addition of a cup holder could have been a nice option. This way the user would have been able to drink some hot coffee alongside watching something cheerful.

In plain English, this is a complete a good chair. The seats are smooth using PU Leather, and you would feel the next level of comfort and ease in using this chair.

  • An entirely comfortable chair
  • PU Leather built
  • Affordable
  • Difficult to assemble
  • For overweight people, the armrest halt some issues


The final thought
AKRacing Racing Style Desk Office Gaming Chair is a worth your hard-earned money. This helps gamers and desk users alike. You get a complete rest using your computer, watching TV or having a chat with your friends. The reclining, tilting and backrest features are impressive and user-oriented. You will not regret if you order to purchase this fantastic racing style gaming chair today.