KILLABEE memory foam Reclining Racing Gaming Chair

Gaming chair market has turned out to one of the most profitable niches these days. Almost all furniture brands are manufacturing their gaming chairs. A good healthy competition has resorted between them and users are getting out of the box style and cutting edge technology indulgent in this niche. We can say, Gaming chairs are a dime dozens. Finding a good gaming chair, tight budget in hand would be quite a task though.

We can find massage gaming chair with a handful of options, but the premium price range. In the price range of 200 dollars, the best grab you can have is Killabee Reclining memory foam Racing Gaming Chair. The chair has been designed after significant research. The price had to be in the range mentioned, lots of special attention were required what to offer and what to not.

The plenty of the features of the chair could be applauded. Including its memory foam quality, its metal frame, PU leather, Padded armrests and recline wide angle.

So, if you are running short of the money and hunting for the best gaming chair, must count this Killabee Reclining gaming chair and enjoy the gaming experience from the core.

The chair is equally beneficial for home and office use, a comfortable seat in a nutshell.


  • Adjustable height
  • Back angle and recline lock system
  • Recline angle 175 degree
  • High density thicker foam
  • Integrated metal frame
  • Explosion-proof gas spring
  • High-quality base, nylon manufactured
  • Smooth rolling Castors
  • Max weight capacity up to 250lbs
  • Overall dimension: 26.0″ x 26.0″x 48.4″- 51.2″ (W x D x H);
  • seating area dimension: 21.3″ x 20.1″ (W x D)
  • Backrest dimension: 21.3″ x 31.9″ (W x H)
  • One year warranty on parts


Are you tired of playing lots of games on your computer? Or just have stepped into your room after a hectic job schedule? You need a relaxing seat, where you should spend some moments and relax your nerves. The Killabee brings you the perfect racing and gaming chair reclining with memory foam. The chair specifically emphasis on ergonomics, and I would call it more than a chair.

You are going to have a most comfortable seat of your life in the affordable price range.

Have it at home or in the office, the aesthetic design of the chair will fit any ambiance of the chair. The chair looks more like a racing car seat; this design has been adorning for the perfect gaming environment. One should strive the success europa casino bonus.

If you look at the chair closely, you find it a perfect addition to the home, office and your gaming environment. The design of the chair has been crafted after careful consideration, to give it an attire of racing seat; a lot of thorough research was required. The car racing seat attire makes you feel like in the real gaming ambiance to overtake the entire stadium due to your racing skills.

The adjustable height of the chair targets bigger and smaller guys equally. If you want to get the chair equal to the table surface, pull out the gear and have the adjustable height.

I love the padded fixed armrests. The placement and the angle of these are up to my requirements. I always found the lower-angled fixed armrests in my chair, to place my hands onto them even playing games for hours.

The foam of the chair used to craft the padding has impressive thickness. The foam is resilience, even after sitting it on for hours, when you left it; it would come to the original shape. The seating is entirely customizable and shaped like your body and provides super rest to your back and head.

The padded Lumbar cushion delivers the optimum level of comforts, and your spine and neck will be aligned at the same angle as per the expert suggestions.

The best gaming chair under 200$ is sturdy, has been crafted using the metal frame, the explosion-proof gas spring are up to the international standard. The Nylon base with smooth rolling coaster 2 inches size, offers frictionless motions in any direction without any hiccup.

You can swivel the seating around 350 degrees with no scratches or marks on carpeted floors or wooden floors.

The tilt mechanism is a great add-on. The chair is famous for Reclining racing gaming chair, so offers 175-degree reclining. The reclining could have been up to 180 degrees, still a right wide recline angle for the pro gamers. You can lock the chair on any corner, and have the best sitting position which is comfortable for you and you will enjoy the gaming with a comfortable ride.

The thickness of the foam is higher than most of the rivals and competitors. Especially in the mentioned price having this level of quality and depth is something applaudable. The headrest has been designed to give a correct sitting position, to align the spinal cord and the head at one angle.

I have seen many people asking the range of the weight of the chair; it holds up to 250lbs weight. This is the recommended weight, though the chair can easily endure more than the mentioned. But, it would be ideal for the long-run only to put the specified weight.

The armrests and the base of the chair have been designed with quality and sturdy material. You see the chair a long runner and will last for years, withstand wear and tear. The armrests are covered with the cushioned material, so do not need to place your hands onto plastic body armrests.


  • Extra spine, neck support with cushions and lumbar
  • Integrated headrest fills the bills
  • Customize 175-degree reclining angle
  • The great thickness of the memory foam, wide seating
  • The great design gives an aesthetic look to the chair
  • The material can be little sticky
  • The fixed armrests sometimes do not give the customized posture for sitting
  • Take times to assemble it



Our Top Pick
If you do not have enough money to spend on premium racing gaming chair, Killabee Reclining Racing Gaming Chair With memory foam is the best choice. The chair comes with dozens of important features and provides optimum performance in the affordable range. A true gaming chair comes in the style of the racing car seat. Highly recommended in the mentioned price range, the armrests positions and alignment could have been improved though.

KILLABEE Big and Tall 350lb Massage Memory Foam Gaming Chair Review

KILLABEE Big and Tall 350lb Massage Memory Foam Gaming Chair


If you are the one who sits 8-10 hours in a day, without a relaxing seat, you cannot spend your day efficiently. Relaxation is the key for a comfortable life; without it, you cannot have a peace of mind and cannot be a creative person.

I am a big fan of relaxing gaming chair instead of competitive gaming chair. The former is more prominent, roomier and build to produce ultimate comfort. You can spend your day by sitting on them without a single complaint. This can be used control key so that you can get more descriptive information pertaining to casino spiele kostenlos book of ra. And if you are bigger and taller than normal persons, it will be hard for you to sit on a standard chair. In the case of curiosity, better facts europa casino welcome bonus code. On regular gaming chairs, you may not fit well, and your head cannot be placed in a soft place.

Killabee Big and Tall 350lbs gaming chair are designed for big and tall guys to sit around and play for hours. For larger folks this chair is a one-stop shop, with this, they can have every feature in hand and will not be complaining about the seating in office and home.

The chair is pretty durable and looks like a racing car seat. You will have 2D armrests, high head-rest, extensive padding, extra cushions, and comfortable foot placement.

The chair falls right on the criteria of a gaming chair for larger folks, and they should not miss the opportunity of having this chair at their doorstep.


  • Adjustable Lumbar support
  • Adjustable height
  • Recline Angle 155 degree
  • Wide adjusted 2D armrests
  • Retractable padded footrest
  • 360-degree swivel
  • PU Leather
  • Memory foam padding on the top of the existing seat
  • Padded adjusted headrest
  • Integrated metal frame
  • Extra higher backrest and massage lumbar
  • Maximum weight capacity 350lbs
  • One year parts replacement warranty
  • Aluminum base


A top massage gaming chair for larger folks with USB electric massage infusion, the chair comes with a handful of features and a multitude of relaxing options. You might feel tired after playing games on your sofa, have this chair play your games, any fatigue will not even come closer to you.

For people who are interested in using the chair for home or casual use, the best grab. After returning from the hectic working hours, land at your home and have the neck and head massage while lying on it.

The chair targeted larger and bigger folks and emphasized on ergonomics. The adjustable height, customized options perfectly fit your body shape, the most comfortable support.

Killabee is more than a chair to sit, it is an artwork and provide you an ultimate comfort level in the affordable price range

Design and features:

The chair has been designed in a way like the other standard chair produced by Killabee, except the built-in massager for spiritual recovery. Killabee series has paid particular attention to this feature and also advertises from the depth. The function may not offer you that level of performance what has been promoted, still a feature to count.

The massage feature can hold you back after playing hours of games or working for hours in the office. Just place your head on the built-in massager and knead back; this will relieve and cure all the fatigue of the hardware or gaming sessions.

Dedicated massage chair what we also have been reviewed here comes at quite a price. They cost your arms and legs and if you could afford that much of money, and have this much of spare cash, go ahead and have those dedicated massage chair.

This is a normal gaming chair with a bundle of comfort options for the users with extra massage built-in feature. The chair is made of high-ended memory foam to keep the chair from deforming and losing the shape after a long period.

The aluminum base used to craft this chair make it a durable and you will not find the chair lurking in one side after a long period of the use.

The metal frame, PU upholstery, and wide segmented pads are what makes the whole package quite comfortable, and you get some extra relaxation having this chair.

The Killabee big and tall 350lbs comes in wide range of color options you can choose the desired one. The top feature in this chair would be the Electric massage built in the right into the chair front. The massager works using a USB cable which can be injected directly into one of the computer’s USB ports to get power. Just put the head onto the built-in massager and relax for minutes.

The chair comes with a recline locking system. You can recline and lock at any angle desired, and the chair will not slip from that angle come what may. Like, if you want the chair to be closed at 120 degrees, have it locked. To get back it into the standard shape, unlock the recline lock and get it in the direction you want.

The chair also adorns the high headrest with Lumbar support. The lower back lumbar or cushion also helps you to rest after playing hours of games.

The chair comes with 2D armrest. You can move them back and forth in two directions and get the ultimate rest. This is made of the PU leather, and the memory foam will fit your specific shape and get back to the normal form after you stand up. The shape of the chair will not be changed even after hours of using it in one posture.

  • You get a USB powered massage unit, have a comfortable massage and relax after hours of playing
  • The memory foam padding of the chair makes it durable and resistance for years
  • The metallic structure of the chair makes it hold 350lbs weight without cracking
  • You get one year warranty of the parts replacement
  • The massage is not that good the way it is advertised
  • The 2D armrests do not fill the bill


The final thought
The Killabee gaming chair is the perfect choice for taller folks. The chair offers an exclusive range of features and functions that can help the taller guys to relax after working hours or playing extended hours of gaming. The massage combination an add-on, the armrests move back-forth, the price is affordable. We highly recommend the chair for larger and bigger gamers to have this at your doorstep.

Killabee Big and Tall 400lb Gaming Chair Review

Killabee Big and Tall 400lb


Are you a big and tall guy who plays plenty of video games? You might have been facing problems in finding the best seat for you. All the range of gaming chairs is manufactured having skinny and average gamers in mind. The tall and big guys often leave in the dust, and it is a job to find the best gaming chair for them.

There are options for the big and tall guys in gaming chair ranges. But, those options are quite expensive, and an average gamer cannot afford that range of price. So, why do all fun is for skinny guys not for tall and big persons.

Here we are with better gaming chair options. Killabee Big and Tall 400lb gaming chair features all the advanced options what you see in a standard gaming chair. The chair comes in an affordable range of price, and an average gamer can easily afford the scope of it.

This chair drives the better and comfortable seating experience, and you will see the chair a premium one.
This chair is rated to support the mentioned 400lb weight and support up to 6.8 inches in height.
This chair has been designed viewing the hardships and difficulty of fitting in the gaming chairs for the big and tall guys.

This chair is an ultimate hunt for taller guys, and they would easily customize it as per their desired position and posture. more detailed information related to europa casino reviews south africa.

You will the chair enduring and supporting overweight persons without any comfortability in playing games.


  • Rocking high back seat
  • Extra lumbar pillow
  • Highly adjustable
  • 3D armrests
  • 400lb weight capacity
  • Memory foam padding
  • Detachable padded headrest with lumbar cushions supporting neck and spine
  • Adjustable height
  • Tilt mechanism
  • Integrated metal frame
  • Gas springs
  • Smooth rolling casters
  • 180-degree recliner angle
  • Aluminum base
  • Lumbar pillow close to 7 inches thickness



We have been reviewed gaming chair, and we have been witnessing that most of the gaming chair comes for 200 to 250 pounds people. The overweight gamers felt left as they cannot fit in the gaming chairs offered.

The Killabee 400lb gaming chair has been crafted viewing the big and tall gamers in mind and has offered with the same specification what we often see in the regular gaming chairs.

Every feature and function of the chair has been developed with the after sheer research, and you will not see any soreness and discomfort in the chairs.

From the upholstery to the rolling castors you see no objection in the gaming chair, and they check all the boxes right for the overweight gamers.

Design and features:

It is astonishing why the market is not manufacturing chairs for great and big gamers. Killabee series felt the pain of overweight gamers and came forth with this product. The chair not only supports the ample amount of weight but also offer ultimate comfort. You will not see any defection in the product with the comparison to the standard gaming chairs what the skinny or average gamers purchase.

From every corner of its viewing, this is an ultimate gaming chair for XXX body type and average body person even.

The wide surface, highly customized backrest, High-headrest with extra-large cushions, the manufacturers have given complete attention to its craft.

The 4D adjustable armrest is holy-grain for the gamers, and we see this feature only in premium high-ended chairs.

I love the compactness and adjustability of the chair. From the height recline angle to the height adjustment; this is an epitome of comfortability. The backrest can lean back to 180 degrees without making a noise. The sturdy chair will make sure you get an ultimate comfort lying back.

The chair features padding everywhere. Either you see the footrest or the backrest; you will see padding at every corner of the chair to deliver a unique comfort level. The extra lumbar pillows or cushions can be used to place under the lower-back or neck area to achieve the highest level of compactness.

The high-quality foam used to craft the chair produce highest resilient. You see the foam used to manufacture the chair is highly porous; no last impressions will be found after you left behind the chair sitting for hours.

The chair owns an integrated metallic frame; the frame is the soul of the chair which holds up to 400 lbs of weight. The gas spring cylinder used in the chair is explosion proof, so you do not worry about any bad incidents happening.

The smooth wheels or roller castor of the chair take you in any direction without making any noise or any effort; a little push would be required to move this chair in any direction.

The product is backed with 30 days full warranty and one year warranty of the parts replacement. If you see any of the parts of the chair is not performing as per your requirements, you can send this back to get a replacement.

The chair features 400 lbs weight capacity and a 4D armrest which should not be overlooked. This is a multi-functional toolkit for overweight persons to read or to play video games without any hiccup. You can read the reviews regarding the chair beforehand. This is the top leading selling product on the biggest shopping portals and the rating of the chair showing its quality.


  • Highly customizable option to have for bigger and taller persons for sitting hours
  • Impressively comfortable
  • High-quality foam is used to craft this chair
  • The 4D armrest is what you would love the most as this is the most sought features for the gamers.
  • The upholstery is subject to fast wear and tear


The final thought
I would say the Killabee big, and tall 400lb gaming chair is the product which goes out of the way to support overweight and abnormally tall gamers. They find it difficult to sit on sofas and floors for hours during playing. The chair features lots of functionality and aims to help the more prominent and taller people and make them feel relaxed while watching TV, playing games, reading or casual sitting.

Killabee Memory foam gaming chair review

Killabee Memory Foam Gaming ChairKillabee is one of the famed names in eSports gaming chair industry. The company may not have experience enough compare to the rivals but within a few years, has earned a unique place in the market. Established in 2013, Killabee sells 100,000 game chairs on Amazon.

Killabee owns about all niche of gaming chair, a wide range of options available makes it the most exceptional grab for the users. Notably, the gamers adore the car race seating imitating of the chairs. Killabee Memory Foam gaming chair hits the nail right for the office and home gaming chair users. This comes in various colors, great to choose as per the office environment.

You can expect the highest quality material in the chair and comes with all accessories at a reasonable price range. The chair is not expensive to break your bank, but you pay the price for the quality.

Killabee memory foam gaming chair is multifunctional in the usage; you use it for the extended gaming sessions or lengthy meeting or office hours.

Killabee chair customized with your body and produce the ultimate level of comfort for the users. You get reclining angle up to 180 degrees, stretch your back and lay down after hectic gaming sessions.

The sturdy quality Nylon base full padding memory foam, tilt mechanism, five-star base wheels, extra Lumbar or cushion support, the chair comes in an abundance of features and functions what we cannot expect. Comfort production is beyond our imagination and expectations in the mentioned price range.


  • Adjustable height
  • Back angle and recline angle locking system
  • Lock back up to 155 degree
  • Wider armrests adjusted in 2 dimensions
  • 360 degree swivel
  • Padded headrest
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Extra lumbar and cushions
  • Extra higher backrest to save your neck and back
  • Integrated metal frame
  • Explosion proof gas springs support
  • Weight capacity up to 300 lbs
  • Overall dimension: 27.6″ x 22.8″x 51.2″- 53.9″ (W x D x H);
  • Seating area dimension: 22.4″ x 21.7″ (W x D);
  • Backrest dimension: 24.4″ x 32.7″ (W x H)
  • One year warranty
  • 90 days money back guarantee


Are you hunting for a suitable office a gaming chair under 200$ in the budget price range?

There may be dozens of the chair available in the market, but you cannot see the difference or decide which suits you the best.

The mentioned Killabee memory foam office and gaming chair feature all functions and features for a pro gamer and office usage.

One can have this, without spending good money, a great value for the money indeed.

Design and Features:

The design imitates the car racing seat. You will love to have racing car design in your gaming room to play plenty of competitive racing games riding on the racing seat. Aside from all comforts, if the chair is not hitting the right chord of your heart, the use becomes useless. Chose the desired color, witness all possible features and options, and see if the ride suits you the best, then place the order and have this shipped at your doorstep.

From top to bottom, Killabee memory foam gaming chair is the epitome of comfort. You get Nylon base with five-star wheels, available to motion with just one little push. You get no frictions, scratches or marks on wooden floors, carpeted floors with the mobility of the ride. Plus, one can easily adjust the height to the desired position; fill the bill for taller and average height persons.

The chair equipped explosion-proof gas spring push system; you do not need to pull the hair out wondering the explosion. This is fully proofed by the international standard, not only the springs but other integrated features as well.

The paddings are wide, PU leather used for upholstery; the thickness of the memory foam used is impeccable.

You get extra lumbar and cushion support to place in any position adopting the desired posture.

Killabee chair features high backrest to produce convenience whiles you sitting and offering your duties in the offer or playing for hours. You get integrated headrest, no need to just pull up to place the head, the cushion can do the job well.

You get 2D armrests, not padded; inevitably produce unmatched comfort with no slipping. You can move them back-forth and left-right without any big hiccup.

The chair can be stretched back up to a 180-degree angle, complete recline. You can lock the recline at any angle up to 155 degrees and rest at the desired angle. The chair also comes with a tilt mechanism to give you a sturdy seating with no motion.

The sturdy quality, great finishing, nylon polyamide making, gives the durability and extra functionality to the chair, withstand wear and tear for years.

You get one-year components replacement warranty and 90 days money back guarantee, in case you do not like the product with free shipping.

Above all the chair comes at the budget range price, you are not required to spend all your saving just to pick a gaming or office chair. We see in the market; the chairs cost arms and legs. You do not need to spend the hard-earned money just to have a comfortable ride at your home. Pick the Killabee Memory foam gaming chair with footrest and extra lumbar support.

The footrest makes you lay down and places your feet on it for taking some rests or napping after extended gaming sessions.


  • A fine range of memory foam thickness
  • Great extra lumbar and cushion support for neck and head
  • Helps you to adopt a good posture for seating due to the high backrest and integrated high head support
  • Affordable price range
  • 2D Armrests refuse to stay on the chair after few months of usage
  • Locking at some recline angle halt the hindrances


The final thought
For the budget gaming chair seekers, Killabee memory foam gaming chair equipped with all suitable needed gaming features. The absence of advanced features a point to ponder. Still, the price range does not allow it to accumulate those features.

In a nutshell, for budget gaming chair, a good add-on. You may face some issues after a few months using it.