Furmax Ribbed Office Chair High Back PU Leather Review

Furmax Ribbed Office Chair High Back PU Leather


Are you planning to decor your office with some best-looking chair? Yes, it is good to have a beautiful looking chair to adore your office, the PU leather should be the must-have ingredient of the chairs. Like, most of the time the employee drops coffees and other drinks on the chairs so it would be hard for any other upholstery to get cleaned and washed every time.

Furmax office chair has given a wide range of options to select from. This brand has revamped the entire industry by producing some cool looking office and conference chairs. If you look at the product, you see that Furmax has a good range of chairs at any price. So, it is not always true that to decor an office with aesthetic looking chairs, you have to break the bank.

Furmax Ribbed Office Chair High Back chair is one of the top-runner of the same brand. You can get the mid-back chair with the same style and design. Just put forth your requirements, and there will be a vivid product in the range.

Whether you are going to purchase an office chair or gaming chair, always put Furmax in your mind, and you will never be annoyed with the range of products of this brand.

Have a look at the specification of Furmax Ribbed Office Chair High Back chair.


  • PU Leather
  • Padded armrest
  • Pneumatic height adjustment
  • The chair can be rocked back and forth 90-120 degree
  • Maximum weight capacity 320lbs
  • Good range of colors
  • 15 inches thick pad
  • Leather with ribbed stitching
  • Seating area dimension: 19.7″x19.1″
  • Backrest dimension: 18.1″x29.6″
  • Adjustable seat height: 16.7″-19.9″
  • Money back guarantee within 30 days
  • Free replacement and installation if any problem


Furmax ribbed office chair with high back features high back built-in Lumbar support so that you could take some sigh of relief after executing your tasks successfully. This ergonomic chair supports back design; the lumbar addition has given it a great blend. You can set your head to rest using the high back lumbar support, offers continuous support without any hiccup.

This chair is ideal for conference, reception desk, home, and college. This piece is going to magnify the overall looks of your home office or conference room. Having a lane of the chair at an office or conference room can make you win the impressions game, and this could be a way to win some great business.

Let’s have a detailed insight about its design and other features and see what this Furmax child has to offer other than comfortability, affordability, and mobility.

Design and feature:

Let’s talk about from the very beginning, the design. The designers of this product have been very keen to produce an out of the box looking product. They are impressively successful in crafting such a mind-boggling piece. This product comes in two colors, white and black. It is up to you, which color fits you the best after looking at your office ambiance or home.

The chair comes with built-in lumbar support. Like, you are not required to put an extra lumbar to give your head a rest. The PU Leather chassis, the Lumbar stretched towards the front side to make it more comfortable while setting the head. You can put your head to rest for hours, can recline 90-120 degree. This posture would be ideal for taking power naps, for getting recline, a little push is required.

The 3.15 inches thick padded offers you a wide area for seating. The smooth pliable leather surface is used to craft the seating or padding of the chair. The ribbed snitching adds the cherry on the cake.

This chair comes with 5-base nylon, with 360-degree swivels wheels. On the wheels, you see the rubber coasting, which helps them to give free mobility to the users in any direction without any scratcher or noise. You see the wheels will not be freezing at any cost, and you get fraction-free motion in any direction required.

This chair houses cushioned armrests. The armrests are not adjustable but give you a perfect position to hold your hands onto them while working or resting. The placement of the armrest is excellent, and you get a place to place your hands anytime you want.  I love its designing; the lower side of the chair from the front has an edge which gives a place to rest your lower back. Lower back is the area which gets affected the most when we sit all day long. So, to give this portion of the body a peace, they design the chair in this way. This may be the reason I recommend purchasing this chair. This takes care of the overall posture, and you never shoulder down or high issue.

I always love thickly padded seats, the reason; they offer more comfortability and adjustability. You get adjusted to the chair in any direction you want; it’s a kind of customized chair. The pliable leather is an add-on, what you get from this, smoothness, and freshness always. This chair gives you comfort for hours in conference rooms where you attend prolonged meeting sessions.

The weight capacity of the chair is an idea; it can bear 320lbs weight. I see some people complaining the armrest of the amazing cheap gaming chair stuffed in thighs for over-weight people. Yes, this could happen, and you can remove the armrest if desire or can opt with the maximum size of the chair.

  • Offer great comfortability
  • 15 thick wide padding
  • Recline 90-120 degree
  • Noise-free mobility
  • The armrest placement
  • The upholstery tend to wear and tear


The final thought
To add extra comfortability, this chair features 3.15 thick padding a good addition at this price. You get built-in lumbar to give your headrest without placing any extra pillow. The mobility is excellent, and you can sit on the char for hours without any issue. What else you demand from an office or conference chair.

This chair checks all the boxes right, and a perfect option to decore your office with this.

Review: Furmax Office Chair Mid Back Swivel Lumbar Support Desk Chair

Furmax Office Chair mid Back Swivel Lumbar Support Desk Chair

If you are not new to the office chair, you might have heard the name “Furmax”. For people who are not concerned with office or gaming chair, they would not have heard this name. Furmax is one of the top brands in the gaming chair, firstly. In its initial days, this brand used to produce mind-blowing ergonomics gaming chair, to provide comfortability for the pro gamers. After that, these brands started indulging in office chair niche, and guess what- this is the leading brand in office chairs as well.

There is a wide range of office chair in a myriad of price ranges. It is upon you what you can afford, and what your requirements are. If you are looking for comparatively budget office chair at reasonable prices, Furmax Office Chair Mid Back Swivel would be one stop shop. This comes with aesthetic design, with armrest, 360 degree moving wheels and much more.

Featuring an excellent ergonomic design, Furmax office chair is a beautiful office chair which gives you ultimate comfort and supports what you need while you are on the desk for prolonged hours.

Let’s have a short glance at the specification of this beautiful looking chair.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Two plastic lumber supports behind the backrest
  • Thick and soft pad texture
  • Non-scale material
  • Max capacity 264lbs
  • Nonadjustable armrest
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Nylon base with Nylon smooth
  • Rolling caster for stability and frictionless mobility
  • Free replacement
  • Money back guarantee within 30 days
  • Breathable mesh which makes the chair more air calculation on your book, more comfortable


This chair worth your money and offers a good range of comfortability. In my experience, having an office chair at this price would amaze you; it is a hands-down steal. When I receive this chair, I was not expecting too much from it. As we make up our mind after checking the price, the same was for me. I found it quite comfortable, exceeding the level of my expectation by a good margin. It is constructed of good quality material; the pads are more extensive than ever before. The back plastic supports give you comfortability like hands, the arms rest are nonadjustable and provide a good range of ergonomics.

This was very easy to assemble it, although, there was no guide regarding assembling this product, you can do it by just seeing the components.

Let’s have some lights on its features and design.

Design and features:

Furmax office hair is beautifully designed with a breathable mesh. This would give you an excellent option for working in hotter conditions. You would not be getting any heat; the breathable mesh behind your back would give you fresh air. The mesh cover remains cold in the hottest environment and allows you to be productive in the hottest conditions with.

This chair comes in black, red, grey and white colors and you got the good range of options to choose what looks great in your office for spending your days in the office doing work sitting before a computer, this is the chair where you could sit the entire day. For playing games even, this gives you the right kind of support, a high back office and gaming chair.

The good thing about this office chair, you get the options to customize it as per your need and preferences fully. This is not just good design; a good customization option stands it in the massive crowd. You easily adjust the height of the seat, backrest angles and get the conventional tilt to give some ease to your spinal after having a hectic session of working.

The wider padding is what you need the most. The filling is thicker and larger with thicker and comfortable cushions, which provides you extra comfort for sure.

The two plastic lumber supports at the back makes you feel like the hands supporting on your waist, obviously a great comfortability it produces.

In offices where you work day and day out, it becomes hard to stand up and pick something important and then sit back to continue your work. The 360-degree swivel wheels ads extra options to move around and get your job done. The moving wheels are universal casters and leave no marks on the wooden floor for sure.

The armrest is what you may be complaining about, as these are fixed and non-moveable. Although you can opt to not attach it with the chair if required still, they offer good productivity while working at your office or playing games.

In a nutshell for those who were looking for a budget office chair with some great comfortability, this is what you need the most at this hour.
This is a very light-weight chair and you can have it from one corner of the office to the other corner without breathing out. This guarantee you will have flexibility and mobility at your work, you would not be annoyed with the overall chassis and design of the product for sure.

  • Durable chair
  • Adjustable
  • High weight capacity up to 285 pounds
  • Breathable back mesh
  • Offer great lumbar support
  • Nonadjustable armrest


The final thought
If you ask me whether one should purchase it for office work or not my simple answer would be, this Furmax office chair does not come with all bells and whistles that most of the premium or deluxe chairs come. The armrest is not adjustable, although they can be removed if someone does not like them placed, the advanced options are absence. Still, at the asked price range, you are not going to get better than this.

It is very comfortable for using for prolonged sessions. This comes with a breathable mesh which is good for hotter conditions. In hot conditions sitting on a chair for hours would look like you took a shower from the backside.

The 360 degrees swivel without any fractions or leaving no marks on the floor is a good option.

You are going to put your money in the right place, and you would not be regretting it for sure.

If you could raise the budget up to 150$, you may get some advanced options than this.

Review: Furmax Best Office Chair Leather Desk Gaming Chair

Furmax Office Chair Leather Desk Gaming Chair


Are you hunting for best office and gaming chair to get in reasonable rates? If yes, then you are landed at the right place, here we are with one of the best office and gaming chairs of a reputed brand.

Furmax Office Chair Leather Desk Gaming Chair comes in different color and beautiful design. You can have the best suit color to your personality and office ambiance. This chair comes in hand at a lower price than many of the leading brand but does not lack anything. This comes with a sturdy five-star base to hold your weight and 360-degree moving wheels to take you any direction you want.

Do you know what are the most sought and basic features of a gaming and office chair?

I have been looking for such a chair a few years back and landed to get this piece. I was quite lucky to have such a tremendous office and gaming chair at such a low price. The most sought feature for any office chair would be flexibility. The chair should be moved towards back and forth to give you some rest while working days and day out. That should come with armrest and should mobile from one place to the other using frictionless moving wheels. This office and gaming chair equipped with all such features and stands out in the crowd in value, quality, affordability, and comfortability.

Let’s have a sight to its specification:


  • Five star base with 360-degree swivel wheels
  • Capacity 280lbs
  • Pneumatic seat-height adjustment: 14.50″-17.30″
  • Seating area dimension: 19.80″ X 19.80
  • Backrest size: 19.80″ X 26.85″
  • Leather and bucket seat area
  • Padded armrest
  • Offer flexibility
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Free charge replacement and installation
  • The whole chair rock back and forth


I found this chair equally helpful in different environments such as office, home, gaming or casual ways to chit-chat. The superb design and look can make you adore you the home of office, choosing your desired colors among different color range. This is the seat designed for those who use to work for a longer span of hours, like straight ten 8-10 hours. This comes with ample padding seat, backrest, and a padded armrest. This houses the premium quality foam, leather and you can expect everything up to the impressive marks of criteria, like the five-star base, pneumatic seat height adjustment, swivel wheels and much more.

I would not have lost this opportunity of getting this impressive looking, splendid quality gaming and office chair, do not know about you.

Design and features:

Furmax office chair leather desk gaming chair checks all the right boxes and becomes one of the glaring choices for best office and gaming chair seekers. This gaming chair comes with ergonomic design, and features high-quality PU leather; the bucket seat can make you feel more comfortable than ever before. If you have been facing the lower back issue or wrong posture problems, this chair can help you out from those. You have nothing to worry about this Furmax office desk gaming chair, and your back will never notice anything. This comes with the breathable chest so that you could work in hotter conditions without any sweating issues.

The moving caster adorned with this office gaming chair is made of high-quality material you might have expected. They are coated with PU rubber, which helps them to mobile friction free. They are not required to give extra space; they work fine and move 360 degrees around.

The seat height on the other can be adjusted with a little push. Recline feature helps you to get some rest after spending hours on seat working at your office. This ergonomic chair helps you to recline up to 30 degrees, move back and forth.

For taking power naps, this could be a nice option in hectic working sessions.

The design is up to the impressive marks. In my opinion, Furmax took the best part of the traditional chair, like ease and comfort, and blend with the best racing style chair, back support, design, recline and come forth with a splendid piece of the seat. They come in different colors, such as black, red, blue or white and one can have as per his choice and office ambiance.

One of the best and essential parts for any office and affordable gaming chair would be its flexibility. The chair would fit for your body, and customize accordingly your body position. This comes with multiple adjustments, and you will have better posture owing to the high back of this chair. I must say Furmax office chair leather desk gaming chair is entirely a flexible and versatile option, and this can be used for studying, gaming, office deks working and relaxing.

The leather padding makes you wash the stains without any effort and damage to the quality.

The padded armrest could have been adjustable which are not. Still, they are added nicely and gives a great overall look. If you find the armrest does not provide you value, you opt not to install them and can remove them quite easily.

The Furmax chair supports up to 280lbs, which is lesser than the standard 300lbs weight, still at this price, we can understand, the brand has to make some compromises.

Furmax gives you 30 days money back guarantee and free replacement and installation. If you check something has arrived broken, you can get the replacement, without any difficulty. They also offer the money back guarantee if you find that product is not up to the marks of mentioned qualities and specification.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Impressively flexible and customizable
  • Flexible rocks back and forth
  • Affordable
  • Excellent recline feature
  • Materials tears easily
  • Weight capacity could have been improved


The final thought
Furmax is a well-reputed name in chair manufacturer world. They always come up with out of the box solutions every time. This time as well, they hit the gaming and office zone equally and offer an excellent quality chair. This is a good option for those who are looking for budget office gaming chair.

It might not have all advanced or sought features, still, a strong option for the short terms needs.

Furmax Gaming Chair High Back Racing Chair Review

Furmax Gaming Chair High Back Racing Chair

Do you play lots of video games? Did you find it hard that without a proper gaming chair, gaming is not that amused niche? Yes, gaming is not gaming without an appropriate chair of gaming. You need to have an excellent seat to compete against your competitor, to rank higher. In that way, you would not be hurting your back and the posture as well aligned right.

If you play games by sitting on the floor, you might have experienced lower back pain. Especially for those enthusiasts who indulge in prolonged gaming hours, and play competitive games. Purchasing one of the comfortable gaming chairs is must have stuff in this age. These days we play games online, multiplayer and have to be available all the time. Have the best gaming chair, which will bring your gaming experience to the next level.

For a novice, it would be hard to stick to a good gaming chair. There is lots of energy is required to hunt around the market. Here we are with the best gaming chair, by the top leading brand of gaming chair manufacture. This gaming chair would not only bring a better sitting experience, but your spinal cord will be aligned to adjust a good posture.

Furmax Gaming Chair High Back Racing chair is the product I was discussing; this comes in a cheap range of price so you can have it without breaking your banks. Let’s have a sight of the specification of this Furmax top-runner High Back Racing Chair.


  • Five-star nylon base
  • Soft lift armrests (non-adjustable)
  • Adjustable height 3.7″
  • Footrest area dimension 14.9″(W) X 9.5″(D)
  • Leg Length: 10.6″
  • Max Weight: 310 lbs
  • Tilting option up to 30 degree
  • 360-degree swivel ability
  • Pneumatic gas lifter system
  • Special design for tilting
  • Comes in the installation manual


Everything comes with a price; you get what you pay for. You cannot expect a good product at less expensive prices. But, this Furmax Racing Chair in PU leather is an exception. You see another chair of that range of quality and features; you will witness, those will at least cost you 50 dollar higher than this. This is a well-crafted, high quality, performance oriented gaming chair which comes with frictionless mobility.

It appreciates how Furmax came with such a gaming chair in less expensive gaming chair range. This brand did not put a low-quality product but innovation of the chair in a way that the budget starts shrinking.

After having this product at my office, I was convinced that no other brand could have done that good job in such a price range, and Furmax deserves every bit of praise, accolades, and appreciations.

There is some downside, of-course every product has, that downside would not affect your experience at all. So, let’s have a detailed discussion regarding the feature and design of this product.

Design and features:

The design of this product is quite a look. You see that the designer still managed to bring forth a chick looking gaming chair. The gamers always lured to the looks of the product, so this has been specially managed in this gaming chair. The part of the gaming chair is of fabric and a piece of leather. You cannot explain the feeling of the seats at all unless you experience it. The upholstery is soft, and you see no special effects on the comforts

You get adjustable armrests and can manage them as per your need. The entire look of the gaming chair is aesthetic, you get two lumbar, one for the neck rest and one extra to place as per the needs. Most of the time the extra lumbar uses for placing to the lower back area where most of the people who sit for prolonged session feels the tension.

The entire chassis of the chair is made of high-quality PU leather, and thick padding with bucket seat gives you extra comfort. You can go forth and back using recline feature of the chair, as it goes 90-180 angle for napping like on the bed. You can stretch the back of the chair to the maximum edge and can have adjustable reclining.

All features of this gaming chair have been designed having gamers in mind. Like, the flip over footrest which allows the users to give some rest to the feet as our legs start aching when we use to sit long hours in one posture. The pullout feature makes you adjust the height of the chair with a little push and adjust as per your need of the hours.

The whole chair has a rocked back and forth and can make you lay down the way you lay on your bed to get some power nap. The maximum capacity of the chair is up to 310lbs which is more than the standard level of the capacity. So, even a double sized gamer would use the seat and can play the games for hours without any hiccup.

The removable padded headset with lumbar support, the extra pillow gives you some extra comfort as you can easily place that pillow to want anywhere.

The PU leather used to construct this chair has some advantages, like you, can easily wash them and clean to get a new chair out of it.

The five nylon base gives the chair quite an impressive look, the caster is coated with rubber so would not leave marks on your wooden floor at all.

The chair is equipped with pneumatic gas lifter system, the cutting edge technology to lift the seat of the chair, smoothly adjust the seat height to your personal preference in a second.

  • A hands-down steal at the price
  • Best to give you comfort for prolonged gaming and office sessions
  • Superb mobility, 360-degree swivel
  • Armrest placement does not help while playing games


The final thought
For gamers or office goers who use to sit for hours, a chair like Furmax Gaming Chair High Back helps a lot. They can feel free to do anything, play games, have a chit-chat or do day to day task. Every feature of this chair is at the right place, a hands-down option without a single doubt.

Furmax Ribbed Office Desk Chair Mid-Back Leather Review

Furmax Ribbed Office Desk Chair Mid-Back Leather

Finding a good office chair at a reasonable price will be hard? You may not have an idea about the office chair markets; there have been some big changes in the office chair for the last ten years. The world is changing, and grasping some sober, more uncomplicated and sleek designs so does the office chair market. Do not take the task of purchasing chairs smoothly.

Consider this task an important what you use today in daily life routine. Just have an imagination of the best office chair before stepping into the market for purchasing, and put forth your personal experience. This will make you sure about the features and aspects that you are looking for an Office Chair. So, you will come at an option easily without overthinking, or without browsing on the World Wide Web.

If you are not able to come onto a specific design or specification or comfortabilities, we are here to help you with the best office chair. Furmax Ribbed Office chair is among the top-leading chairs; this comes at a very affordable price and worth your money.
Let’s have a detailed review of this product, and see what features this simple looking but the sleek chair has to offer.

Technical specification:

  • Smooth pliable leather surface
  • Perfect for work, computer, gaming, and executive office
  • Max capacity 280lbs
  • Seating area dimensions 19.7″x19.1″ (W X D)
  • Backrest dimension: 18.1″x25.7″ (W X H)
  • Adjustable seat height: 16.7″-19.9″
  • Free replacement, money back guarantee for any problem within 30 days
  • 15 inches thick padded seat
  • 360 degrees swivel
  • Chair rock back and forth 90 degrees to 120 degree
  • Furmax rubber PU wheels
  • Weight 27.1 pounds


This is a complete office chair with all the best features and aspects. This has been made with an idea to provide ultimate comfort to the office goers who sit on a chair for 8-10 hours in a day. This is a complete package of an ultimate comfort chair, and you can have different color range than white if wanted. This chair is made of the standard leather and offered an executive conference style design. For those who had never experienced sitting on an ergonomic chair, this chair will be proved heaven. Though there are dozens of a brand working out in this office chair market, and you might see some other brands with better specifications. But, I am sure you will not get this level of comfort and worth at this price range.

Let’s have a sharp look at the features and design of this mind-blowing creature.

Design and features:

Ergonomics chairs have become a vital need for those who use to spend hours on sitting chairs doing their work. Either they are in office handling day to day task, or at home doing their remaining tasks, or watching TV, or playing video games. This becomes about 10-15 hours in a day sitting on a chair. If you do not value your chair and do not put your special attention in purchasing a good one, you will be facing severe lower back pain problems like others who do the same job as you.

Having the right posture and right sitting ambiance is much more important. This Furmax Ribbed mid-back office chair provides real comfort in your daily life. You will better understand the value and adjustment of this product once you get it at your home or office and get used to it. You would not be living without it for the rest of your life.

The Furmax Ribbed mid-back chair can endure 280lbs weight and offer adjustable height from 16 inches to 19 inches as per your preference and need of the hour.

This chair hits a wide range of people, from the executive office holders to the gaming freaks, anyone who spends hours sitting on a chair. IT would give you peace of mind if you could read some of the reviews regarding the product. The customer feedback always strips the product and takes forth the originality and value. This product has some mind-blowing reviews, and the customer was happy with the performance of this chair.

This chair has a modern design, sleek, comfortable and beautiful. This chair has that kind of design which looks very catchy in modern offices. This is covered with a beautiful pliable leather surface which gives you pleasant feeling at sitting even to your eyes. The ribbed stitching details add the cherry on the cake, and this is what Furmax Ribbed Mid-back office chair producers have done.

This has a beautiful pair of the Furmax wheel at the end. The steel rod and cushion armrest give you peace of mind while doing your tasks on a daily base. This chair allows you to have some stretches from 90 degrees to 120 degrees. The Furmax office chair gives you the comfort and supports what most of the guys hunt for in prolonged hours of sitting.

The Furmax Ribbed chair comes with the thick padded seat as well as ergonomics design for the back and low.

For those who are facing severe low back pain, by sitting on the chair 3.5-inches thick leather padding, they will not have any aches or pain ever after.

You are not going to regret your decision of purchasing this chair at all. And I can say this from the core of my heart that after having this at your doorstep, you will be reviewing this positively. I highly recommend this Furmax office chair as the company offers you the money back guarantee if yo you find the product does not value your money.

  • Affordable price
  • Ergonomic and sleek design
  • Impressively comfortable
  • High-quality leather
  • Easy to assemble
  • Free replacement and money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase
  • Does not have the good quality wheels
  • Armrest not adjustable while working


The final thought
If you are on a budget, it will be hard to find all qualities and features in a reasonable budget chair. This will be one of the best choices under the asked price, and you see a fantastic value for the money. The chair is comfortable, durable and quick to assemble; these features may be taking this as one of the leading office chairs on Amazon.