DXRacer Racing Series DOH/RE0/NW Newedge Edition Racing Bucket Seat Office Chair

DXRacer Racing Series DOH/RE0/NW Newedge Edition Racing Bucket Seat Office Chair


Do you spend hours playing video games? Do you find it hard playing games on the floor and often feel lower-back pain? You might be using an old-styled gaming chair and sitting on the floor for hours will fall you’re sick. It is crucial for sitting and playing games for hours to manage a perfect seat and position. The ideal seat not only offers various postures to relax but also align your back and spinal cord aligned.

DXRacer gaming series is one of the top gaming chair series. This brand has come up with all range of chairs and performing very well in the local and international world. You might have seen your friends already using these chairs and playing hours with no complaint.

DXRacer OH/REO/New edge edition is another leading product for gamers to have it for prolonged gaming sessions. This chair has been designed viewing the gaming needs, and a player will feel comfortable, relaxed while playing combat games.

Let’s have a review of the chair and see what else this has to offer other than comfort and afford.


  • Metal frame
  • 3D Armrest
  • Polyurethane leather chair cover
  • Recommended height 5’6″—5’9″
  • Recommended weight 145lbs-190lbs
  • 2″ Caster
  • 5 Wheels
  • Recline angle 135 degree
  • Adjustable lumbar cushion
  • High-density mold foam
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Conventional Tilt Mechanism
  • Armrests are designed with soft and comfortable material
  • Aluminum base
  • Rubber coated Wheel
  • 360-degree swivel

OH/REO/NW Newedge edition review:

When buying a gaming chair, you must consider comfort, features, design, and price in mind. And if you could get a product features all the mentioned features, without any hesitation grab the opportunity. DXRacer series is one of the best gaming chair series with dozens of products of different range and price. They are designed to produce ultimate gaming experience, and you will face no issue in using them at all.

Design and features:

Without a single doubt, this is the latest and most equipped featured model  DxRacer Gaming Chairs has to offer in the series for the game lovers. There is a wide range of the options this model has to offer, but we cannot deny the importance of this product. Equipped with the dozens of advanced features, best quality PU leather, International standard material and above all the high headrest with extra adjustable cushions make it an ideal choice for gamers and casual use.

You will love to see the design and color combination. This comes in two colors, White/Black and Green Black with segmented seating and backrest.

What I love the most about this chair are its 3D Armrests. I have seen many gaming chairs lacking this feature. In playing games for prolonged hours, you need to have something to place your one hand in an adjustable position. If the armrests are not moveable, and you cannot shift them from one position to the other, the use of the arm handlers becomes garbage. Here you move the armrests in any position, from left-right, up-down and inner-outer as per your desired position.

The armrests are not cushioned, but the material used to design them seems soft. You will not get any slipping or hardness while using them.
The chair comes with High-quality PU leather upholstery. The foam shows resilience, and after years you witness no change in the firmness and elasticity of the foam. The backrest is quite comfortable; one can have extra cushions offered to place in the lower back area for extra comfort.

The entire structure of the chair is customizable; one can conveniently position himself in any direction or position without much difficulty. Have the high backrest to place your head, get the use of extra cushion to put under the neck area and move the armrest into any position to customize the favorite position.

DOH/REO/NW new edition comes with an aluminum base. The base of the chair is quite sturdy, and even for the bulky-users, it is quite comfortable.  The chair comes with 360-degree swivel; you will face no firmness or resistance in moving from one corner to the other. You know most of the time; we fit in a position, and not intended to stand to pick something. By sitting on the chair, and moving in any direction could be quite comfortable and easy to hack. The rubber-coated wheels leave no marks or scratches on the wooden floors even. You get extra convenience by using the 135-degree recline, adjust the favorite position and lay down for hours after indulging in extended gaming hours.
The look of the chair showcases a patent gaming car seat view with soft and breathable material. I found this chair coming right on the criteria of gaming chair, the price is not that high and for a gamer, it would be a reasonable price for a dedicated gaming chair.

The chair is one stop shop with every possible handy feature beneath it. If you are finding it hard to grab a perfect option, this seat is for you.


  • Best seat to play hours of gaming with breathable foams and PU upholstery.
  • The 3D armrests come in a soft material, align the armrest in any position and customize the resting position
  • The 5 wheels offer extra comfort in moving from one position to the other without any resistance
  • Affordable price
  • Large angle adjuster 135 degree
  • The headrest starts falling out after a few months
  • The Armrests could have been manufactured with good quality plastic



The final though
For a pro gamer that spends hours playing games and often feels lower back pain, having a perfectly customized gaming chair is must have.

DOH/REO/NEW new-edition gaming chair with a handful of features and functions offer an extra level of comfortability. On the other hand, the price is not too bulky, and a dedicated gamer can afford this range easily.

If you are a casual gamer and plays indie series games occasionally, having a dedicated gaming chair will get no use for you.

A perfect seat for the gamer’s ideal segmented backrests, sturdy model, more massive recliner and much more.

DxRacer Racing Series DOH/RW106/NR Racing Bucket Seat Gaming Chair Review

Racing Series DOH/RW106/NR Racing Bucket Seat Gaming Chair


Are you planning to replace your office or home gaming chair? Are you hunting down on the World Wide Web to grab the right product? If yes, then we are here to help you to decide which chair falls right on your needs and office ambiance. Gaming and office chairs are a dime a dozen, and it would not be easy just to pick and pack.

You see these days even the furniture brands are coming up with dedicated gaming and office chair. It is hard to pick a gaming chair, as every other brand promises to offer ultimate comfort and mobility, which to believe and which do not?

This is where an established brand helps you. An established brand comes a long way through, and for a customer depends a lot. DXRacer these days one of the top brand producing office and gaming chair. This brand has dozens of gaming chair with different price range and needs. You can trust this brand and have any product without any hesitation and raising eyebrows.

DOH/RW106/NRRacing Bucket Seat Gaming Chair is currently their front runner, and this product stands head and shoulder above the rest in the gaming chair market. This is one of the top-selling products in the office and gaming chair. Affordable, comfortable and ergonomic above all, are the specs to define this gaming chair. If you have an interest in a gaming chair and often read and investigate about them, you would know the F-Series of the same brand. This gaming chair is identical to F series with slim to above average body type, and would not fit the bigger person.

So, have a little glance at the specification and see what this product has to offer.


  • Tilt mechanism between 3-17 degree
  • Recline angle adjuster 90-130 degree
  • Breathable seat mesh
  • Adjustable headrest with lumbar support
  • 2 inches rubber coated wheels
  • Metal frame
  • High back backrest
  • 2-years manufacturer warranty
  • Environmental friendly coating
  • Gas spring technology for height adjustment
  • Seat size: 14.25″W(Front) x 11.5″W (Back) x 18″D
  • Maximum seat height: 20.5″;
  • Minimum seat height: 17″;
  • Maximum arm height: 29.5″;
  • Minimum arm height: 23″;
  • Backrest height: 33.75″;
  • Backrest shoulder width: 21.5″
  • Weight capacity 180lbs

DOH/RW106/NR Review:

At the first place, I am not a very big fan of the gaming chair. Though, the dire need of the top ergonomic chair has revamped the entire structure of the market. Maybe I do not get indulge into extended gaming hours, that s why I do not find it right having a gaming chair for me.

But, I was needed a chair at my home for casual sitting, and after in-depth research and browsing, I landed at the decision that, would not it be interesting to have an office and gaming chair alike. Like, this could fit the bill for the job, casual sitting, and gaming. So, there is how I fell for this chair and explored every angle of it. I am quite impressed with this chair and find an excellent unit to have at my home for gaming and other use.

Design and feature:

Either you believe it or not; you will fall in love with the sober-looking design. It is not about the colors or the high-back backrest; it is about all fits fine in this chair. DXRacer gaming chair mostly is after car racing seat design and which makes them attractive for the gamers. Even if you are not a gamer, for office it makes the ambiance little cool.

If you are not a game freak and spends time on your office sitting in front of the computer doing your work, this chair has a value for you. This chair hit the chords right for the office goers and gaming lovers.

The seat’s edges are given the red color; red-black overall honestly just give an aesthetic look. The rounds curves inside the backrest give it a sturdy and bluff look.

As long as the performance is concerned, you cannot question DXRacer. They are the biggest name of this zone, and their name is enough for warranty. This particular chair as well builds using the high-quality material available and check all the boxes right of the international standard.

The product features 50kg/m3 high-density foam, and this is the density of the foam what we use in our cars. In plain English you can say, the seat used in the chair is the same as we use in our sports cars, a patent seat. So, the level of comfort you can guess right.

The base is made of Nylon, the Nylon is flexible and offers their services for a longer period compared to other metals. But, if you are overweight, and exceed the weight portions limit mention in the user manual, you can expect wear and tear, with time.

The castles are made of PU, not of PVC. You know better PU quality and offers 360-degree swivel without any marks on the floors or carpet.
The seats are entirely comfortable and made of high-density foam. They are easy to sit for countless time for continuous hours. The foam is resilient, and you can expect the same level of freshness even after months or years.

The adjustable armrest is what you should count. The armrest gives you the freedom to have a desired posture without thinking much. You can scroll them back and forth, and have height as per your preference and usage.

The R series also recline back, and you get 170-degree recline angle, which means, you can have a sound sleep, if are kicked out from home.

The high back backrest is not just for style. It values the customer and gives optimal headrest. The cushion and Lumbar are not integrated but have separated pair and place them as per your desire.

  • Clean and neat functions, comfortable for long gaming sessions
  • Quality and sturdy material
  • Catchy design with perfect color matching
  • Easy to assemble
  • Mobility just needs your wish
  • The cleaning could be tedious
  • Must have the price range in mind
  • Weight capacity should have been increased



Our Top Pick
Awesome quality and performance oriented eSports chair. I must recommend this chair for prolonged gaming hours, even for office and casual use. This offers a recline angle up to 170 degree which is in simple words unimaginable for the chairs in this range.

DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FD01/NR Office Chair Gaming Chair Review

DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FD01/NR Office Chair Gaming Chair


You know sitting for hours damages your back. This can make your posture little disturbed, and overall health spoiled. A good seat and position can lead you to get escaped from these issues. So, you already have an idea about ergonomics chairs, having a good ergonomic chair is must have for the people who spend a large portion of the day by sitting.

The DXRacer Formula series famously known as the DOH/FD01 NR by all accounts is considered the Ferrari of seats. This is the top most followed and purchased gaming chair, and eSports lovers do know this best. If you want to have some extensive gaming experience without hurting your back, you must have this gaming chair at your doorstep. This chair not only has raised the bar higher for other brands, but I see most of the brands copying the features of this and getting good sales.

So, you need to know how this chair revamped your gaming experience, and how you can have this in use for office or at home. Let’s have a detailed review of this, and see the areas where this excels.


  • High back
  • Adjustable armrests soft pad
  • Adjustable height, the gas mechanism
  • Integrated headrest
  • Tilt mechanism
  • Adjustable seat and customizable
  • Max weight capacity 200lbs
  • 2-3 inches wheels 360-degree swivel
  • 2-year frame warranty
  • Recline angle 120-135 degree
  • Synthetic PU Leather and cloth mesh cover


DXRacer is the brand whose product speaks for it. There are more than six products or version of the formula series which is highly appreciated gaming chair series across the globe. And OH/FD01/NR is what we are talking about, is the cheapest version of the lineup. There is some more expensive and premium version of the series, and we will be talking about them in some other posts.

Though price under $300 gaming chair cannot be called a cheap, this is the most affordable version of the series. But, we see that this justifies the price and provides a wealth of functionality what is often unseen in the similar products in the range. You may seem the same features in other brand’s products, but this is the quality, performance, and durability of the features what makes an actual difference. This chair has a lot more to offer than the tilt mechanism, 2-inch caster, nylon base and high headrest with lumbar support.

Design and features:

Are you feeling exhausted after doing plenty of your work at home or office? No problem takes a break, and this chair allows you to lean back at the angle up to 135 degrees. The integrated headrest is the most used and handy feature with lumbar support cushions. In many of the leading brands, I have seen they do not provide extra pillows lumbar support and high integrated headrest back support. Sometimes you need a customized position and want to place the lumbar or cushion to switch to the desired position. So, having an extra cushion or lumbar is somehow essential to switch to the desired position and have a power nape.

This model comes with an adjustable armrest. Though the armrests are not cushioned or padded, still quite comfortable and one can choose to move them up or down, in or out. Having adjustable arrest is vitally important; you decide to flip them out to take a different position while sitting. This is where the formula series exceeds your expectations and offers something extra and precisely what you need.

The cover or upholstery is a mixture of mesh and PU leather, perfect to both worlds. The mesh helps your body to reach oxygen and scratch resistant while the PU leather prevents you to stink, the standing removes by one wipe.

This is an utterly adjustable chair, and you get versatility in its offering, you prefer your desired position and play as per your accommodation. There are dozens of other features which makes this chair stands out; it would be hard to explain all.

The unique design of the chair is something to value; this chair gives you a gentle curve in the backrest to dips in the shoulder braces. This ergonomic chair always keeps you relaxed, and you will never be hurt out by having this chair even after an intense hour of gaming or working.

The chair features slightly low weight capacity, the weight capacity could have been improved. This only supports 180 pounds, it could have been upgraded up to 200 pounds, but this is what the manufacturer recommended.

The reclining back up to 135 degrees is something you can enjoy after having extended gaming sessions. The lumbar support pillow can give the best adjustment without any hiccup. This chair though cannot be locked into tilted position at the base. So, you can either go with unlocked chair and rock back and forth enjoying or lock it at zero tilt angle.

The assembly of the product is reasonably painless, and you get it done in minutes even if do not have eyes on the user manual. The parts itself are enough explanatory to get them assembled with just one go. The chair is quite heavy, so if you want to assemble it upstairs, it would cost you to spend lots of energy.

This comes with five-star chrome base, nylon made of, the five wheels can take you in any direction wanted with a little push.

  • The look of the chair is impressive, the sleek styling, catchy design can be the conversation starter and comes in different colors to choose from.
  • The Lumbar pillows give additional headrest support produces some extra comfort.
  • Full adjustable back, recline angle up to 135 degrees key to the relaxation
  • Entirely portable chair, moving it from place to place is a breeze.
  • The weight capacity could have been improved up to 200 pounds
  • This does not come with some advanced features, in this price range one expect some cutting edge options like audio accessories or like that.


The final thought
Yes, this chair collectively comes with an abundance of features and carry recommended from us. This produces the ultimate comfort level, its adjustability is beyond the doubt, and durable armrest is something to value. Above all, you get additional headrest accessories which make sure you do not go uncomfortable even the prolonged gaming sessions.

DXRacer King Series DOH/KS06/N Big and tall Gaming Chair Review

DXRacer King Series DOH/KS06/N Big and tall Gaming Chair


You want to purchase an affordable gaming chair and step out in the market to get this done? If you are I market than you would already know the competition in gaming chairs. The gaming chair niche has been expanded like never before. Almost all leading furniture brands have put their nose into this, and some of them are going very well. In the market, you are confused about which gaming chair would meet your need and expectations. Everyone claimed to be the best and offer top-notch quality. But, how would you know actually which brand fits the bill?

If you have some space in your budget why not to choose a well-established and famed brand in this gaming world. DXRacer series is the top sold gaming chair series, and every pro gamer would know this name. Today we will be discussing the King series which the front-runner of the DXRacer.

DXRacer King Series DOH/KS06/N chair has overtaken the old established brand in gaming chair department. There are obvious reasons for this, and customer of these days has become more advanced than ever before. They want some more comfortability, advanced options and above all pro gaming experience. The King series hit the nail right on the hand and swept the other brands from the root. Let’s have a closer look at the given features and functionality of this product and see what this gaming chair has to offer.


  • DXRacer king series comes with a neck pillow
  • Adjustable strap lumbar pillow
  • 90 degree 4D directional button locking for the armrest
  • Adjustable seat tilt
  • Adjustable height
  • Aluminum base
  • 3 inches rolling coster
  • Recline back angle 130 degree
  • 360-degree swivel
  • High-density molded shaping foam
  • High backrest
  • Flexible seat back with customized options
  • Weight capacity of 300 lbs

DXRacer King Series DOH/KS06/N Review:

DXRacer King Series is the latest designed gaming chair, with adjustable armrest and are padded for extra comfort. This is the widest model of the chair and subjected to offer the maximum level of comfort without any hiccup. The sleek ergonomic design with ultimate comfort, the epitome of luxury to more extended hours, the chair speaks for itself and as the name suggests this is the king of all gaming chairs.

In starting you might get some issue while getting used to it. Like back pillow seems weird for the novices, once you get used to it, you will find it great, especially for the back pain issues. This gives you an energy boost and you will feel no agony even after hours of working or gaming. The full sized frame inside produces any angle adjustment and you can lay down to have a power nap.

Design and features:

The first impressions of this chair for me were unforgettable. Though, it took time to get adjusted to the chair, as I was using my old chair for six years and it was extraordinary for me to get used to this latest within days. Especially the back pillow support is impressive; the armrest is incredibly vast and offers excellent comfort. You know for gamers, they get their keyboard close to the chair and screen away. The armrests adjustability makes them use their hands-free without any danger.

DXRacer King series features the racing style seat what you expect from the premium gaming chairs. You got a thick padded segment seat and designed ergonomically. The backrest, the headrest enforced a proper posture without any difficulty in handling.

The back pillows and neck pillows are challenging to explain how comfortable and adjustable they are. The chair renders the maximum stability. Have a look at the study base of the chair, the backrest, the high headrest and the struts at the back. The cutaways make you feel fresh even during the long gaming hours. The chair exceeded the expectations and produced what has been promised for.
I have seen top brands focused only to produce comfortability and stunning results, skipping the overall look. In this age, looks matter a lot, if you could not lure the customer with the look, then you probably should think of firing the designer’s team. Here, it is. Otherwise, the look and the design have been subject to the great focus. You can see the overall color scheme, designing of the chair and guess the amount of sheer work resulted in this

The king series never let its customer down. Either it is the performance or the high-quality material used manufacturing the products. This chair features the high density molded foam in its seats and backrest. You will find the seating quite resilient to compressions and you can expect the same level of performance after years. The backrest though does not come with integrated lumbar or neck cushions, but the removable cushions and lumbar are there to help you out when needed.

During the time of fatigue, you get this chair rock back and forth and recline up to 135 degrees.

During days after emerging victorious in gaming battle, get your nerves down and stretch the backrest to any position you prefer.

The maximum weight capacity of the chair though could have been upgraded up to 300lbs which now is 275lbs. If you are on the heavier side, the product might not fit the bill for you.

The functionality of the chair is over the roof. This comes with a pretty wide range of body and seating options. The armrest can be adjusted in any dimensions, and you can rock them up if needed or in any other direction.

This chair is the epitome of functionality and comfort. The greater options instilled into it will make sure you never get exhausted and always feel comfy.

  • The armrest is completely won
  • Comfortable chair for lengthy gaming sessions
  • It can rotate back up to 170 degrees; you can lie down and watch a movie without any issue
  • he neck pillow is small and useless
  • The loose armrests sometime halt issues


The Final Thought
This is an expensive gaming chair without any doubt. But, the sheer amount of comforts and adjustment just cannot be ignored. If you have some room in your budget and hunting for a good gaming chair, this is for you.

DXRacer Iron Series DOH/IS166/N Office Chair X Large Gaming Chair Review

DXRacer Iron Series DOHIS166N Office Chair X Large Gaming Chair


Gaming chairs are hitting the trend. Gamers are completely fallen for the ergonomic chairs, and this now has become a need. Players are indulged into prolonged gaming sessions and hurt their backs. I have seen some guys playing continuous 10 hours online with no food or drink.

So, when you play for long hours, it is impossible to seat without a proper gaming chair. You cannot just sit on the floor, and play games for hours. If you do not have any gaming chair, it is quite possible, within a few months you feel back pain, shoulder pain.

DXRacer gaming chairs are wreaking the havoc around in the gaming chair market. This brand has swept others from the roots and everywhere you get to see this brand’s chair. Did this happen overnight? Do they deserve to have this much success? Of course yes.

They are one of the experienced brands and do acknowledge the needs and requirements of gamers. Either it is the F series or R series, you see them coming up with something out of the box.

DXRacer iron series follows after racing car seat design just to make the gamers feel in the ambiance of gaming. Currently have more pleasurable along with europa promo code. And this hit the nail right on the head, this design picked by the players very well.

Today, we will be discussing the DXRacer iron oh/is166/n gaming chair. Need to have a go with your own chance book of ra casinos. This chair fits the bill for relatively taller gamers, between 5.10 to 6.4 inches guys.


  • Adjusted height with the hydraulic unit
  • 4-D sliding armrest
  • Removable lumbar and cushions support
  • Full metal frame
  • Weight capacity up to 290lbs
  • Comes in 12 different color range
  • Nylon base
  • 2 inches costlers
  • Max height 6.3 inches
  • Dimensions 27 x 23 x 51 inches
  • Recliner angle 90-180 degree
  • Tilt mechanism


I really loved the full range of color options. We are quite happy with the color range; now the users will be able to pick chair as per their home or gaming setup. The varieties of colors are a fine tune for any setup, even for the office use as well.

Though, you will have to be careful while using colors, for office use you cannot afford to pick a flashy looking color.

This is a full metal frame chair; the foam quality is up to the impressive marks. You will not find any mixing of the plastic in the chassis, the whole chassis built is stunning.

The chair hits the long-heightened people, with the R series, the taller gamers were not happy, as they were not able to put their heads on a lumbar. So, having this relatively heavier product would hit the right chord, and you can have the long-rest now.

Design and features:

You see that the R series of the same brand, and this chair sharing the same features almost. The weight of this unit has been increased due to its large size, and you get wider seats to compare to the R series. The color range is more extensive, the 4-D armrest movement is something that must count, and the full 90-170 recliner angle. There are some unimaginable features, and the brand should be appreciated. You see something valuable is coming in the form of the Iron series; you would not be able to catch even one flaw.

When you compare the comforts, you see that DXRacer is competing with the DXRacer. Their gaming chairs are designed for producing the ultimate comfort experience. The build of this chair is something to value, high-quality leather, the synthetic leather made out of plastic.

The foam used is relatively flexible and more resilient than leather. The foam is breathable; you would have no issue even in hotter conditions.

Both the lumbar and pillows support is excellent, both are removable. You will have a great time resting using both these accessories. In starting, especially for those who are using the best gaming chair very first time, it would be hard to get used to it. This happened with me, and I was finding the backrest pillow irritating. With time, you will find both these accessories imperatives. Whether you use the chair for professional use or gaming, you see the spinal aligned and will have no back pains in the future for sure.
The high backrest offers excellent value especially taller, it supports 300lbs weight, and max height is pretty good.

The chair features the height adjustment, and you will have an excellent up-down movement using a simple handle placed beside the backrest. The built of this chair is after racing car seat, you see the color mixing and design is just similar to the racing car seats.

Whenever you purchase a gaming chair, must count its maneuverability. Gamers love to move around, and they usually are fatigue. So, if you do not see the mobility of the chair, you may end up not using it. This chair features the recline angle between 90-170, which lets you lie down and have some sleep if wanted completely. The tilt mechanism allows you to set the chair free and have a back forth motion to fulfill your fatigue problem.

The wheels casters are amazing; you get the movement without breaking your floor or leaving scratches. You can move the chair towards any direction; 360-degree swivel lets you do this quite easily.

  • Equally fits the bill for the casual or hardcore gamer
  • Full metal base no plastic
  • 4D armrest movement
  • 90-170 degree recliner exceeds the expectations
  • Fully comfortable
  • Comes in a wide range of colors
  • The armrests are made up of light-plastic
  • Heavy in weight


The final thought
In plain English, this gaming chair offers great value to the users. The perfect design, amazing comfort and above all full metal base is something unimaginable. Still, the price is too heavy, if you are looking for a gaming chair, and have some spare money to spend, go ahead; this is a fine grab for you.

DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FH08/NB Review 2019

DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FH08/NB


Are you facing insupportable back pain issue? And wish you were never into this gaming field ever, all right. You need to have something comfortable in the form of seating. The seating or the chair is what gives you ultimate comfort and support your back. Here we are with one of the best gaming chairs, DXRacer Gaming chair formula series DOH/FH08/NB. From the first day of using it, you will realize that you should not have been using the old chair for that long.

This gives you relief from all your back pain suffering, and you will be enjoying gaming from the core of the heart.

You will have ultimate gaming experience, without worrying that your back will hurt you through the day. The extra pillow or neck and lumbar pillow give you an additional adjustment and switch position as per your desire.

Should not we see what this chair has to offer something extra to the users?


  • Weight capacity 120lbs-165lbs
  • PU Leather upholstery
  • Five stars inlaid color bar base
  • 2-inch caster
  • Adjustable armrest
  • Adjustable back angle 135 degree
  • Extra lumbar and pillows accessories
  • 2 years of manufacturing warranty
  • Integrated high lumbar headrest
  • Adjustable height
  • Tilt mechanism
  • High-density mold shaping foam
  • seat size 15″W(Front) x 12″W (Back) x 19″D
  • Seat height 16.5″ to 21″


DXRacer products need no recognition. This is the top sold brand, and people love the product manufacturers by this brand. Either it is the gaming chair or gaming desk, you see people investing in this product and getting ultimate gaming experience. The chairs are always come with standard quality and designed to produce the highest level of comfort. This is the seat what you would love to have working or resting.

The product has a long way to reach this milestone; it just not happened overnight. The years of experience has been put into this machine, and you see other brands lacking this kind of experience.

DXRacer Formula series has six different versions, and we are talking about doh/fh08/nb. Let’s have a detailed review and insight about the product and see what special this time the DXRacer formula series has to offer to the users is.

Design and feature:

You see the design and shape of this chair hit the gamers. This chair is ready to endure the extended gaming sessions. This is one of the top most sought ESport gaming chair, and the design and creation show why this was crafted. Test your results in europa casino bonus codes. This comes with popular design, and a wide range of colors offers you to choose from many combinations, like blue and black.

What is that special in this chair, does it have something special for headrests?

Yes, this comes with a highly integrated lumbar headrest and extra cushions or lumbar in accessories to give you heat a comfortable holding after indulging into prolonged gaming sessions. This also has a tilt mechanism, armrest and backrest height. It seems like all comfy has been integrated into this one piece, and you must have this to explore your gaming desires from the base.

You see the cure cold foam filling and steal chassis comes to help you in extended gaming hours. The Tubular steel frame and nylon base five-star chrome with rubber coated castles is something very special to count in.

The adjustable armrest would be something most of the gamers sought. The reason of which is, the adjustable armrest does not make you switch to the only position. They make you have a movement and give your body different postures over an unusual amount of time. Like, you can have some high armrest position for holding your arms in ease. While working and gaming, you need them to hold your hand for moments. So, if you cannot adjust the armrest, the entire comfy seems to be gone.

The high headrest with integrated lumbar support gives your head extra comfort. Plus, you get the extra pillows or lumbar to have your head aligned at a different position over time. I love placing the cushions or pillows beside my neck, as this is the neck what make you lead towards agony. You might have heard the phrase, “Pain in the neck”, this is the worst form of the form you ever could endure.
The chair though offers a limited weight capacity, and it should have been enhanced. But, this is what they offer, and you should oblige to them to get better out of the product. The chair’s moving castles is something you would love to have. Like, I have seen many wheels leaving scratches over the wounded or carpeted floors; sound like some heavy woodcutter has been turned on. This chair does not have like that; you will have smooth mobility like in undistributed waster sailing.

This chair is one of the most sought products for the gamers, and you see it having ventilated racer seat material to offer fantastic feeling when you are tired after having hardcore gaming sessions.

The backrest is high, the recline angle goes up to 135 degrees, and the tilt mechanism is there to offer you a tilt position or back forth moving when you are at leisure.

All you say, the chair has all features what is required to have in a gaming chair, and you cannot ignore its functionality and smoothness performance.

  • When you count comfortability, this chair stands out in the crowd
  • Additional lumbar, cushions and pillows offer extensive headrest options
  • It gives you to recline back and forth up to 135 degree
  • The absence of advanced options what a user expect at this price
  • The weight capacity should have been enlarged


The final thought
One of the best moves you could ever have when it comes to buying a comfortable gaming chair. This has a catchy design, attractive features and above all comfortable, you could imagine. The price range is fair, the functions and features are something that will make you happy and willing to play more.

In a nutshell, it is a great investment, and you will love to put your money into this.